Abusive Pencil

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Gyom Séguin  Oct 09, 2007
sweet. love the details.
mallorymaloney  Oct 21, 2007
SUPER detailed ... Amazing.
hobbit.hugger  Oct 21, 2007
This font is great and really pretty, but when I downloaded it, first of all there were some problems, and second when it finally showed up, it was darker, not as sketchy, and not as nice. I just thought that you might want to know, in case YOU can fix it, if it's not just my computer. Great stuff, hope to see more!
Scotticus  author of Abusive Pencil   Oct 24, 2007
Hey thanks for the comments and helpful criticism... I'm aware of the issue and am trying to fix the problem when the font is enlarged exceptionally.
meagenrene  Oct 30, 2007
I really love this font, and I downloaded it successfully... but when I tried to use it on microsoft word whenever I would try to type it would just return back to the default font. Could someone help?
CinC  Nov 07, 2007
I also had issues with the font, while the quality is superb, the name of the font shows up as "untitled" in my graphics programs, also when attempting to preview the font after downloading, It wouldnt work, just froze up and I ended up having to "end program"
Just an FYI for those who might not see all the letters wen using it, you have to type in caps :)
askanthony123  Nov 07, 2007
this is a really cool font from what i can see, but when i download it, it shows up as "untitled" and blank. let us all know when you get the bug fixed.
isolde  Jan 13, 2008
nice nice nice !!! keep on creating PLEASE :)
Nugroho  Feb 25, 2008
The details...amazing!
spacecowgirlo0o  Mar 16, 2008
I really love this font!! :D keep up the awesome work!
jerzb  Mar 31, 2008
This great looking font disappeared in my FONT folder. I can't find it, yet it caused an error: 501 in the font file of my Outlook Express program as soon as I downloaded it. : ( I have no idea what to do now. Please help! Thank you.
jerzb  Mar 31, 2008
Hi again. I just reinstalled the font and it looks terrific in my Corel program. Thanks Scotticus! Still can't figure out what to do about Outlook Express. : (
tanyaiscrazy  Jun 14, 2008
WOW! This is an intense and detailed font! Simply awesome!
ArtRag  Jul 16, 2008
Hey Scotticus,
I'm a student at Texas Tech University and starting a magazine with some friends. I was wondering if I could potentially use this font for a cover. Let me know at erick@artragmag.com! I'll email you a mock-up.
jaminit  Sep 24, 2008
This font looks really great and alot of artistic creativity has gone into it. I'll probably download it once the file has been sorted out.
StreetLingaz  Oct 10, 2008
Very cool font. Really, its nuts. lol I love the detail. Good work. :)
infiniteplaylist  Oct 17, 2008
im in love with this font, but i can only print certain letters despite them registering on my computer...i know you are working on it, but just thought i'd let you know
omg, i love this font! its so original! i am so downloading it
_junkk  Sep 19, 2009
WOW,,,thats all i can say...`cept for this...
this font is AMAZING im downloading as soon as i finnish this note, i love the detail!!
keep up the good work
downloading now =D
ethankowaleski  Apr 07, 2010
ok i must say, this is the coolest thing i have ever seen. how did you do it?
also how do i download it so use on corel? when i click download it will but then how do i use it?
Scotticus  author of Abusive Pencil   Apr 17, 2010
@Ethan, I actually drew characters with pencil and live traced them in illustrator, I'm really happy you like it. Once you have a the file downloaded drag and drop the font file in your fonts folder. It should be fine from that point on.

@junkk, thanks junkk! That means a lot, Abusive Pencil was the very first font I've ever made.

@amber thank you for the kind words amber :)
iStrawberry  Jul 12, 2010
Heyy there, just wanna say that I love this font!! One of the collest I have seen >w< but! I got a little problem, while numbers, symbols and capitals work, lower case letter don't... Is it a problem in the file or in my comp? cause I already downloaded it twice just in case.
naturextreme  Sep 11, 2013
This is by far one of the best fonts I have ever seen. Doing a typography class right now that we have to find one that matches our personality, and I really connected to this one. I would like to know how have it for commercial use because I know I'll want to use it for work. Please let me know how to make it commercial use. Thanks again!
Clarisse M  Jul 18, 2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I am creative invitation craft. How much is she?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
cosmicglee  Jul 03, 2015
Dear innovative font-artist entity,

So, I created an account on dafont.com JUST so I could post a comment to you about how incredibly talented you are. The compelling name of the font was fun as it was, but ffs, the work and time and dedication you've put in to creating such a creative masterpiece is astonishingly evident in the masterful finished product.

You. You are <excellent>.

That is all. Carry on being fabulous and making the world more beautiful with your contributions.


With impressed adoration,

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