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opperer  Jun 04, 2009
hello christopher,
my name is christian opperer and I'm currently working on a board game called "schinderhannes" and I would like to use your font for the name of the author on the cover and for
some river-names on the gameboard.
could you contact me and tell me if there is a license for the font?

thanks, christian

aLLpLaGuEsPaRiSh  Dec 18, 2009
Hello, Im Tj. I was thinking about starting a t-shirt project. Is there a license for the font? contact me at tjbcool13@hotmail.com

thanks, tj
FChoox  Jan 10, 2010
Hi Christopher, I would like to use this font as the logo text for my band. Can you please contact me and advise if there is a license for this? My email is chris.cooke@live.com.au

Thanks, Chris.
Bouledefeuu  Jan 20, 2010
I love this writing.
hugo kiekeben  May 14, 2010
Hi Christopher,
I`m a motion-graphics artist working in Finland and, at the moment planing a film title for a Russian film. I enjoyed very much the look of this font. Could you please tell me if it`s possible to use it, and witch are the costs involved.
By the way, your work is great!
Thanks Hugo
bl_2008  Mar 23, 2011
Hey Christopher,

we're a german sleaze/glam band, called Bloody LipstiXX and we would like to use your font as our Bandlogo.

Can you please contact us ... ?


Bloody LipstiXX//
Octron23  Feb 19, 2012
Hello Christopher,
I would use your front for my Band called Hideous Bliss.
We're from Germany and would use it as Bandlogo.
Can you please contact me and advice if you give us a license for this?


dom22  Jan 28, 2013
Hi Chris,

Im interested in using your font for a logo design. The font will modified though.. I hope that is possible.

Please contact me, id love to obtain a license.


Thank you.
ChristopherHansen  author of A Theme for Murder   Jul 11, 2013
Hi everyone -
Thanks for all the interests and nice comments!
I made these fonts when i was around 16-17 years old, mainly over six month period, when i was visiting my mother in Australia, and being away from my friends in Denmark, thought it a fun hobby - especially because of all the positive feedback my fonts recieved, but as with so many other things, it pretty much lost interest and abandoned it, as other projects caught my attention. I apologize to everyone who has kindly tried to contact me because they wanted to use my fonts, but i as i stopped creating the fonts, i also stopped using the e-mail, so your e-mails havent been ignored, i just haven't seen them. Anyway, the reason i am writing this, is because i wanted to let everybody know that they are more than welcome to use these fonts commercially as they please, though i still won't mind getting my name credited for it if relevant, like books, films, or album covers, or whatever. Some people have commented that the zip files containing the font also contains a text, notifying that commercial usage of the fonts without permisson is not allowed - though i cannot completely recollect my exact written words, but this is of course to be ignored. I have absolutely no interest in making any kind of money on this. I just find pleasure in seeing my fonts being used every now and then. It is very flattering. I apologize for this long comment, but hope it presents an explanation to the many people who have tried to contact me. I wasn't even aware of them still being this popular as i haven't visited this website in over eight years. I only visited it recently to prove to my girlfriend that a certain hollywood motion picture had used a font i created in my teens, and even then, she wasn't completely convinced that it was i who had created them.

Thanks for all the interest, and for continueing to fonts!

adamtrons  Sep 03, 2016
This is a great font! Thank you so much for creating this and offering it for free. It works perfect as DRACULA's handwriting, Halloween letters, etc. I know you abandoned making fonts but it would be great if you could add numbers to the font one day!! I would like to be able to print addresses on envelopes and need the numbers to do that. Using a font substitute just doesn't look right! Best wishes! -Adam

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