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28/04/2015 à 21:41  [réponse]  Text on a poster

You have no idea how much work is involved to do that for you and others, while most of those - specially professional designers - can do that themselves. When you want the chimps IDed show the chimps. When you want a font IDed show the text. And as text is line-art don't use jpg, the line-art images killer. No problem to help you but why not think before you ask?

28/04/2015 à 21:30  [réponse]  Text on a poster

Do download, do crop, you only have to save and upload. Then you can delete again. That simple.

28/04/2015 à 21:15  [réponse]  Text on a poster

Why not only post the text? You can crop, can you?

Police identifiée : Pea Pitts

Difficult to say at this size. Trixie seems to be a reasonable match ... but no hanging r like with the Triumph Tippa.
Maybe someone played a bit wit the Trixie and made that r drop. You never know these days.

28/04/2015 à 20:36  [réponse]  Really need some help please

Ruben is not the one used in the sample. Look at the G. A better match would be Dan X Solo's Rubens. Does need some stretching though.

28/04/2015 à 15:34  [réponse]  Font?

Police suggérée : Algerian Mesa

28/04/2015 à 15:28  [réponse]  hello, wht this font?


Police identifiée : Motter Corpus

28/04/2015 à 15:24  [réponse]  what’s this font ?

A Windows system font. You have it.

Police identifiée : Calibri

28/04/2015 à 15:19  [réponse]  Fuente

Police identifiée : Balloon

28/04/2015 à 15:16  [réponse]  Fuente

Police identifiée : Hobo

28/04/2015 à 14:31  [réponse]  What font is this?

Marcelle is Script MT, distorted.

28/04/2015 à 10:46  [réponse]  What’s this font ? Please

Police identifiée : Harrington

28/04/2015 à 09:54  [réponse]  What Font Name Please?

Police identifiée : Andantino

28/04/2015 à 09:40  [réponse]  what’s this font ?

Police identifiée : Grumble

Copyright Euroset Oy/Xxpress Oy 1990 Vektorointi Lauri Alku.
But why not ask Nokia?
Karaportti 3
FI-02610 Espoo

27/04/2015 à 19:38  [réponse]  Name of this font?

Police identifiée : Buzz Saw AOE

27/04/2015 à 19:13  [réponse]  Salutos fonts

The closest thing I can find for that S would be the OPTI Swallow.

Police suggérée : Swallow

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27/04/2015 à 16:50  [réponse]  FONT PLEASE!!!

Police identifiée : 1873 Winchester

27/04/2015 à 16:38  [réponse]  What’s this font ? Please

Police identifiée : 3Dumb & 2Dumb

27/04/2015 à 14:08  [réponse]  CANT REMEMBER THE TYP

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