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20/12/2014 à 18:47  [réponse]  Can you help please?

There is only one way to make a lookalike of these numbers using the Collegiate michaeljameskoebnick and even then you do not get a perfect match. So be more careful wit a statement like "is the font".
You take the CollegiateBorderFLF and make it fatter by adding some 5 em on the inside and outside. Then copy/paste the CollegiateInsideFLF glyphs. Then move every glyph 5 em right and up and scale down to 98.68% and restore horizontal advance widths.

But even then, no match. Too wide.

"is" = "is", not similar or "can be - sort of - reconstructed with", hawkeye.

20/12/2014 à 17:41  [réponse]  font, please

Look at the /S and the /O. What do you guess?

Police identifiée : True Lies

20/12/2014 à 14:18  [réponse]  "February 28, 2014" font

Police identifiée : Gotham Light

20/12/2014 à 12:58  [réponse]  Police d'écriture "alcool"

The Segura designs by Dick Pape: Goto Download page and Daniels-Segura

20/12/2014 à 12:15  [réponse]  Fuente?

The capitals and similar to the i.

Police identifiée : CAC Pinafore

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20/12/2014 à 11:17  [réponse]  I need help for this font


Police suggérée : Skia

20/12/2014 à 10:59  [réponse]  Font Please. Thanks!

Police identifiée : Ariston Extra

20/12/2014 à 10:50  [réponse]  Font Please. Thanks!

Police identifiée : Mardian

You don't need to search here as it is not here. And as you can imagine should not be.

19/12/2014 à 17:23  [réponse]  ID

claudeserieux a dit  
Who is designer ?

Graptail is a group of designers. Individual names are not given as far as I have traced.

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19/12/2014 à 14:45  [réponse]  What’s this font ?

Police identifiée : Timeless Bold

19/12/2014 à 14:40  [réponse]  what is font?

The ï is missing.

Police identifiée : Baby Doll

19/12/2014 à 14:33  [réponse]  what font?


Police identifiée : Masana Script

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19/12/2014 à 13:53  [réponse]  Ecco Dolphin Font

Modified D and N. ECCO THE stretched.

Police identifiée : Charlemagne Bold

19/12/2014 à 13:45  [réponse]  Identification ecriture

Police identifiée : Italia

19/12/2014 à 13:37  [réponse]  Identification ecriture

Police identifiée : Corki Tuscan

19/12/2014 à 13:15  [réponse]  Please. :(

Police suggérée : Speedball Squeezed Headline

19/12/2014 à 12:54  [réponse]  Urgent help needed. Thanksalots.

Radical by Silver Graphics. Grunged.

Police suggérée : Radical

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