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GeronimoFonts  19.01.2014
What software do you use to make grunge fonts?
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   20.01.2014
Illustrator, Font Creator, and Studo 5 Fontlab.
albert sancor  17.04.2015
Hi I love this font, where can I purchase a license for commercial use?
leroysorrell  07.07.2015
Hello, to use this font for a non-profit fundraiser's marketing material, do I need to make a donation for a licence? Cheers
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   07.07.2015
You can use this font for free.
leroysorrell  07.07.2015
Cool, thanks man!
lou_he  09.07.2015
hi, can we use the font for stickers for the merchandising of a campaign for supporting refugees in europe?
we´re non-profit, the stickers will be sold in germany and the money we collect is raised to finance the campaign costs -and if we get more than we need it will be forwarded to refugee organisations.
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   09.07.2015
Yes, you can use this font for free for this purpose.
lou_he  09.07.2015
Thank You!!
blue_dandelion  20.07.2015
Hi, where can I purchase this font with an european license and how much would it cost?
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   20.07.2015
Users Price
1 – 2 1 x Basic Purchasing € 50
3 – 10 3 x Basic Purchasing € 150
11 – 50 8 x Basic Purchasing € 400
51 – 150 15 x Basic Purchasing € 750
151 – 300 22 x Basic Purchasing € 1,100
301 – 1000 40 x Basic Purchasing € 2,000
1001 – 5000 60 x Basic Purchasing € 3,000
5000 – 20,000 90 x Basic Purchasing € 4,500
Unlimited 100 x Basic Purchasing € 5,000
brittanyk147  19.08.2015
Hi! I am trying to print a banner for a birthday and the capital H's, O's and the "&" sign won't print. All of the other letters print but those. Any ideas? Thanks!
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   20.08.2015
I do not do the slightest idea.
Pipoi  28.08.2015
If I 'll use the font on my business card, how much does it cost?
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   28.08.2015
Please, contact me:
heartwood  06.01.2016
I am unclear as to what is personal use. To use this font to make some motivation posters to post on Pinterest,Twitter and my personal blog, do I need to acquire a commercial license? Thanks you!
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   11.01.2016
ElaHm  10.07.2017
hello, do i need to make a donation for a licence if i want use the font for t-shirt in triatlon race by organized by non-profit civic association? thanks for your answer in advance :)
pomiladi  30.11.2017
Hello, I am a designer, I put your font in a title in a proposal for a half sheet notice that will be placed on many notices and 7cm x 7cm stickers that will be massively distributed throughout my country, we have no profit, but If it is an entity that works for the government, in order to promote a statistical campaign, could we use the source freely? I am in the process of design approval, but I would like to be sure.
Emerita  13.03.2018
Do I need a license to use this font in my personal artwork?
galdinootten  Autor von Old Press   13.03.2018
Please, contact me:

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