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This an outline of the Gill Sans Heavy. Not available as a font. A sort of similar outline font could be the Rays Cafe Outline, expensive.

Police identifiée : Gill Sans

Police identifiée : Boycott

31/08/2015 à 21:31  [réponse]  QUAL O NOME DESTA FONTE???

Down! Can't you read?

31/08/2015 à 21:18  [réponse]  in the

Somewhere in between condensed and roman it seems.

Police suggérée : Nueva  (Déjà suggérée ici)

31/08/2015 à 21:12  [réponse]  SOMEONE HAS THIS PLEASE SUPPLY

31/08/2015 à 11:54  [réponse]  Need to know the font

The +, ú and = are not in the font.

Police identifiée : Cheryl Hand

31/08/2015 à 11:21  [réponse]  What font? Thank you!

The image is a bit muddy so it is hard to tell. Nevertheless, the Figgins Sans Bold might to.

Police suggérée : Figgins Sans Bold

31/08/2015 à 11:05  [réponse]  Dejavu light?

Police identifiée : Hero Light

31/08/2015 à 10:50  [réponse]  What this font ?

Police identifiée : Roboto Slab

Based on the bottom serifs I suggest the Aleo by Alessio Laiso for the initial. Not sure because of the jpg distortion.
For the body copy make a new scan, grayscale, 600dpi and only a few words. Save as png.

Police suggérée : Aleo

Similar enough?

30/08/2015 à 13:23  [réponse]  USA Network Font

The Avalon is the Avant Garde renamed by Corel as from Corel Draw 3.

30/08/2015 à 12:59  [réponse]  SERENITY FONT

Once upon a time there was Friz Quadrata. Then one day, some ten years ago, Bay Animation misused her and in spite of her screaming NO, NO, NO!! Bay Animation went on with the rape. From this Friz Quadrata gave birth to a bastard she named Franco. Universal Studios had Franco mutilated for SERENITY. In the image you can easily recognize the bad background of SERENITY.

Police suggérée : Friz Quadrata

Police identifiée : Titillium Web

That is because the 'l' is from another font. Compare the thickness.

30/08/2015 à 12:04  [réponse]  Please Help...

Police identifiée : VTKS Report Error

30/08/2015 à 11:13  [réponse]  [ASK FONT]


Police identifiée : Crystal Radio Kit

30/08/2015 à 10:48  [réponse]  font?


Police identifiée : XXII Ultimate Black Metal

30/08/2015 à 10:34  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Channel Slanted 2


Police suggérée : Aurora

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