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29/07/2014 a las 12:03  [respuesta]  Anyone know this font ?

Fuente identificada: City BQ Bold

29/07/2014 a las 11:46  [respuesta]  Font/Similar fonts?

Apart from the N most any slab-serif will do.

29/07/2014 a las 11:23  [respuesta]  Help

Fuente identificada: Friz Quadrata

28/07/2014 a las 21:42  [respuesta]  Hilary Duff font

No need to ask for something that most probably has been asked for many times before. Why do you think there is a search option? Use it kid.

28/07/2014 a las 20:45  [respuesta]  Hilary Duff font

Nevertheless, the fierce bernie could have been really fierce and have done some searching for itself. But, maybe the kid has not yet learned the meaning of the verb 'search'. Hopefully, in some six years time when it is about 12 years old it does.

28/07/2014 a las 20:32  [respuesta]  Hilary Duff font

Do a forum search. Has been solved days ago.

28/07/2014 a las 19:22  [respuesta]  I need help?!

Fuente identificada: Domestic Manners

28/07/2014 a las 18:36  [respuesta]  Font name or something similar?

Fuente identificada: Baker Script

28/07/2014 a las 15:48  [respuesta]  Does anyone know these fonts?

Fuente identificada: CK Ladder

28/07/2014 a las 15:33  [respuesta]  muito urgente

Someone demolished that beautiful n.

28/07/2014 a las 15:24  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?

Fuente identificada: Nasalization

28/07/2014 a las 15:08  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?

Fuente identificada: Corisande Light

28/07/2014 a las 14:52  [respuesta]  Y Esta Fuente es

Fuente identificada: Mister Earl

28/07/2014 a las 14:41  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?

Bliss Medium. Designed in 1996 by Jeremy Tankard for Agfa Division of Bayer Corporation.

Fuente sugerida: Bliss Medium

28/07/2014 a las 14:23  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?

Similar. Verdana would be a better match ... but that square dot on the i

Fuente sugerida: Mahsuri Sans Bold

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28/07/2014 a las 14:17  [respuesta]  name of these fonts??

Fuente identificada: Sunshine In My Soul

28/07/2014 a las 09:48  [respuesta]  5 Seconds Of Summer

Fuente identificada: Corrision

28/07/2014 a las 09:18  [respuesta]  ??????

Aka KingsHand (WSI).

Fuente identificada: Lemond

28/07/2014 a las 00:53  [respuesta]  fonts for videos?

Depends. When you want to put a video on youtube that just shows something personal/private the authoer may agree. If, however, that video has the purpose to promote anything - anything, whatever anything, at all - it is not personal/private anymore. Thus, and I can not understand why that is so difficult, contact the author/designer, explain and ask. Has ever crawled a fraction of this possibility through your mind? Or are you really brain-dead?

Ever felt the difference between a doggie claw and mine

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