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27/02/2015 à 16:56  [réponse]  Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Police identifiée : Diediedie

27/02/2015 à 16:20  [réponse]  Font Trubble

Yes that may very well be Aileen Lau of Do a whois search for and you'll see all her contact info.

27/02/2015 à 09:57  [réponse]  help please

Three different /e. Guess what ...

27/02/2015 à 09:52  [réponse]  Name of this font? URGENT! :)

Scan, not photo.

27/02/2015 à 09:48  [réponse]  Font Trubble

From Essen to Pasadena in less than two and a half hours ... now that is fast

26/02/2015 à 22:22  [réponse]  textura

26/02/2015 à 22:15  [réponse]  textura

Police suggérée : Engarvers Old English

26/02/2015 à 22:07  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Madelinette

26/02/2015 à 21:56  [réponse]  Font Trubble

Complete the composites in a font editor that has a script to do that.

26/02/2015 à 21:55  [réponse]  FONT PLEASE!!!

One dot removed.

Police identifiée : BlackKnightFLF

26/02/2015 à 21:50  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Lazy Dog

26/02/2015 à 21:21  [réponse]  Font Trubble


26/02/2015 à 21:20  [réponse]  Font will download, but not install

26/02/2015 à 21:15  [réponse]  Me podrían decir que fuente es

Police identifiée : Bernhard Modern

26/02/2015 à 20:51  [réponse]  Font? please

Police identifiée : Cleveland Litho

26/02/2015 à 18:52  [réponse]  Font will download, but not install

Also OK on a Mac Claude?

26/02/2015 à 14:04  [réponse]  Font will download, but not install

Always handy to read the comments on a font.

26/02/2015 à 11:09  [réponse]  Name of this font? URGENT! :)

What do you think "A better scan" might possibly mean?

25/02/2015 à 20:52  [réponse]  help!

Badly made with Lavanderia Sturdy

Police identifiée : Lavanderia Sturdy

Made with, surely.

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