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Can I put this on my van?
turoturom  author of Angelface   Jan 31, 2015
If it is for personal use, yes you can. But if you are going to make profit from it, please make a donation through PayPal:
teeumoetuk  Mar 05, 2015
Can i use this font for commercial use please? -
ndetolve  Apr 03, 2015
Hi, we are going to use this for a logo on a podcast. We would love to donate in order to have permission to use it. I am not sure if we will be making money on the podcast, but it will not be directly from the logo itself. What would be a good donation?
JoshRoberts  Apr 30, 2015
Hi I was just wondering if i make a donation how many times can i use the font commercially and will i receive a commercial licence for the font. Please reply ASAP thanks.
minorjen  May 20, 2015
Hi. This is a great font. How much of a donation would you like to use this for commercial use? I'm making an invitation for a non-profit event and want to show the board this as an option.
turoturom  author of Angelface   May 28, 2015
Hi You can use my font for a non-profit event, unless it is an event that holds beliefs against people of other races, religions, sex orientation and that sort of thing that separates people instead of bringing them together. If this is not the case, go ahead and use it.
gcrock  Jul 06, 2015
So Gooooood:)
jmbaitelli  Nov 14, 2015
Hello, i'm gonna make a donation for use it on my project. How much i need to give?
jmbaitelli  Nov 14, 2015
I'm naked the donation today, i can send you the confirmation if you want it.
jmbaitelli  Nov 14, 2015
I maked *
turoturom  author of Angelface   Nov 14, 2015
Thank you. Received!
tumper  Jan 07, 2016
for a blog post headline font - does that make a font commercial?
turoturom  author of Angelface   Jan 23, 2016
Hi tumper, you are selling something in your blog, then yes, it is commercial use. Regards
sianweber  May 25, 2016
Hi am I able to use this font for a school assignment ?
Nekrosfear  Aug 24, 2016
Hi turoturom,

I'm Nekrosfear, a graphic designer and I am contacting you because I would like to donate money to obtain a commercial licence to use for a graphic design project for a client. Can i obtain this license if I donate $5.00 usd via PAYPAL? Please reply ASAP. I have also sent this comment to your email as well, either reply will do.

My contact email is
Thanks for your time.
nikbygden  Oct 12, 2016
hey turoturom
I am a canadian business owner who is looking to use your font for my clothing company. From reading your previous comments, I hope you would support the ideology behind my brand . Im more than happy to make a donation to your paypal. My email is if you would like to contact me there.
Thank you.
lilijulo  Mar 13, 2017
Thank you!
katyjay  Apr 20, 2017
Hi Turoturom
Such a great font - am using it for a design and will be donating to you on paypal. Let me know if there is a specific amount so I can obtain the commercial license for indefinite use. Thanks so much!
jlstewart37  Jun 08, 2017
Love this font. Requesting permission to use on the cover photo of my company's hiring website (commercial use). Please let me know if this is okay and what is specifically required if so (besides a donation)! Thank you, Jessica.
Jade12345  Jul 18, 2017
Really love this font. How much of a donation is required to use this font commercially? $5.00?
Cit Bernal  Sep 13, 2017
Hello I would like to use this typography for commercial use, I could say how much is the contribution to Paypal, thanks.
mairoma  Sep 14, 2017
Hi! Beautiful tipography. I want to use it for commercial use. A Logo. how much is the contribution to Paypal, thanks.
syna84  Nov 19, 2018
Salve, vorrei fare una donazione per ricevere una licenza per uso commerciale. Quanto dovrei inviare?
youngmex  Jul 01, 2019
Wonderful font! I just made a donation for it's use on the cover of my wife's book. Thank you.
sylviahalim  Mar 29, 2020
Hi! I have made a donation for you for commercial use. A label design for packaging product. I'd like to send you the confirmation, so here's my email Thank you.
BubbleMan  May 10, 2020
If I want to use it for my own furniture logo how much should I donate?
turoturom  author of Angelface   Aug 24, 2020
Sorry, I havenít seen your message until now. I only get notices from dafont sometimes. Let me know if you are still interested. You can write to me at
robertopmm  Sep 21, 2020
What amount do I need to donate in order to use the font to create a logo?
turoturom  author of Angelface   Oct 02, 2020
Thanks for writing in regards to my Angelface font. To answer your question, my fonts are "donationware" if your intention is for commercial use. I don't like to request a specific amount, what I rather ask is to keep in mind the size of your project, its repercussion and the time I spent making the font. The rest is up to what your heart and pocket feel my font is worth.

The donation should be made through PayPal and my account there is: Once the donation that is done you are free to use it for all your projects. If you don't have a PayPal account I can send you a payment request and you don't have to subscribe to them.

Kind regards

Mario Arturo
pamkephart37  Oct 21, 2020
I submitted my payment via your paypal account. I hope you received it. Thank you.

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