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02/04/2015 a las 10:57  [respuesta]  Que fuente es??

Aka Anson, DS Standart and Sonne.

Fuente identificada: Aase

02/04/2015 a las 10:43  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Fuente identificada: Chicago House

01/04/2015 a las 23:01  [respuesta]  KAPPA DELTA

Maybe fonatica but I see too many different S'es and so.
A less shity image may prove you right.

01/04/2015 a las 22:23  [respuesta]  KAPPA DELTA

Try to focus when making a photo. And while doing so try to stand right on front of the subject. Also, a proper camera with a proper and good quality lens may help. Not one of these things with a piece of plastic that act as a lens.

No clue what you are talking about. Try to write with proper punctuation. Put capitals where they belong, periods where they belong, spaces where they belong.
As you do now it is like writing with black ink on black paper.

01/04/2015 a las 12:39  [respuesta]  What is this font?

Fuente identificada: Nyala

01/04/2015 a las 11:39  [respuesta]  Urvashi Font

Fuente identificada: Miss Lankfort

01/04/2015 a las 11:33  [respuesta]  Font identification

Fuente identificada: Angelina

31/03/2015 a las 21:13  [respuesta]  Help finding this awesome font.

ttt, eeee, nnn, ff, aa ...mumble.

31/03/2015 a las 19:23  [respuesta]  Please help to identify old font

One of the fonts used feels like the Charlemagne or one of it's many variations. The S feels like University Roman but is not. Every once in a while this S pops up but as far as I can remember there has never been a perfect match. Can be wrong though

Fuente sugerida: Charlemagne

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31/03/2015 a las 15:43  [respuesta]  font name please

Fuente identificada: Lux Royale

31/03/2015 a las 15:05  [respuesta]  Searching for a font...

Similar. Co text is the only one I can find with an H like this.

Fuente sugerida: Co Text

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31/03/2015 a las 14:58  [respuesta]  what is this font? please

Fuente identificada: Black Jack

31/03/2015 a las 14:13  [respuesta]  Help for the extension

That y is not in the character set. It has to be added with a font editor or if you need it for only one occasion in one word with a vector editor. You would get something like this:

31/03/2015 a las 12:16  [respuesta]  What’s this font ? Please

The C.

Fuente identificada: Anke Calligraphic FG

31/03/2015 a las 12:02  [respuesta]  what’s this font ? Please

Stroke added and stretched to 126%

Fuente identificada: Jiffy

30/03/2015 a las 22:01  [respuesta]  Isabella and numbers please

It looks like a very condensed Clarendon.

Fuente sugerida: Clarendon

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30/03/2015 a las 21:43  [respuesta]  what is this font?

Fuente identificada: Benderville

30/03/2015 a las 21:30  [respuesta]  FONT?


Fuente identificada: Party

30/03/2015 a las 21:05  [respuesta]  Any idea on font

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