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LeTypoman  Jul 28, 2009
really nice, but... quite identical to textile (from Apple) and Lucida Big Casual (from URW), am I wrong?
dimitri_c  author of Androgyne   Jul 28, 2009
Hello LeTypoman -

Did you compare?
If not, I suggest that you compare them yourself.
You will see that is not that 'identical' :-)

- Dimitri
michiel_terpelle  Jul 28, 2009
It's a great font. I think this one is going to be very popular.
anke-art  Jul 29, 2009
Wow, wonderful work. Very classy!
dimitri_c  author of Androgyne   Jul 29, 2009
Good evening -

Wow… almost 1000 downloads the 1st day…
But not that wowww about the donationware!

Please respect the work, respect the donationware (as little as it may be).

Thank you, have a nice day…

- Dimitri
SuperUltraFabulous  Aug 25, 2009
You modified this from Textile. You don’t deserve a donation but a lawsuit!
dimitri_c  author of Androgyne   Aug 31, 2009
Hello SuperUltraFabulous -

That's not nice from you to say that. :-/
Although, I admit that I found part of inspiration in 'Textile' font, I didn't copy it...
It toke me weeks to draw 'Androgyne' font (you may imagine if you know what drawing a font means).
Now if you don't like it, please Mister SUPER-UTRA-FABULOUS-... just don't download it!

Have a nice day...

- Dimitri
bububu  Sep 18, 2009
Salut Dimitri,

Si je peux me permettre, je pense que tu as mixé 2 typos :
Textile + FF Tartine script
Je sais bien le travail que représente la création d'une typo (puisque je connais l'auteur de la Tartine script), mais je pense que tu devrais aller plus loin et créer une typo vraiment originale, plutôt que de trafiquer quelques vecteurs existants. Tu n'en sera que plus satisfait et les auteurs (source d'inspiration) seront respectés.

Bonne continuation,

bugmenot  Apr 29, 2010
Hey Dmitri, I can tell how much work you put into this font, so don't listen to mr. fabulous. Yes, it's clearly inspired by Textile, but if one compares them side-by-side, one can see that Androgyne is superior. The connections between letters is much nicer and the kerning is improved (it was too loose for my tastes in Textile). Keep up the good work!
JuanGG  May 05, 2010
I'm in love hahaha
Great work!
xDupre  Aug 02, 2010
I don't know how long Mr. Bigelow spent to design TEXTILE but I know I spent more than one year to design FF TARTINE SCRIPT.

This Androgyne is an interpolation between these 2 fonts. I did this operation, we arrive to the same result in less than 2 minutes. Then, you probably spent 1 or 2 hours to remove the inconsistencies...

Dimitri, if you want to mix Textile and FF Tartine Script, you can do it for your personal use BUT NOT sharing it on DAFONT.

I invite users to use professionnal fonts to support designers who spend a lot of time designing typefaces.
Check out my website to discover food types like the real FF Tartine Script or the completely new FF MASALA!
josephghayes  Aug 16, 2010
To xDupre, very impressive typefaces on your site. If only I could afford any of them.
Mufont  Sep 01, 2010
can i ask???
why i can't extract this font File?
annaschmohe  May 25, 2011
Hi: I have a client who may want to use this font in a logo. What is the cost for commercial use? You can e-mail me at Thx.
atzack stern  Jul 24, 2011
Hi Dimitri, I have also a client who likes your font and want to use it in his website and in a printed flyer for headlines. What does it cost to use your font for commercial issues? Please contact me at Thx!
bbakech  Feb 20, 2012
Hello Dimitri. I would also like to use your font for my business. What is your cost? Please, contact me at Thank you and congratulations for that great font !
scooterguy  Apr 16, 2012
Dimitri. What is the cost to use this Font for my Business?
Love the Font
frankiefountain  Aug 16, 2012
Hello. Do I just send a donation if I'd like to uses this font commercially?
malvolio  Dec 16, 2012
I see this font everywhere...especially on deli menus.
dzsiral  Apr 24, 2013
I think:: 'r' with [s] and [z] are MODeRn in script fonts.
::patent (for me)
kikm  Dec 15, 2014
Hi, could you please tell me the cost to use this commercially? Email:

Thank you
Font@  May 29, 2019
Hello Dimitri, what would be the cost to use your font commercially?
Thanking you in advance,
Best regards
Font@  May 29, 2019
Dimitri, my e-mail if you need it:
Font@  May 29, 2019
Dimitri, my e-mail if you need it:
Font@  May 29, 2019
Dimitri, my e-mail if you need it:

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