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15/04/2014 à 22:07  [réponse]  Necestito saber cual es el nombre de esta fuente

Looks like this will become the ultimate dumbo thread

15/04/2014 à 19:34  [réponse]  Fonts de azulejos en las calles

de nada

15/04/2014 à 18:26  [réponse]  Help please. Font from Typic+ app.

Once upon a time this was the League Gothic. (The League of Moveabletype)

15/04/2014 à 17:48  [réponse]  Fonts de azulejos en las calles

In that case have a look at Spice Graphics' Cactus flower.
and at FontMesa's Miss Scarlett:

Police suggérée : Cactus Flower

15/04/2014 à 13:55  [réponse]  Fonts de azulejos en las calles


Nah ... that has nothing to do with the southern Spanish taste for lettering.

15/04/2014 à 12:52  [réponse]  Fonts de azulejos en las calles

I don't think this one has never made it to digital type. Does it need to be exactly the same?

Police identifiée : Serpentine

15/04/2014 à 09:39  [réponse]  speak

Police identifiée : Daemonesque

15/04/2014 à 09:33  [réponse]  Font ? Please

Police identifiée : Revue

Forum : English
14/04/2014 à 19:10  [réponse]  Looking for an author to pay!!!

14/04/2014 à 13:10  [réponse]  FONT NAME?

Sort of similar.

Police suggérée : Wavee Weekend

14/04/2014 à 12:57  [réponse]  Font name?

Police identifiée : Pupcat

14/04/2014 à 12:28  [réponse]  what font is this?

Looks like this has been cast after the Bodoni. The G suggests the Bodoni Bold BT. The C seems to be vertically flipped. I don't think you will find an exact match.

Police suggérée : Bodoni Bold

Édité le 14/04/2014 à 15:34 par drf

14/04/2014 à 11:57  [réponse]  names

Police identifiée : Champion Script

14/04/2014 à 11:07  [réponse]  what's font????

Police identifiée : Timeless

14/04/2014 à 10:47  [réponse]  Icônes Adobe Creative Cloud

14/04/2014 à 10:27  [réponse]  Need this font Please

Police identifiée : Bickham Script

14/04/2014 à 10:15  [réponse]  what’s this font ?

Police identifiée : Aero Matics Stencil

14/04/2014 à 10:00  [réponse]  Icônes Adobe Creative Cloud

Stinks after I wrote. Not ... is.

Forum : English
14/04/2014 à 09:52  [réponse]  Please help with KR Floral Color Me 2

Janet Golden a dit  (voir le post)
... I don't understand why it would be made free and not embeddable...

KR Floral Color Me and KR Floral Color Me 2 were made with Fontographer which had restricted license embedding set as default. For one reason or another or maybe for no reason at all my fellow Kat did not change that.

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