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19/12/2014 a las 20:16  [respuesta]  i can not find the font Big Caslon here

You don't need to search here as it is not here. And as you can imagine should not be.

19/12/2014 a las 17:23  [respuesta]  ID

claudeserieux ha dicho  
Who is designer ?

Graptail is a group of designers. Individual names are not given as far as I have traced.

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19/12/2014 a las 14:45  [respuesta]  What’s this font ?

Fuente identificada: Timeless Bold

19/12/2014 a las 14:40  [respuesta]  what is font?

The ď is missing.

Fuente identificada: Baby Doll

19/12/2014 a las 14:33  [respuesta]  what font?


Fuente identificada: Masana Script

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19/12/2014 a las 13:53  [respuesta]  Ecco Dolphin Font

Modified D and N. ECCO THE stretched.

Fuente identificada: Charlemagne Bold

19/12/2014 a las 13:45  [respuesta]  Identification ecriture

Fuente identificada: Italia

19/12/2014 a las 13:37  [respuesta]  Identification ecriture

Fuente identificada: Corki Tuscan

19/12/2014 a las 13:15  [respuesta]  Please. :(

19/12/2014 a las 12:54  [respuesta]  Urgent help needed. Thanksalots.

Radical by Silver Graphics. Grunged.

Fuente sugerida: Radical

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19/12/2014 a las 12:36  [respuesta]  Unknown Garamond...

As a usable font you can find it as JG Bete.

Fuente sugerida: Instant Message Freak

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19/12/2014 a las 12:23  [respuesta]  identifont please

Have not found the outline.

Fuente identificada: Engravers

19/12/2014 a las 10:49  [respuesta]  ID

Interesting, but not a font (yet) imho. And, the f.

18/12/2014 a las 21:52  [respuesta]  los numeritosss

Into the counterfeit jersey business?

18/12/2014 a las 19:20  [respuesta]  "Toy" font?

Rest assured, if there were a match I would have posted that one long time ago. I did not. So ... yep.
Insisting it is the Gill Sans Extra Bold - or based on, except for STORY, is ridiculous.

These dingbats are not made for manipulation like you talk about. The horizontal metrics (advance width) prohibit that.

There is also one around with numbers 0>9 as you show but the other up to 99 as half circles. So left half circle 1 followed by right half circle 0 makes 10. I'll try to find a link. No guarantee, alas.

18/12/2014 a las 17:13  [respuesta]  Please help

Nice for the A and possibly the M Ainoe, but what about the G, D, M, or in short, the rest?

18/12/2014 a las 14:25  [respuesta]  Font help

Fuente identificada: Ethnocentric

18/12/2014 a las 14:13  [respuesta]  January ID please?

Fuente identificada: Rye

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