Avenir Condensed Hand

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rmunson  Feb 18, 2016
Jon, you did a wonderful job! My t-shirt company would love to use this font for commercial use! Will you please reach out to me at theclosetdime@gmail.com giving written consent for using your font? Thank you in advance!
k3na  May 04, 2016
Great font, can it be used for commercial purposes?
carmen.chessell  Sep 02, 2016
Hiya Jon, I would also like to use your font for commercial purposes...it is super! Could you please advise on its usage rights. Cheers!
tayo91x  Oct 04, 2016
Hi there, i would like to use your gorgeous font for commercial purposeses ... please reach out to me on here or by email timioke@hotmail.com for your consent :)
foreverwild  Oct 25, 2016
Can I use your font for commercial purposes? anr1778@uncw.edu
Kewilson  Jan 16, 2017
Can I use for commercial purposes please? Kathryn.o.wilson@gmail.com
vintagediary  Mar 19, 2017
I want to use the font for my personal Blog (www.vintage-diary.com). Is it okay?

Irene Muth  May 16, 2017
Hello! I would love to use this font for commercial use -
is this okay? Please tell me:
Irene-muth@web.de - Thanks a lot!
I also love the font and would like to use it for my personal branding on invoices etc would this be ok? Please contact me on victoriashield@hotmail.com and let me know the score : )
I to would love to use for commercial use ;)
lindymquick@gmail.com  Sep 01, 2017
Hi Jon- I'm interested in using your font for commercial use. Please let me know if this is acceptable and how to move forward. My email address is lquick@vetpartners.com. Thanks!
sarahwilson93@live.com  Sep 21, 2017
Hi Jon, I am also interested in using your font for commercial use. Is this okay? sarahwilson93@live.com
dsasec  Sep 27, 2017
Hey, can I use that font for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to dsasec@gmx.at
Thanks a lot.
Marmel Drawing  Sep 29, 2017
Hi. Thanks for your work.
Can I use this policy for commercial use ?
Merci to your answer :)
thesteelyvan  Oct 11, 2017
Fantastic font! I used it as the title font for my short video, see it in action at https://youtu.be/rMw6-C0r5lg

Thank you, Jon!
dallin@maudandjule.com  Jan 15, 2018
Hi Jon, I am interested in using your font for a children's book that I am self publishing. Would like to talk to you about licensing. Please email me at dallin@maudandjule.com
nlogan  Nov 09, 2018
Can we use this for commercial use please?
irenebouman  Jan 23, 2019
Hi Jon, love your font! Is it okay if I use it for commercial use? Please let me know at Irenebouman@live.nl
didilus  Feb 11, 2019
Can I use for commercial purposes please? lady_dianna@hotmail.es

thank you

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