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29/03/2015 à 12:09  [réponse]  Please help!

Police identifiée : Kailey

28/03/2015 à 23:02  [réponse]  Do you know this font?

Comparable with Paradiso, sixties, Amsterdam?

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28/03/2015 à 22:02  [réponse]  Font?

Try to post a better image. This one can not - or hardly - be retored.

28/03/2015 à 21:47  [réponse]  Do you know this font?

gibsonburst a dit  
It's more than likeley a custom logo.

Logo for what?

28/03/2015 à 21:31  [réponse]  What Font is it?

Police identifiée : Breamcatcher

Larsbender, being from Spain, does not know that an a at the end of a word suggests female

Try again, without shouting.

For one, don't scream. There is no need, it is very impolite and it makes you look like an idiot.
Second, any idea what 'rubbish in' might possibly mean?
And third, can you read? Or are you blind? Any clue what 'similar only' can stand for?

It is green and it hops.

Rubish in, rubbish out. Similar only. Also have a look at the Round.

Next time try not to scream.

Vida Mono 32
RWE Corporate
Skopex Gothic
Neue Sans
Fago Office Sans
Bundes Sans
Tablet Gothic
Auto 1, 2 and 3
Thordis Sans
Faceplate Sans
Bell Centennial

To name a few.

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28/03/2015 à 12:27  [réponse]  NAME OF THE FONT?

Dough Garcia a dit  
It is not exact. :(

Is that so? Are you sure you used the right Agenda?

28/03/2015 à 10:13  [réponse]  ITALIAN NEWSPAPER


27/03/2015 à 21:42  [réponse]  IDENTIFICAR FONTE

Both ITC and Bitstream had that A. SSi copied it as Isolat SSi.

Police identifiée : Busorama

27/03/2015 à 21:29  [réponse]  Font name please

Condensed and elongated.

Police identifiée : Didot

27/03/2015 à 20:42  [réponse]  From old book

A condensed Clearface?

Police suggérée : Clearface

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27/03/2015 à 13:10  [réponse]  what this font

Modified and extended.

Police suggérée : Dream Orphans

27/03/2015 à 13:03  [réponse]  CRAIG D's FONT

Wild guess, Goudy Handtooled.

Police suggérée : Goudy Handtooled

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26/03/2015 à 22:07  [réponse]  NAME OF THE FONT?

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