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k@j  Apr 01, 2012
it good like
Frank Reidy  May 02, 2012
I was born in Dublin and used the old gaelic sscript before they dropped it in 1963. I put together booklet, about half about Ireland. I particulaarly want the fada (long) and the buailte (asperation). You have all the fadas but a limited selection in buailte though by far the most complete I have seen. However, I don't know how to import them, like gradh. This is an e xample of one of my booklets.
Sadness on Death
(Bron ar an mBas)
Columbanus Boat Song
(Amrab Bad Columbanus)
Glen Where I Was Raised
(An Glen nar Togad Me)
Fand's Loss of Cu Chulaind
(Caillteanas Fand de Culaind)
Deirdre's Sadness at Leaving Alba
(Bron Deirdre ag Fagail Albe)
Children of Lir
(Clan Lir)
The Kiss
(An Pog)
The Lovers
(Aos grad)
Lovers Beware
(Feac Amac Aos Grad)
Li Ban's Request
(Iarrad Licasc Ar)
The Mistress
(An Maistreas)
A Jealous Mate
(Ar Maite ead)
Brendan and Music
(Brandan agus Ceol)
O'Quin and the Swan
(O'Quin agus an eala)

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