Black Chancery

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Lion Hearted  Sep 22, 2009
Can't believe no one has commented on this wonderful font yet. Great font, can't wait till I see more of your work. :)
jejones3141  May 09, 2010
Where to start? F, I, J, K, L, T, U, and V are unencumbered by legibility; lower case bowls are blobby--any calligrapher will remember having made that mistake. An utter mishmash of serif styles, many like nothing that would be made with the pen nib used in the hand the font is trying to imitate. Italic lettershapes tilted to be straight up and down, destroying any flow... and yet it has somehow become the Comic Sans of the Renaissance fair world, ugly and horribly overused. By all means, please consider the infinitely superior Insula font instead.
Eriyu  Nov 05, 2010
Bah, while it may not be a perfect recreation of actual calligraphy, this font is the perfect blend of the FEEL of calligraphy with the kind of easy legibility that is very difficult to come across in most Gothic fonts. <3
Palantyr  Nov 17, 2010
Impossible d'utiliser la police: "est un fichier de police invalide"...

dommage, elle est magnifique
jejones3141  Dec 19, 2010
Legibility?! Take a look at "L". Especially with the kerning, it's indistinguishable from an very swashy "I". It's not alone in this regard. Set "Lmpulse" and "Tuke Box" in Black Chancery, print it out, and ask someone not intimately familiar with the font to read it to you.
messagesprecieux  Jul 04, 2011
I would have wished to know if you authorized me has to use within the framework of my company(society) to announce, your fonts.
You defined these polices as "public domain" but I prefer to have your agreement.
Please E-mail me at
Aigo  Nov 29, 2013
I would like to know if you authorize me to use your front for my coaching Homepage. Please E-mail me at
amg46  Mar 04, 2014
Gorgeous font! I know it is "public domain" but before i used it, I would prefer that you give me permission before I use it. I am designing a Children's book and it is absolutely perfect for the series. Please contact me at Thank you
Luis_Magalhaes  Mar 05, 2014
Great font. This would be perfect to use on the logo of my fantasy fiction site. I know it is public domain but since I will have books on sale at the site (no books would use the font, tough) I would like to ask for permission before i use it. Please contact me at Thank you!
mx-logo  May 23, 2014
Impressive work, thank you for sharing this beautiful work of art with us
JSFarias  Aug 30, 2014
Good day!
I'd wish to have your writen permission for using this font in my online works.
Thank you!
prachi_9pg  Dec 08, 2014
I love your font I would like to have your written permission to design a logo,for a spiritual company which is forming soon known as Soul Design.I would like to have your permission before using it. Plese E-mail me at
craftyfolder  Feb 21, 2015
Hi I love this font. I'd like to fold words into a book using this font but would really appreciate your permission before hand please xx
Chris h  Feb 23, 2015
Mr Miles how can we use your font is it free... ?
huraira  May 08, 2015
Hi was wondering if you give permission for this font to be used ?
kartune  Jul 03, 2015
Hello, I would love to use your font on some of my products. Could you give me permission to use your beautiful font? Credit will be given directly to you on the website of the products. Please email:
sealeopard68  Jul 05, 2015
Hi, could I have permission to sue your font to create an alphabet for my book folding patterns? If you could e mail me please
praws  Jul 22, 2015
Such a great font! I'd like to use your font as a logo of my handmade products. I'd like to have your permission before use it, please email me at
Thank you!
mozgym  Aug 19, 2015
HI< I love this font and would like your permission to use it in the letters in my logo and on some of the personalized products that I handmake and sell. Credit will be given to you on the products. please email me Thank you Yvonne
kalila97  Sep 19, 2015
This is a fantastic font, i love it and would like your permission to use it as a starting to our small business, for the business card. Pls email me at Thank you very much!
plainjaney  Sep 20, 2015
Hi, I love this font. I was wondering if you could give me permission for commercial use. Thanks in advance! Please email me at
DanielClasquin  Oct 29, 2015
HI can I use this font for a Chess game? email me
Jkane5198  Jan 31, 2016
Can this be used for commercial use? Please email me at
Adrisy  Aug 05, 2016
Can this be used for commercial use, i am designing a logo? Please email me at
yara14  Dec 30, 2016
Hi,I would like to use your font on my music band's logo. I know it says "public domain" but I prefer to have your permission. Great font by the way! You can email me at or, Thank you.
linksow  Apr 01, 2017
Good day dear friend. Unfortunately there appears to be no way to direct contact you that I can find, so I resort to this.

I am an indie game developer and I found, and loved, the font you made, it has something that perfectly suits what I am trying to make.

if everythign I have found so far is correct Black Chancery appears to be on Public Domain, but there is a lot of missinformation about that sort of thing in the internet, so, if possible, I would like to reques tyou a written confirmation allowing me to use this font for commercial use withing my game, Imago Speculare.

I appreciate your time,

Best Regards,
starlabb  May 18, 2017
Would you allow me to use this for commercial use? I am designing a logo for a very small company my husband and I are starting. Please email me: Thank you so very much!
LouisaBurgess  Oct 10, 2017
Hello was wondering if I can get written permission to use this font for small commercial use? Thank you
jared5085  Oct 13, 2017
Can this be used for commercial use? I want to use this font on T-Shirts.
maryamzr  Feb 28, 2018
Hello, i would like to use this wonderful font. Would you allow me to use it for a flyer? Thank you
Sabine19  Mar 02, 2018
Hello, i would like to use this wonderful font. Would you allow me to use it for words on Plots? Thank you

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