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uluorta  Oct 09, 2008
Did you know that "Ayla" is a female name in Turkish? And it actually means "halo around the moon".
xelia  Oct 26, 2008
I like this font =P I'm looking for a nice(ish) font to use for school stuff, hope this one is what I'm looking for xD
xelia  Oct 26, 2008
Okies, got it all downloaded and stuff. It nice, although I'd appreciate a '-'. I'm using it for an english essay, so I'm going to have to not use it for now =( so that I don't get marked down, although will definately be using it for banner making =P Nice font.
mborowczak  Jan 12, 2009
its tooo boring
mborowczak  Jan 12, 2009
more ffffuuunnnnn but i like it i used it for my english essay
ayla-c  Jan 26, 2009
Ayla is not JUST a name in Turkish, it's also a name in hebrew meaning "oak tree", other than that, it's the main character in the Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel and MY NAME:)
Belisarius  Dec 04, 2009
There as an older version of this font posted awhile ago with a more pronounced curve to the "f" among other things. Do you still have this available? I came across an old paper with it the other day, but no longer have it on my new computer. I loved the way it looked, can you please repost it if you have it?

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