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25/07/2014 à 09:29  [réponse]  What font is the" &" ???

That helps ... a bit. Also this is not an exact match but you are getting closer.

Police suggérée : IM FELL French Canon (Italic)

24/07/2014 à 22:23  [réponse]  espero puedan me puedan ayudar

Police identifiée : Emilys Candy

24/07/2014 à 21:30  [réponse]  Does any one know this font

Police identifiée : Treefrog

Show us that facade ...

Also, your IP address has little to do with Berlin ...
And your email address has little to nothing to do with the Steigenberger Hotels ...

Makes me think. Yet, prove me wrong ...

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No such wall on Google. Unless they want you to spray their windows of course.
Spam it is.

24/07/2014 à 18:48  [réponse]  Name This Font??

Shouting is not exactly the same as crying.
About Caps Lock (not CAPS LOCK) disable that key when you do not want to shout. Yet, when I look at your posts it is clear you do want to shout. Rather uncivilized.

24/07/2014 à 16:41  [réponse]  Name This Font??

Why is it that you are constantly shouting at the people you want help from?

24/07/2014 à 16:22  [réponse]  Help Me Please!

And as close as you will ever get.

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24/07/2014 à 14:51  [réponse]  What font is the" &" ???

timjay, when you are awake again can you repost the image but then include the with text under BESPOKE. That may give it away. Many fonts have alternate ampersands and this may very well be one.

24/07/2014 à 14:46  [réponse]  TPB

The Kat wonders ... does The Pirate Bay have a license to use the Old English Text font in their Logo

24/07/2014 à 14:22  [réponse]  TPB

Police identifiée : Old English Text

24/07/2014 à 13:53  [réponse]  FONT IDENTIFICATION

Soulmirror a dit  (voir le post)
... or taken from the original one.

Then, Soulmirror, it would not be on Dafont - would it ...

24/07/2014 à 13:46  [réponse]  What font is the" &" ???

20 minutes

24/07/2014 à 11:52  [réponse]  demande de font svp

The Parisian (Morris Fuller Benton, 1928) is also known as Picton, Brownstone, JetSet, Upper East Side, BD East Side, Village, Touche, Elysee, Deusenburg and TR Paragon. No guarantee that the list is complete.

Police identifiée : Parisian

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24/07/2014 à 11:21  [réponse]  Font Name? Trying To Find It

Shitty image. Old Block looks a bit like it. A bit.

Police suggérée : Old Block

24/07/2014 à 11:07  [réponse]  Anyone knows this fonts?

Police identifiée : Nightbird

See this:

Police identifiée : You

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24/07/2014 à 10:43  [réponse]  I REALLY NEED THIS FONT HELP

Don't shout. Thank you.

24/07/2014 à 10:25  [réponse]  I REALLY NEED THIS FONT HELP

24/07/2014 à 10:24  [réponse]  FONT IDENTIFICATION

Why MyFonts when it is right here?

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