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Stardude0419  24/05/2008
This is the Indian Jones one right?
Claire09  05/11/2009
Could anyone tell me how to contact this author? Please get in touch ASAP
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   05/01/2011
I didn't realize this font was over here. Yes, this font is based on the Indiana Jones logo (though I think this is a very old version of the font.)

Unfortunately, Claire's urgency seems a year old now. :(
hensondesign  23/02/2011
is this font available for commercial use?
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   24/02/2011
You may use it for ANYTHING so long as you don't modify and/or redistribute the font itself. I do, of course, take donations, though. :)
Idril  13/03/2011
Accents won't work.
- Idril
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   14/03/2011
Accents are in the font, but they may map incorrectly depending on what word processor you're using, and if you're trying to do international characters.
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   14/03/2011
Meaning, of course, that there aren't international characters in it.
Idril  24/03/2011
Hi Jaynz,

for your information. The matter is, that your font is in use by a 'World of Warcraft' addon called 'SharedMedia' for UI modulation. Many players have accents in their nicknames. Your font is absolutely nice with or without accents ;)

- Idril
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   24/03/2011
Hmm... I probably should have seen this coming. I'm planning to do another batch of font and font updates during the second or third week of April. I'll just add this one back into the mix and add some of the more common replacement characters and international characters, then.
assmaah  05/08/2011
is this font password protected? it's asking for a password... if so can I get the password? unless it's my computer that's preventing me from installing it.
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   05/08/2011
No, this font should be completely open. I don't have any embed-protected fonts.
DeStefanoDeSign  04/10/2013
This is a rip-off of a stock Mac font!
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   05/10/2013
Let me guess, font troll out to 'hurt the competition'?

Seriosuly, if you don't know what this font is based on (and it predates Mac fonts), then I seriously don't know what to say to you...
Dintz  21/07/2014
Hi Jaynz,
Is this free for commercial use? Please let me know as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   24/07/2014
The font is $20 for commercial use, but includes the 'adventures subtitles' font along with it. will have more information for you.
christianman69  17/12/2014
Hi Jaynz, so in this comment thread in Feb 23 2011 someone asked "is this font available for commercial use?", which you replied "You may use it for ANYTHING so long as you don't modify and/or redistribute the font itself". so has this changed and now it costs $20 for commercial use? please let me know. Thanks!
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   26/12/2014
Yes, it's changed. The newest version of the font was a complete reworking and is now a commercial-license product. It was an unfortunate step in order for me to afford keeping up both my site and the software needed.
TheOnlyKD  27/01/2015
Hi Jaynz, I'm hoping to use the font on a T-Shirt design competition.. do I have to pay?
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   27/01/2015
That's a commercial use, yes. (Since I'm guessing you're running the competition?) Really, though, I do need to ask.. do you really think $20 really too high for this font family? I'm not trying to justify the price at this point, but I'm just wondering why so many people are trying to duck out of such a minimal fee.
TheOnlyKD  27/01/2015
I'm using the font on my submission in the contest. I'm not trying to duck the fee... I'm just making sure I use the correct channels.
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   27/01/2015
As your own design for your personal entry in the contest.. I guess not. :S
TheOnlyKD  27/01/2015
i'LL pay.. I don't expect to win.. but if I do, I they print my shirt and I get paid.. so you should too! How do I pay?
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   27/01/2015 has the link in the Pulp Fonts section. My site's still a bit of a mess, but that's what the registrations are for. :)
tdash  01/03/2015
Hi Jaynz. Do you provide a paid license for embedding your fonts within an app? If not, would you be interested in negotiating a fee and providing an app license for a suite of Mac plugins I am developing? Tim
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   06/03/2015
The commercial license includes embedding for apps.
claire.redfield  05/08/2015
Love it so much.
Holmes2016  10/03/2016
Question: I would like to use this font for a safety and health conference my state agency provides to employees and employers as part of our statewide educational outreach program. We do not generate revenue. Is there a fee to use the font?
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   14/03/2016
A small fee now - just so I can afford to keep updating and hosting it. will have what you need, Holmes.
TrinPlayzMC  04/07/2016
I make YouTube banners (AKA Channel Art) and YouTube icons/ profile pictures. Am I able to use this for free?
Thibault33  04/07/2016
Look like Indiana Jones right
TowelMan  06/11/2016
Hi there, I was wondering if I can use this font in the intros and outros of my youtube videos.
gizmovision  27/04/2018
according to his web site, link in his profile, his widow is still selling licenses for his fonts, she now holds the rights. As he passed away June 25, 2016

Jaynz  autor de Adventure   14/05/2018
That's correct, gizmovision. Thanks. I have access to most of his old font related accounts, but I'm afraid I don't actively visit the various font sites. If you would like to contact me with questions about any of Neale's fonts, please send a PM or use the contact link at the site, and I will respond as soon as I can.
DeeZyX  05/10/2019
I’ve a question for u the author, can i use your font for a project for my school ?
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   04/12/2019
I'm likely too late to answer SeeZyX, but in general to anyone wondering - yes, you may use these fonts for non-commercial use (school projects, etc).
duongd02  01/03/2021
I had a question for the author, am I allowed to use your font for school projects or personal projects. If there is a fee, can I pay it?
Jaynz  autor de Adventure   25/04/2021
Apologies for the late response, but for anyone else who asks - you may use these fonts for school projects and personal projects for free. I only ask for $20 from those who use it on products, in videos, or in projects that they sell or otherwise monetize.
Wibu  06/05/2023
is this font on envato elements?

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