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extate  Autor von A Font with Serifs   28.05.2006
I letters of this font wrote on A4 page with blue pen. Than it scaned to computer and made fonts.
xLuna  06.07.2007
It's nice ^^
theadrian  09.01.2009
I have a question ..

it is not a question .. is .. request .. haha

can you tell me that software used to make the font?

Doog  06.10.2009
Hey man, I'm doing a typography assignment for university and I really like this font.... and I'm hoping to base the assignment around it.
Would that be cool? - We have to construct a 3D scene that visualises the personality/characteristics etc, of a typeface.

If that's cool, I was hoping to get a bit of information on it. Like, what inspired you?
- I get a bit of a Tim Burton feel from it :)

I also sent a message to you on Facebook, i think.
Bouledefeuu  19.01.2010
Je n'aime pas.
PhotoshopGal  31.10.2015
I LOVE this font, thanks.
Trevor Newland  30.09.2017
Hi. Is it possible to use this font in a book of mine that will be published next year? It's a wonderful font.

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