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Aristotle Punk

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theadrian  Feb 12, 2009
greaat! loved it!
Andrew2  author of Aristotle Punk   Feb 14, 2009
Not a rip, My own version though basically. We both used avante garde and turned it grunge, not a crime.
dgarasic  Feb 16, 2009
i have a mac and can not get it to download right. nice font + free = me wanting it!!! thanks
kirksucks  Feb 16, 2009
not a crime, but not very original.
Andrew2  author of Aristotle Punk   Feb 17, 2009
If you have such a problem with it, why don't you do something besides complain about it. If we're going to talk about being unoriginal why don't we raid all these other fonts that look similar? Arial vs. Helvetica for starters, If you don't like the font then move on to the next font. If you appreciate the free font then I accept your appreciate and thank you for your interest. When I first made this font I didn't even have Birth of a Hero in my mind, about 20 minutes into making it I said "Crap" because I knew it was getting similar but I continued because otherwise it would of been a waste of time. In all honesty I don't even have his font installed, I admire many others but if I was going to purposely start ripping off fonts I would have a nice big collection by now.

Thank you.

As for mac problems I am sorry I don't know how to fix it, as far as I know it has the same occurance on all of my fonts I've ever made. I use FontCreator and I would assume it should be saved/formated correctly but it hasn't for the last couple of years and I don't know how to make it work.
justinatgroups  Feb 18, 2009
I suppose your right.

Sorry if I offended.
Gyom Séguin  Feb 19, 2009
I love your twist on Avant Garde! And no it's not at all like Birth of a Hero...They are just both inspired by the amazing work of Herb Lubalin! Keep it up!
Area52  Feb 28, 2009
Indeed, it is a rip off of Birth of A Hero, but let's be honest here. Birth of a Hero is not nearly as cool. And Arial and Helvetica are both nice in their own special ways. XD
Baaby.sweet.xx  Mar 02, 2009
ThS eS a CooL As FOnT Whoo Everr MAde hT hTs MEAN JshT TAhh Seyy WeL COminG FRomm Mwee hT eS . . . =]
aber  Mar 02, 2009
it punk
grimxtc  Mar 09, 2009

i've had nothing but issues with any MS office program (word excel, etc) and now i can't even remove the font from Linotype without it crashing!

Great font, terrible bug - no issues on windows
LakeeffectKid  Apr 20, 2009
I installed this on a mac and have had no problems with it whatsoever.

awesome font!

definitely not a rip of birth of a hero. look closer people! haha
Andrew2  author of Aristotle Punk   Apr 20, 2009
Thanks for the feedback! Someone emailed me saying they fixed it and I uploaded it only hoping it would work. Glad it works.
Runnerland  Apr 28, 2009
I love this, nice effects! && Great job! :D
Eleo  May 27, 2009
im from tijuana mexico and I admire your work, just notice it a few days ago. I install both Birth and yours, to me theres allways good to have variations, even on fonts look a like,
i would like you to check on my font and comment, I only had one because its like pretty hard work and took me a lot of time, I got a few ideas on mind, but i'll keep on trying


have a good day and sorry for my short english

Solo500  May 27, 2009
The font is great, actually won't install on my Mac (10.4.11) but I wd do a workaround to use it.
sickfreak456  Jun 12, 2009
hey my name is jason I was wondering I LOVE YOUR ARISTOTLE PUNK FONT and im thinking about making a clothing company well i was going to make a a shirt and use that font cause it looks AWESOME well can i have your permission to use it? hit me up please
Zazhou  Aug 11, 2009
Oh, for the love of God -- it's not a ripoff of another font. Both are individual takes on Avant Garde.

Besides, it takes loads of time to create a font. Why would he want to purposefully make one to "rip" someone else's? It's not finger painting, people.

Lovely font, and I shall be using it until my image editor is positively disintigrated.

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