1942 Report

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XxThatDudettexX  Mar 22, 2008
really fantasic!
Quintas77  Sep 17, 2009
Amazing font - one of the best projects of my life included this.
artistintheambulance  May 29, 2010
I love this font. I'm using it on a site of mine with full credits given of course. Thanks a bunch!
williamFS  Nov 03, 2010
this is a cool font
safrewes  Dec 01, 2010
It's a great font but you have to keep it big. I was trying to use it for a web page and include it in some of the flash buttons but, with the size I needed it in, it was unreadble. (sigh)
diamas  Feb 26, 2011
I like this font, BUT, , , , , is missing.
lenox47  Mar 02, 2013
Hello,Id like to use this for a signature on my photos.
Please contact me on smurfoboros@gmail.com
Arnild  Apr 24, 2013
I used your font for the poster for, and back of the cover of, the short story collection a friend and I put together.
The book is called Hrafners sgner.

Here is the poster:
ashleydbyrd  Apr 30, 2013
Hi, I'd like to know if I may use this for my restaurant logo legally, I'm not sure what the licensing is on this. Please email me^_^ Thankyou so much!
Leeoo  May 02, 2013
Hello, I would like to inquire about using this font commercially. Please contact me. Thanks! lb_paris@hotmail.com
sshami  Jul 26, 2013
Hi, I would like to use this font in a restaurant logo. Please contact me steph.shami@gmail.com and let me know what the licensing policy is.
Thanks so much!
miran  Jul 30, 2013

I would like to use this font for a logo. Could you please let me know your policy. You can contact me at m.onthewall@gmail.com. Thank you!
British-Neko-Chan  Oct 16, 2013
I was thinking of using this for a project I'm doing in school. For my project I'm making a website and if all goes well I would like to put it online. I was just wondering if I could have your permission to use it and how you would like to be credited for it. Please contact me at jach16cdat@lanierhs.org .
specialk18  Nov 29, 2013
Want to use your font 1942 typewriter for some postcards we're selling. What kind of credit or licensing do we need to use it freely? Great font keep up the good work!
cherokee13  Dec 26, 2013
Love this font! I'd like to use in my logo for my photos. Please let me know the licensing policy. Please email amritabil@aol.com , cheers
juliette1994  Jan 10, 2014
Hi, this is sucha cool font! I would like to use this font for the title of my novel, could you please contact me to let me know what your licensing policy is? Thanks, julietterogasik@gmail.com
Stephdt72  Feb 21, 2014
We would like to use this font for our band logo, which will be used on all our promotional material...
Please let me know if you have a licensing policy
Many thanks stephdt72@yahoo.co.uk
FreeTypewriterFonts  Mar 10, 2014
Dear friends,
you can not communicate with me through comments on websites which I visit no more than once every decade.
But my font is free to use - no restrictions whatsoever.
Take care,
Osanji  Jun 08, 2018
Oh hi I would like to let ya comment readers that this amazing download it :)
Hi, this font is awesome. May I use it commercially?
randawijaya  Apr 06, 2020
Can these fonts be used for commercial logos or package designs?

Please contact me.

Thank you.
TheJoyOfART  Apr 24, 2020
Good evening would you please email me with your license usage information as far as whether or not it can be used for commercial purposes? (thejoyofartllc@gmail.com)
marias17  Jun 12, 2020
I would likewise like to find out about using it commercially and your license requirements please email me as soon as possible thank you ---- sweetoct17@aol.com
marias17  Jun 12, 2020
Has anyone ever received a response about commercial use they can share

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