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kmull  Sep 27, 2018
How do you get the extended lines before and after the word?
mrletters  author of Belinda Script   Sep 28, 2018
Insert symbols in my Windows program" for microsoft word.
kmull  Sep 28, 2018
I guess I am asking what symbol do I type before and after the word to get the extended line you show on the word belinda?
africhey143  Sep 29, 2018
I'm wondering the same thing. How to extend the lines.
mrletters  author of Belinda Script   Sep 29, 2018
svichensont  Oct 08, 2018
What are the steps for getting the extended lines before and after the word? The quality of the YouTube link steps is blurry and I can't see what symbol was chosen. Thank you!
Cristina0529  Oct 09, 2018
I would also like to know how to add accent lines Please
mkubica  Oct 12, 2018
I figured it out! Once you type the word you are looking to have the extended lines on, click on the "insert" button in the top menu bar of MS Word. A dialog box will pop up. In the "font" drop down menu you must select the font you are using - in this particular example it would be "Belinda Script" - as soon as you select this you will see all the different letters with the extended line attached either for the beginning letter or the last letter of the particular word you are typing. click on the particular "extended letter" and then in the bottom corner click on "insert" and Voila!
mkubica  Oct 12, 2018 addition to my previous comment...after you click on the top menu bar "Insert" you must then look to the right side of the "Insert" menu bar and press the "symbol" button which will then open the dialog box that you need to get to
pbern79  Oct 23, 2018
Is it possible to extend the lines using an ipad instead of the computer
mrletters  author of Belinda Script   Oct 24, 2018
so far I have not found a program that supports open type on ipad.
brit4jesus87  Oct 24, 2018
Hello! i am not using MS WORD i am using cricut design space, can you help me with the lines in that app? thanks!
mrletters  author of Belinda Script   Oct 25, 2018
Please check this video.
anne0803  Nov 05, 2018
is there another way to download this font i have tried multiple times and it freezes each time with 7 minutes remaining
mrletters  author of Belinda Script   Nov 05, 2018
I tried downloading this font, but it didn't have a problem.

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