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29/08/2014 à 17:45  [réponse]  BOM DIA ANGEL

Wider, benanente, Wider.

Police identifiée : Special Type

29/08/2014 à 17:10  [réponse]  BOM DIA ANGEL

please do not shout

29/08/2014 à 17:07  [réponse]  Font Name ?!

29/08/2014 à 16:56  [réponse]  BOM DIA ANGEL

29/08/2014 à 16:41  [réponse]  CHICAGO BLUES

Similar, Brandon Grotesque (Black).
Scroll down, mouseover info.

Police suggérée : Brandon Grotesque

29/08/2014 à 16:20  [réponse]  BOM DIA ANGEL

Action Is, Wider JL. Why do you people always have to shout?

29/08/2014 à 16:13  [réponse]  What This?

Police identifiée : Candice

29/08/2014 à 16:09  [réponse]  need "Ernie's" identified

Police identifiée : Tango

29/08/2014 à 15:47  [réponse]  Font ID

Even when condensed the á does not match. The WSI Eras copy, the Ergoe Black Condensed would be a good match but also does not have a matching á.

Police suggérée : Eras Ultra

29/08/2014 à 15:13  [réponse]  What is this font?!

Police identifiée : London

28/08/2014 à 22:30  [réponse]  100% Free Fonts

Do not check only 100% free but also Public domain / GPL / OFL. But still, why ask for things that are that obvious. More options, might that mean 'book your flight to Mars'?

28/08/2014 à 22:16  [réponse]  100% Free Fonts

Any idea what "more options" might possibly mean?

28/08/2014 à 21:18  [réponse]  3D and Shadow font suggestions?

Gill Sans appears to be Umbra.

28/08/2014 à 16:59  [réponse]  I've lost this font

Inline and Solid

Police identifiée : Phosphate

28/08/2014 à 16:51  [réponse]  Smoothie font

Steviebird, I have seen fonatica wrong. Indeed. Once and once only, so when she tells you which font has been used accept that.

28/08/2014 à 15:52  [réponse]  HELP ASAP WHAT FONT IS THIS

Police identifiée : Gill Sans

28/08/2014 à 15:26  [réponse]  3D and Shadow font suggestions?

Far most of shadow fonts have an outline as you show with the Gill Sans in the image and you can also see with the Landmark Dimensional. Shadowed ones like Umbra and Landmark Shadow are are the exception to the rule.
Gill Sans also has a shadowed version like the Umbra, the Gill Sans Light Shadowed.


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