Alien Lines

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ssjaris  Nov 07, 2008
Gotta catch 'em all!!! Good work =)
code933k  Dec 30, 2008
Please specify your font actually has accents Mauricio . I almost passed by because of this. It is a great typeface.
LESS_UP  author of Alien Lines   Mar 05, 2009
Ok, It has Spanish accents only...
LESS_UP  author of Alien Lines   Mar 06, 2009
Now I add some chars like ... ETC.
ECCOWAFL  Mar 27, 2015
LESS_UP i am creating a small game and would to use this font is that ok?
LESS_UP  author of Alien Lines   Sep 07, 2018
free for all use, It was my first font, part of my "graphic design" course practices.

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