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intoxified  Jun 21, 2006
i like it a lot. really unique. :)
Critical.  Jul 24, 2006
Hot aint it how can I get the link to it so I can put it in my profile.
Lord Marvin  Aug 02, 2006 is form me !^^
monica19  Aug 07, 2006
I LOVE IT!!!!the writing is just so beautiful to me!!!
sallythecat  Sep 01, 2006
Its... Lovely and gracefle! nice job! ^.^
kamciusia  Sep 01, 2006
jak to sie pobiera!!!!!!!!!??????????
Quebecoise  Sep 03, 2006
Nice..Probably be the font for my tattoo =D
orangeskater  Oct 25, 2006
i love it is't so curvy and flowing it's just amazing!!!
caseykeasler  Nov 08, 2006
chamuka18  Dec 14, 2006
love it im gonna use to get a tattoo
Stephen Coles  Mar 07, 2007
This looks to me like a knockoff of Phil Martin's URW Polonaise:
AliceBlue  Apr 10, 2007
Oh, it does look like Polonaise. Hmm.
3tailer  Apr 16, 2007
galzdem  Jun 20, 2007
i dnt fink dat itz dat gud.....yeh bt i du lyk da style of it........itz a lil girlie tho innit.....!
jsquick  Sep 23, 2007
This font is absolutly beautiful! I would like to know if this font is free to use as monograms in wedding albums. Thanks so much!
illusionist555  Nov 15, 2007
Very Unique!
Nice Job
egevizyon  Nov 16, 2007
vossy  Jan 23, 2008
hey do you reckon i would be able to use it on my tattoo?
aprilcarter  Jan 28, 2008
how do you do this???
learamsey  Feb 14, 2008
I really like this one. I actually used it on a mine tattoo already it is looks great. If you would like to see it you can go to myspace and see pictures. Do a search on myspace and put in my email to check it out.
desertgirl  Apr 18, 2008
Clean lines, smooth, elegant, crisp. This is the one I like best.
mr.chow  Apr 21, 2008
I was going to start making cloths such as polo shirts and what not, anyways I found intrest in your font and was wondering if I could embroider my brand name on the clothing in your font. note: it is not a professional clothing line and i sketch it on paper and paint it before haveing it embrodierd. if you could e-mail me back a.s.a.p that would be much appreciated.
Kelsey-xo  Apr 27, 2008
Wats This Font Called :
Its Lines.
agl  May 15, 2008
I like it a lot, it is elegant and the capitals are almost abstract.
palaciaskincare  May 24, 2008
Can I use this font for my skin care service menu? And can I use it for my logo? Please advise.
B3li3v3n  Jun 24, 2008
Can I use this for my logo for a T-shirt? It's for a non-profit annual event, which promots environmental awareness. Please email me at ASAP.
agustinluisbou92  Jul 11, 2008
Me gusta esta fuente.
agustinluisbou92  Jul 11, 2008
En esta fuente falta la Ñ.
Jpermaul  Jul 11, 2008
wburgos  Jul 19, 2008
Am I able to use this font as a logo for my company?
hybridrace  Aug 12, 2008
is the font free for commercial use? i'm sure you've answered this question quite a few times given how awesome the font is ahaha. let me know:
lefteye01  Sep 11, 2008
I am looking to get this type of lettering for a tattoo,

Is it possible to lay out what i want to say in this form and print it of so i can match it to my skin as to see what it would look like??

pook  Oct 26, 2008 is form me !^^
katja.kiessler  Nov 05, 2008
beautiful! is it free for use? i woud like too use ist for an commercial booklet, for heading. please answer:
darc25  Dec 10, 2008
Can i please use this font in a brochure for a non profit student organisation? Cheers..
JasonArthur  Dec 18, 2008
Wow. This font is a direct glyph-by-glyph swipe of a COPYWRITTEN font called URW Polonaise which is a pay font. It is NOT in the public domain and anyone that uses this font for commercial purposes should do so at their own risk (as you may face copyright infringement charges from URW++

-- J
stacystuff  Dec 21, 2008
Pezzuti  Jan 28, 2009
Lovely font. Can I use this font on my online shop?
reply to
Thank you in advance.
emrisun  Jan 29, 2009
I used this font for a tattoo on my foot with the word "Tilley", looks fantastic, cheers.
loons  Feb 06, 2009
beautiful font! Is this free and can I use this font on personal cards to friends.

Thank you in advance
princessfairy123  Feb 10, 2009
anjakirstine  Mar 10, 2009
Beautiful :D<3
lovelyxxchic  Mar 11, 2009
this looks awesome.

how can i set it as a main font on my microsoft word??
magaz  Mar 15, 2009
hi, may i use this font on t shirts ?

looking forward to your reply.
sizzlecreative  Apr 08, 2009
Unique, classy, excellent
badoumba  Apr 27, 2009
Hi Diogene,
Really nice font. Could I use it on commercial purpose ? Would you please let me know ? Thanks
kirksucks  May 26, 2009
at Jason Arthur. wow!
i cant believe people.
lilinesita  Jun 02, 2009
Hi! This is gorgeus!
Could I use this for my online shop?
aguth  Jun 17, 2009
May I use this for commercial use? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!
kirksucks  Jun 18, 2009
#5 in the top 100, congrats.. make sure to thank the creators of Polonaise, since this is a full-on rip off of it.
kellythorpe  Jul 03, 2009
I love this font, is there any way i can use this for a tattoo?? xxx
Will1  Jul 06, 2009
oh my god, thia is truly beautiful. i typed in chopin on google and this came up, i was shocked, but at the same time very happy. i cant thank you enough for posting this font, i love amazing site btw!
ps, add me on piczo!
slo22  Jul 08, 2009
I'd love to use this font as my tattoo. Please contact me @ Thanks!
GolfRider  Jul 17, 2009
Really Awesome !!!
I would like to know if I can use this font for my
new collection of T-Shirt ?
Please contact me :
nbahr  Aug 14, 2009
Am I able to use this font commercially? Please reply ASAP...I would like to use it for some tumblers I am creating. Thanks so much
mavak  Aug 31, 2009
Hi! Great font! I would like to use it commercially. Hope to hear from you soon, if its OK :-)
Thanks in advance.
Lil Flipp  Aug 31, 2009
Hi there, Would like to use this for my Photography website as a header and Watermark on my pictures, IF you allow i shall have your name in the header of my website.

Thankyou ( )
valchrist  Sep 10, 2009
I would love to use your font, Chopin Script commercially if i me at
massiee  Oct 07, 2009
gleddy123  Oct 15, 2009
this font is crap mate i am not a happy camper any more, i will chalange you to a bacugan fight wayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
dantown  Nov 02, 2009
This is abeauty, alright.
maruru  Dec 07, 2009
Am I able to use this font commercially? I would like to use it for cards I am creating. Thanks so much.
snowylovecat  Dec 13, 2009
Hi, i would like to know if i could use your font for a personal t-shirt design. Thanks
smazyrack  Jan 02, 2010
I see many people have asked you this but I would like to use your font on shirts. If thats possible please email me and let me know. I am willing to donate or even send you a shirt after I make it.

Thanks again for the awesome font!
hoovco  Jan 10, 2010
This looks exactly like polonaise.
wallflower08  Jan 12, 2010

I really love this font and I'm looking into using some of the letters in a pattern that I'm creating. Would that be alright?

I can be reached at

dayton101  Jan 14, 2010
iangelina  Jan 17, 2010
celui la sa serai cOol sur un murs!! enfin plutOot se style!! de lettre!!
miss-patati  Jan 17, 2010
Magnique It's great, I love this font!
jaymo1978  Jan 25, 2010
Would I be able to use this font commercially on an album cover? Please let me know at Many Thanks
dancegirl003  Jan 27, 2010
Can we use this font for our company's logo?

Please let me know. Thank you!
xeeneeizee  Jan 30, 2010
phi9320  Mar 05, 2010
I was wondering if I could use this font on a website, let me know, thanks.
sabina1123  Mar 11, 2010
jas e ist cool:D
trudie4  Apr 06, 2010
beauthy thanks
al8z  Apr 24, 2010
I see many people have asked you this but I would like to use your font on shirts. If thats possible please email me and let me know. I am willing to donate or even send you a shirt after I make it. taaaaaaaaaaaankxxxx :)
bugmenot  Apr 29, 2010
To the people asking if you can use this font commercially, if you're going to send money for this font, please send it to the actual designer. As someone noted above, Chopin is a knock-off of "Polonaise" made by the URW foundry. It only costs $21 for unlimited commercial use of the real Polonaise font. Let's support and encourage the artists who do wonderful work like this.
XjessicaX  Jun 08, 2010
Mangoo  Jun 20, 2010
I love it, i have a tatto in this font :) My girls name on my left handwrist :)
8ella  Jul 13, 2010
Please can I use this font for a friends company logo?

Please let me know asap

Many thanks
calligraphychic  Sep 15, 2010
I always liked the Polonaise font. Great for musically oriented themes!
Life Insurance  Sep 27, 2010
This script is just like a music... Very nice!

jamesewin  Oct 03, 2010
Great work
malkaka  Jan 13, 2011
I would like to use your font in my friend's wedding ceremony invitation card, please let me know if I have the permission to use it.

Thanks for your great font design~
malkaka  Jan 13, 2011
my email address:
rimmi  Jan 17, 2011
This font is wonderful. I would like to use this font for a school project and will it attach to power point? Thank you.
claudeserieux  author of Chopin Script   Jan 17, 2011
This font is free.
Cette police de caractère est gratuit.
ballet  Jan 21, 2011
Would it be ok for me to use this in a logo I am designing and selling? I would love it! Email me at
FuzzieKiwi  Jan 28, 2011
This is the same as Edwardian Script.
gem gem G&B  Mar 03, 2011
Hi there, I love this font and would like to use it commercially, please can you e-mail me to confirm that this is free for commercial use?
niiny_g  Mar 08, 2011
podria usar eta fuente como logotipo en un marca de ropa no es conosida ni nada por el estilo sy si puedooo gracias de antemano y avisame al correo
TaylorTheSkater  Mar 15, 2011
I love it He's a great dude!
Singapore Web Design  Apr 02, 2011
This font is very nice...classy and elegant feel. I would recommend this font for restaurants website design use...
Arialia  Apr 12, 2011
Very nice font
i had compare with URW Polonaise and maybe the two authors had same idea and inspiration but the fonts are differents
The URW Polonaise seems better for big letters and have more glyphs
So don't be afraid to use these two fonts : similar but different
Thanks Claude

Merci Claude pour cette jolie police
cmvillareal  May 02, 2011
I love this font! May I use it for a logo for my business and commercial use? Please let me know soon!
ICanDoDat956  May 03, 2011
Hi, I am looking to use this font for marketing purposes and in turn w/ the company I am starting, and commercial use which will also be on clothing etc. could you please contact me as soon as possible for registration reasons... Alex Stolz
Nadou  May 20, 2011

comment utiliser le lettrage une fois téléchargé

Merci par avance pour votre aide

ninjaton  Jul 15, 2011
Really nice, can i use it for riots & protesting? Im not jaun claud van dam btw
babey17  Jul 25, 2011
Pretty. :)
hamadadk  Sep 08, 2011
Merci à l'artiste, je viens de me tatouer cette police !
hamadadk  Sep 08, 2011
Wanna see my tatoo with this font,
csugarm  Sep 23, 2011
I was wondering if this is available for commercial use? Please let me know as soon as possible - this is such a beautiful font!
Michalina  Oct 21, 2011
Hi, I would like to know if I may use this font for logo in commercial materials. VERY IMPORTANT -

bullies3  Nov 19, 2011
can I use this for commercial use?
Addie18  Dec 02, 2011
Hi, I'd like to know if I may use this font for a commercial logo. Very important that you get back to me at Thank you.
mstuenkel  Dec 13, 2011
Hi, I'm planning on using this font in a competition on crowdSpring and would like your permission etc. in order to use it.

Thanks so much for this beautiful font!
romeaDesigns  Jan 10, 2012
First of all: Thanks for the work you do! You are creating beautiful fonts! I´d like to use them (Prophecy Script and My Underwood) to make some stamps and use these to do some craft. And i´d like to sell the stamps too. Would this be ok? Or can i buy a special license to do so?
kind regards
Sabrina v. Wilamowitz
romeaDesigns  Jan 10, 2012
Oooups, sorry not "Prophecy Script and My Underwood" but "Chopin Script"
valmooo  Feb 03, 2012
It doesn't look at all like Chopin's handwriting

And is a copyright infringement of the font mentioned above.
Due to the lack of a clear license, I think other Diogene's fonts are copyright infringements too.
claudeserieux  author of Chopin Script   Feb 03, 2012
valmoo , tu parle à travers ton chapeau.
frd  Feb 03, 2012
Valmooo, do you even know what you're talking about ? I guess not. You compared pictures ?? Come oooooon, you should know better. You don't find differences by looking at pictures for a font, you take a look at the dots, the lines, etc. THEN you will notice that Chopin Script and Polonaise are two different fonts. Period. Typography was here way before computers. So, let me tell you : If two persons take one typography in, let's say, the Solotype Catalog, make a font, which WILL BE of course different, because they would have to "redraw" it entirely, is this a problem to you ? If two people paint the same landscape, is there also copyright infringement ? You should really know your subject before making a fool out of you here.
valmooo  Feb 05, 2012
If someone takes a commercial font and alter some lines and nodes of the glyphs to make it slightly different, the product is considered an original work? And then, this person thinks is a good designer? xP
claudeserieux  author of Chopin Script   Feb 05, 2012
Chopin script est fait à partir de l'original papier et je fais des choix. Et URW a aussi utiliser la version papier pour faire leur version.
frd  Feb 06, 2012
Valmooo, there was a time, decades ago, when typefaces were only in BOOKS. Then people took the time to turn this into a font from SCANS or IMAGES. Some did this for free, others did it for money, welcome on the Internet. If you don't know the difference, we can't help you. Chopin Script is NOT a rip-off from Polonaise, it is not even BASED on the same file, period. Check the glyphs, they are DIFFERENT. At least take the time to read my answer, stupid. They come from the same typeface, but are two DIFFERENT CREATIONS. Get a life and stop talking shit around here.
kreativtheme  Feb 07, 2012
Classic :)
joginecko  Apr 15, 2012
Hi, I would like to use this font for my web page logo (commercial use). Please let me know, if it is OK. Thanks, Monika
joginecko  Apr 15, 2012
Forgot my adress:
thanks, monika
royann77  Apr 25, 2012
Beautiful font. I just discovered this website today, so I'm totally brand new to this. I'm looking for fonts to use on some t-shirts. It says public domain for this font. What exactly does that mean? Am I able to use this, or do I need to pay something? Please advise. Thank you!! ...Royann
royann77  Apr 25, 2012
Oops...forgot my address. Thanks again!
lacywerner  May 29, 2012
Hello -
I would like to use a few of your fonts for words, names, dates etc. on wedding prints that I sell. I was wondering if you could message me regarding purchasing/licensing/permission etc. All of your fonts say public domain but I want to be sure its ok I use them


frankiefountain  Jun 27, 2012
Hello. Its says this font is free. I would just like to make sure because I want to use it commercially. Can I just donate to your fund? Please let me know.
Annick17  Jul 03, 2012
Hi,I would like to get this font for a tattoo.

Is it possible for me to get the senetnce that I want as a tattoo written in that font and print it so I can bring it to the tattoo shop and get it done?

Please e-mail me, if you have time

Thank you very much
Jomikki  Jul 21, 2012
Is it possible to use your font for the cover of my Novel? Please advise.
many thanks.
smiilez  Aug 18, 2012
is this a free for commercial use???
kirksucks  Oct 14, 2012
no, say whatever you want about subtle differences, its friggin Polonaise. if it's not an exact copy, its a copy nonetheless. and for it to be getting so much adoration here isnt fair to the creators of Polonaise. Also, for how original you keep saying it is, the fact remains, downloading this font for free here, is taking money out of the hands of the owner of Polonaise. and that's exactly why copyrights exist.
Chileno#1  Oct 21, 2012
Hey, i likes this a lot. Really elegant and unique. Actually I liked this so much that in august I got my grandmas name tattooed on my body. And it really means a lot to me. And now I want to get my grandpas name tattooed with the same style. Is it ok for you? Big up! 👍👍👌
Lauriec  Dec 15, 2012

I'm using it commercially so I'm glad I found someone saying what font this actually is.

claudeserieux  author of Chopin Script   Dec 15, 2012
Laurie regard comme faut il y a une différence entre le 2 version.
Lauriec  Dec 15, 2012
I'm sure you changed it up some. Still should support the original artist if it's being used commercially.
claudeserieux  author of Chopin Script   Dec 15, 2012
La version URW a été fait par FontBank.
Tandis que ma version est basé sur celle que l'on trouve dans les livres de Dan X Solo.
Lauriec  Dec 16, 2012
Ok I looked it up and you do take the time to defend it. I appreciate the font. Thank you.
Miss_R0R0  Dec 19, 2012
They are not the same as Polonaise. Anyone with a trained eye in "which one of these is not like the other" would see they are not the same. So stop getting on here and complaining about it being free. If you are so gunho about paying for fonts, then why the h3ll are you on here???
SpaceOctopus  Dec 24, 2012
If this were actually a rip off, I'm sure that A. site moderators would have removed it and B. The original creator would have done something about it.
So shut up people. Stfu
v.astier  Feb 18, 2013
Bonjour j'aurai voulu savoir si cette police était la même sous PC et sous MAC car je voudrais imprimer mes faire-parts et mon imprimeur me pose la question. Merci d'avance (
kreativ  Feb 24, 2013
Probably the best free font ... thanks!
Luhnaz  May 08, 2013
I really fell in love with this font, can I use it for a logo? reply to: pleaseeee!!!
Kdubbs148  May 11, 2013
Hello I love this font, can I use this for a t- shirt. Please respond to kdubbs148@ thanks!
salmacordero  May 18, 2013
the font sucks , can I use it for a t shirt please?
Deleted user 705955  Jul 19, 2013
like this font !!!
Kaoshi23  Aug 12, 2013
Heya, thanks for the great font. I know it's free but would like to make sure it's ok to use it for commercial use :) thanks alot. Reply to
Deleted user 720941  Aug 23, 2013
Deleted user 723346  Aug 25, 2013
like it a lot!
eudeline paul  Aug 27, 2013
Hi I use it for an etudiant art project, if you want to know more, thanks for it
pritypenny22  Oct 15, 2013
I would like to use your font in my company logo. Please contact me at
zanzandrea  Dec 19, 2013
angelc1129  Jan 18, 2014
I really love this font!Its amazing!
I would like to use your font on my online shop logo.
make sure it's ok to use it for commercial use . Thanks so much.
Please Reply to ASAP:)
Kelsey5186  Jan 21, 2014
I only know English sorry, can i use for commercial use please?
Kelsey5186  Jan 21, 2014
please reply to if i have permission to use for commercial use thank you
peterp  Feb 17, 2014
Love the swirly lines on this, very pretty looking.
kred  Apr 13, 2014
This is one of the most elegant fonts of this type
Din44  Jun 24, 2014
Can I use your font for a commercial use on a box ? Thank you for fast answer.
mizzminye  Jul 04, 2014
would i be able to use this font on a website? please reply to me on
La vie d'artiste  Jul 08, 2014
LA vie d'artiste love a lot
its.yourcase  Aug 05, 2014
good i love it
Deleted user 815886  Nov 06, 2014
nice and unique font
alextby  Dec 12, 2014
The best calligraphy font so far
wallang  Feb 03, 2015
Am I able to use this font as a logo for my company?
Please contact me :
wallang  Feb 03, 2015
Am I able to use this font commercially?
dgaston  Apr 14, 2015
Love this font, may I please have permission to use it commercially.
françois1  May 06, 2015
I Love your work, may I please have permission to use it commercially?
Bonjour, bravo pour votre travail, puis je avoir votre permission pour utiliser votre police pour un logo ?

Thanks, merci.

Please contact me asap :
underpar858  Jun 30, 2015
I would like to use this font commercially.
EnkiG  Aug 27, 2015
I would like to use this font for my wedding invitation card, will that be okay? Cheers.
SotaWater  Aug 28, 2015
Hello, I would like to know if we can use this font into a brand logo and incorporate it use it for a tee design. Please reply to Thank you, this font looks very elegant.
I love this font! Would I be able to use it on products I sell?
frndel  Dec 22, 2015
i would like to use this font on my company logo is it ok?
logcabinbaking  Jan 14, 2016
Can I use this commercially?
jdpbf29  Jan 17, 2016
Can this font be used commercially?
daeuro  Feb 29, 2016
Beautiful Caligraphic fonts.
Thank you very much :-)
tuffax  Nov 03, 2016
Would love to use this commercially.
adisen  Dec 13, 2016
I wanted to use this commercially please email me
rustyoldcan  Feb 18, 2017
would like to use it commercially, please contact me
brewski189  Apr 01, 2017
Love this Chopin font, May I have your permission for commercial use with my sign making business? Can you please reply to my email so I may have consent on hand. Thank you so much!
treatedserios  Apr 20, 2017
Love this font ! Awesome :)
Sulayka  Oct 04, 2017
Please let me know if I may use this font commercially
DrVonn  Oct 13, 2017
Love this font. how do I purchase this for commercial use? thank you
DrVonn  Oct 13, 2017
Love this font. how do I purchase this for commercial use? thank you
Firelord Lionheart  Nov 06, 2017
How do you get the proper font that doesn't fade?
sv86  Jan 08, 2018
Hi.... thank you for ur font.. i would love to use this in my very very small home based business.. please let me know.. my email is

thank you
Desisantorini  Aug 29, 2018
Hello, please let me know about your commercial policy on this font : Thanks
kyoungbo  Jul 25, 2019
I would like to use it as my little flower shop name?
Let me know if you can use it for my business cards and flyers. Thanks.
ericka.kitt  Sep 27, 2019
Hi how can I purchase commercially please?
kbutterfly  Oct 04, 2019
Hello, do i need a license to use this script for my business? if so please send me instruction on how to do so. Thanks.
Monarch Imprints  Mar 06, 2020
I am trying to install your font but all it allows me to have is the charachter map no TT file to instal pleease help
reeniehssn  Apr 08, 2020
May I use your font for commercial use?
indanme  Jan 24, 2021
Hello, is it free to use for commercial use? I'm going to use it for my company, and personal non-profit projects later on? pls tell me :
Matija2021  Jun 06, 2021
Hi. can i use this font for commercial purpose? Please contact me-, thank you!
stewf  Aug 24, 2021
For those who can’t read the author’s French comments above, this Chopin Script is “based on Polonaise from Phil Martin (1923-2005)”, as stated in the font copyright info. This version by Claude Pelletier — first distributed all the way back in 1999 when it was called Diogene — was derived from a sample in a Solotype book: Unfortunately, Pelletier does not state this clearly on the dafont page itself.

Polonaise was issued by Martin’s Alphabet Innovations in 1977 and digitized by URW++, which is currently available for commercial licensing on MyFonts:

Dieter Steffmann also digitized Solotype’s Chopin Script.

Of the three digital versions, Pelletier’s (this one on dafont) is the most complete, containing most of the original’s alternate swash glyphs.

While Martin is often credited as the designer of the fonts released by his companies, that is not always the case, as he often copied existing designs or failed to credit the designers of his labels’ original designs. So, the origin of this typeface is still uncertain.
stewf  Aug 24, 2021
Oops, small correction: Claude’s initial font was not called Diogene; that was how he signed his name. Sorry!
stewf  Aug 24, 2021
Claude just reminded me that Phil Martin’s website (now saved by the Internet Archive) has the creation story for Polonaise. It was apparently drawn primarily by Martin’s assistant George Brian based on chapter titling by an unnamed Swedish lettering artist. This seems to be a plausible origin, as that was a similar story for other Alphabet Innovations designs. Now I’ll do my best to hunt down that original letterer.

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