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metaphasebrothel  Nov 26, 2016
This is well above average for a first font, both in concept and execution. The M, N, and W are awkward; the N in particular, because it's lower case, and every other letter is a cap. Perhaps if you put the 'lego teeth' on the right side edge for those three, instead of on top, you could retain the concept? As is, it looks like there are three Z's, and the N looks too much like the A. My two cents.

Jeroenvb  author of Brixs   Nov 29, 2016
Thanks for the feedback! It's good to hear that you like it even though there are still some flaws.

I do have a "sharp" version of the font. This one is quite blurry which might fix a small portion of the problem.

When I made the font I did set some rules:
- It can't be higher than 5 blocks (1 block is the square one with 4 "dots"), and can't be wider than 3
- there are no half or diagnal blocks allowed
- it has to fill the 3 wide rule somewhere in the grid (5 x 3). The only exeption on this rule is made by the letter S because there was no other way to make it.
This is also why the M and the W are turned by 90 degrees. Just to fit the grid.

I'll post the "sharp" version in my spare time, but I'm currently very busy. I'll also try to fix the N.


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