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22/10/2014 a las 22:36  [respuesta]  font?

Fuente identificada: Chinese Takeaway

22/10/2014 a las 22:28  [respuesta]  Font?

As this is hand painted either one of the two can have been the model. That the R is slightly different does not matter, hand lettering is never exactly the same as the model.

22/10/2014 a las 22:19  [respuesta]  Font name?

Apart from possible but not likely modifications on the E and L, ever looked at the P, R and A kids?

22/10/2014 a las 22:10  [respuesta]  Modular synthesizer panel numbers

The Numbers Claimcheck is close indeed, but close enough?

22/10/2014 a las 21:43  [respuesta]  Lana del rey font

Says HawaiianTropic on the Rainbow download page: Rainbow font inspired on singer Lana Del Rey's typeface. This font is for personal use only, since I do NOT own the rights of the original design created by Interscope/Polydor Records. This font is just a fan-made project.

Rest assured HawaiianTropic, the original design is not created by Interscope/Polydor Records. Unless, of course, the Interscope/Polydor Records company was there before the wax roll was invented ...

Image above is part of the cover of a teachers guide to improving classroom vocabulary by the Floria Institute for Grammar. Thanks to Claude for the image.

Font used in this image is the After Lana, made using the many Lana Del Rey images available, lower case, numbers, punctuation and accented letters added. Clean and sharp as a digital font should be. A digital version following the somewhat rounded corners of the original letterpress type is easy of course. That just takes some time.

22/10/2014 a las 20:17  [respuesta]  What font is this pls

Fuente identificada: Cast Iron

22/10/2014 a las 17:24  [respuesta]  Lana del rey font

At smaller sizes Rainbow looks like it, sure. Yet as soon as you go to larger sizes, and certainly in print you will notice the errors which do not need to be there as it is a about 100 years old purely geometrical type design.

22/10/2014 a las 09:22  [respuesta]  font name of 'groen'?

The N. KiloGram is not a match danramirezjr.

Fuente identificada: Ravenwood

21/10/2014 a las 22:07  [respuesta]  MO Font!?

Fuente identificada: Credit River

Chunk Five with a grunge effect.

Fuente identificada: Chunk Five Ex

Shouting does not help. On the contrary ...


21/10/2014 a las 20:12  [respuesta]  a la recherce de cette police,

Ever digitized you think?

21/10/2014 a las 18:03  [respuesta]  a la recherce de cette police,

Yes, this is the Ambassador Script. Embroidery always makes it fatter.

21/10/2014 a las 17:52  [respuesta]  Modular synthesizer panel numbers

Something like this?

20/10/2014 a las 18:15  [respuesta]  Font

The ultimate example of more is less. Or if you prefer, Mas es menos. Noticed the missing acute on the a of Mas

What is the other OS?

Apart from that, why would anyone want to install 9K fonts at the same time?

20/10/2014 a las 09:44  [respuesta]  Modular synthesizer panel numbers

19/10/2014 a las 23:05  [respuesta]  Font, please help!

Fuente identificada: Notera

19/10/2014 a las 22:08  [respuesta]  Font please ?


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