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Fuente sugerida: Rhode

06/10/2015 a las 11:57  [respuesta]  Cartoon typewriter font

Fuente identificada: Jester

06/10/2015 a las 11:53  [respuesta]  what’s this font ?

Fuente identificada: Coneria Script

06/10/2015 a las 11:49  [respuesta]  what’s this font ?

Fuente identificada: Freebooter Script

06/10/2015 a las 11:46  [respuesta]  demande de font svp

Fuente identificada: Phyllis

06/10/2015 a las 11:33  [respuesta]  I'm looking for this one please

Fuente identificada: Channel

06/10/2015 a las 11:30  [respuesta]  The Name of this Font?? Please !

Except for the second letter.

Fuente identificada: Harrington

06/10/2015 a las 11:22  [respuesta]  Atlantic font id

donshottype ha dicho  
... An alternative explanation is that the makers of _Atlantic_ thickened Wide Normal to make the letters...

Nope. Look at the top of the t.

05/10/2015 a las 22:59  [respuesta]  Atlantic font id

Indy 17 came in four variations, Normal, Bold, Wide Normal and Extended Normal, each with an Italic version, so eight faces in all. As said, the Wide Normal is the best match. The best, not the perfect.

05/10/2015 a las 12:16  [respuesta]  Demande de police

Fuente identificada: Ethnocentric

05/10/2015 a las 12:02  [respuesta]  RC Font ID

Fuente identificada: Angilla Tattoo

05/10/2015 a las 11:54  [respuesta]  Atlantic font id

Best match is Bay_Animation's Indy 17 Wide Normal. Bay Animation is no more but like a phoenix is now known as Arts & Letters. Indy 17 is made after the Industrial.

Fuente sugerida: Industrial 736

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05/10/2015 a las 11:34  [respuesta]  what’s this font ?

That is vLetter's Hadley. Cloned by Weatherly Systems Inc (RIP) and renamed to Bettys Hand, which in it's turn was copied by LysMedia and renamed LEHN030.

Fuente identificada: Hadley

05/10/2015 a las 11:04  [respuesta]  Demande de police !

Fuente identificada: Boo Boo Kitty

05/10/2015 a las 10:39  [respuesta]  Font Recommendation?

It is all in the 'r'

Sorry, I formulated it the wrong way. I should have said why is it stinks like Futura. Or rather, why is it that americans don't give a shit about others intellectual property but oh, oh oh, when it affects their business. Remember how Bitstream started?

04/10/2015 a las 21:01  [respuesta]  What is Rebecca Black Font?

04/10/2015 a las 19:45  [respuesta]  Jellyka-Estraya Font Spacing

With Word it is easy, it is all in the menu. But, why with Excel? Doesn't add anything to the functionality of a spreadsheet.

04/10/2015 a las 15:17  [respuesta]  Vintage books font

Nice. Though no alt Q

Dean01 beats Superman. From the UK to Mexico in three hours and thirty four minutes. But why ask for the same font twice?

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