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ReD CoDe  Sep 19, 2010
Very Good

Nice Font
kymully  Oct 15, 2010
Hi there, I used your image with credit in a small animation I made here:

If the credit is done incorrectly please let me know at Thank you.
cmh  Dec 03, 2010
Great font. However, the capital letters sometimes don't render properly.
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Dec 03, 2010
If you mean the A W V chars, it's seems to be down to whatever app you use.
Eg it renders perfectly in PS and Illustrator but not Word. I've no idea why this is, I'm probably overlooking something...
cmh  Jan 27, 2011
No, I mean all of the characters. Often a text layer will not render any of the capital letters properly. You can take a look here:

This is 105px black Coalition font on a white background, with "Strong" anti-aliasing (but the render issues occur for any anti-aliasing type). The top set comprises the capital letters and the bottom set comprises the lowercase letters. You can see that the capital characters lack the "transparency noise" on the inside of the characters. I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7 and I've tested on both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Occasionally a text layer will render the capital letters correctly, in which case any [Coalition] capital letter within that text layer will come out rendered correctly. But so far from my experience, more often than not the capital letters did not render properly.

It's a shame because other than that hitch, it's an excellent font.
Toothpick134  Feb 19, 2011
thienan24h  Mar 19, 2011
thank you very much
wolfboy  Apr 26, 2011
wolfboy  Apr 26, 2011
how do you make fonts like that??:)
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Jun 03, 2011
This version adds several glyphs and a load of European characters, but not all.
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Jun 03, 2011
Acid1.KO5  Jun 24, 2011
thanx for this font! it's awesome... ..
ninjaton  Jul 15, 2011
Nice font! For some reason, it reminds me of painting
Frankonus  Jul 19, 2011
I saw this font on the trackmania site... Its very nice. Good job!!
Robert165  Aug 14, 2011
Such a great font with so many different possible applications. Thanks TracerTong.
artic108  Aug 30, 2011
Thank you, i will put to good use your font.
lili_72  Sep 04, 2011
Hey I used this font on my site here. It's a great font.
Thanks for uploading it.
elbraith  Feb 10, 2012
really nice, good job!
loudcore  Jun 25, 2013
loudcore  Jun 25, 2013
Horribly optimized to the point of crashing whatever software it's being used in.
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Jul 10, 2013
That is the font optimised! It has a LOT of detail in it and any more optimsation seems to make the file larger.
Dorothy_  Jul 16, 2013
Thank you for nice font. :D
I'm a student in Korea. And I am making android application now. I want to use this font 65, 66, 79. It isn't Commercial application. Can I use these fonts in my app? :)
Barren Dawn  Apr 02, 2014
Ive asked all of my favourite Authors this but could you possibly make a game of thrones font like from the series
geco  Jul 14, 2014
Excellent, and thank you.
anev  Dec 06, 2014
is there any light weight font similar to coalition font? please help..thanks in advance.
Shiranui1  Apr 01, 2015
Right On!
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Jun 29, 2015
If you re interested in using any of the fonts. There is a readme file in the archives of all fonts.
shelbsassy  Nov 11, 2015
I love this font, it is used for the show Homeland and I am trying to make a shirt but the distressed letters will not cut properly on my cutter. How can I use just the solid black letters instead of the distressed lettering?
SuchFexii  Jan 24, 2016
Can I use this font for GFX? (I love this font)
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Feb 01, 2016
A non distressed version on my site is Fenix Blackletter Caps
dragonstefan  Mar 29, 2017
Is there also a version 1 out there, released?
This one is called v2 by a reason?
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Jul 11, 2017
v1 is Jacinto Sans basically.
Kami Na  Aug 21, 2018
Oh I love your font.Can i use it in my DA page?  Aug 23, 2018
How do I purchase a license to use your font for my book?  Aug 24, 2018
I'm trying to go to your website to purchase a license to use your logo for my book but a message pops up saying "this website may be impersonating tracer to steal your personal and financial information". How do I get in touch with you to purchase a license?
TracerTong  author of Coalition   Aug 25, 2018
Try the site now. I needed to update the certificate.

All license info is on the site.

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