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28/07/2014 à 19:22  [réponse]  I need help?!

Police identifiée : Domestic Manners

28/07/2014 à 18:36  [réponse]  Font name or something similar?

Police identifiée : BakerScript

28/07/2014 à 15:48  [réponse]  Does anyone know these fonts?

Police identifiée : CK Ladder

28/07/2014 à 15:33  [réponse]  muito urgente

Someone demolished that beautiful n.

28/07/2014 à 15:24  [réponse]  whats the name of this font?

Police identifiée : Nasalization

28/07/2014 à 15:08  [réponse]  whats the name of this font?

Police identifiée : Corisande Light

28/07/2014 à 14:52  [réponse]  Y Esta Fuente es

Police identifiée : Mister Earl

28/07/2014 à 14:41  [réponse]  whats the name of this font?

Bliss Medium. Designed in 1996 by Jeremy Tankard for Agfa Division of Bayer Corporation.

Police suggérée : Bliss Medium

28/07/2014 à 14:23  [réponse]  whats the name of this font?

Similar. Verdana would be a better match ... but that square dot on the i

Police suggérée : Mahsuri Sans Bold

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28/07/2014 à 14:17  [réponse]  name of these fonts??

Police identifiée : Sunshine In My Soul

28/07/2014 à 09:48  [réponse]  5 Seconds Of Summer

Police identifiée : Corrision

28/07/2014 à 09:18  [réponse]  ??????

Aka KingsHand (WSI).

Police identifiée : Lemond

28/07/2014 à 00:53  [réponse]  fonts for videos?

Depends. When you want to put a video on youtube that just shows something personal/private the authoer may agree. If, however, that video has the purpose to promote anything - anything, whatever anything, at all - it is not personal/private anymore. Thus, and I can not understand why that is so difficult, contact the author/designer, explain and ask. Has ever crawled a fraction of this possibility through your mind? Or are you really brain-dead?

Ever felt the difference between a doggie claw and mine

(Temporary) install that Kabel. In your image editor start a new image with a black background. Select text. Set your background color to black and the stroke color to white and the stroke with to the desired size. Set the text size to the desired size. Type along

27/07/2014 à 20:28  [réponse]  Tyrannosaurus Rex Unicorn

as is the Roberta by Harold Lohner.

Police suggérée : Robert

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27/07/2014 à 20:21  [réponse]  Font?

On the Russian CocaCola site the fontfile is named you2013bold

27/07/2014 à 19:58  [réponse]  Any ideas.....

The never ending story ...

27/07/2014 à 19:37  [réponse]  Any ideas.....

Or maybe Trinigan? Or Glorietta?

27/07/2014 à 19:00  [réponse]  Font?

Sorry, can't handle samples that big. Ain't got anything smaller? Preferably with a much higher comperssion factor. How about 90%?

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