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05/07/2015 à 12:26  [réponse]  19 management

The Opulent is the Optima, renamed by Rubicon Computer Labs Inc.

Police identifiée : Optima

Wild guess at this size, the Perpetua or the Lapidary (Bitstream's version of the Perpetua).

Police suggérée : Perpetua

04/07/2015 à 22:23  [réponse]  Whats this font

It's Too Late is a not too well made copy of the Drake and Drake Neue. The last two have each only 26 characters each, one only Upper case and the other only lower case. This still does not solve the O, O, O problem but does solve the R, R issue.

04/07/2015 à 19:01  [réponse]  Whats this font

How about the O?

04/07/2015 à 17:07  [réponse]  What font is this

Similar only.

Police suggérée : Raleway Light

04/07/2015 à 16:46  [réponse]  Which font did I use here?

Steve never finished the 5 it seems.

Police identifiée : Roman SD

04/07/2015 à 15:56  [réponse]  FONT PLEASE???


04/07/2015 à 12:38  [réponse]  Help me

Police identifiée : DK Downward Fall

04/07/2015 à 11:09  [réponse]  NAME OF FONT?

Police identifiée : Farquharson

Police identifiée : Myriad

03/07/2015 à 21:49  [réponse]  NAME OF FONT?

Why shout?

03/07/2015 à 20:24  [réponse]  Font Please?

Reading often helps.

Products that supply this font
Product Name Font Version
Access 2000 2.00
Excel 2000 2.00
FrontPage 2000 2.00
Office 2000 Premium 2.00
Office Mac 2008 1.50
Outlook 2000 2.00
PowerPoint 2000 2.00
Windows 2000 2.10
Windows 7 5.00
Windows 8 5.00
Windows Server 2003 2.21
Windows Server 2008 5.00
Windows Vista 5.00
Windows XP 2.21
Windows XP SP2 2.21
Word 2000 2.00

As you are on Windows 7 you have it.

03/07/2015 à 19:03  [réponse]  Can someone help me please ?

Police identifiée : SmallType Writing

03/07/2015 à 18:04  [réponse]  What is this font please?

Look again at these a and s and then swear on your mothers grave that they are the same.

Further, I did not say which Futura or Futura copy, did I? I just said one of the many around, carrying the name Futura or not.

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03/07/2015 à 17:39  [réponse]  What is this font please?

This is one of the many Futura fonts around.
Comapare the a and s

Twentieth Century Pro Extra Bold:

Futura Bold:

Police suggérée : Futura

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03/07/2015 à 16:53  [réponse]  Font Please?

Police identifiée : Batang

03/07/2015 à 10:24  [réponse]  Working on a Font Drafs app

toto@k22 a dit  
... I doubt if it will work on my dumb phone (Nokia 5110)

Neither on my Moterola F3

02/07/2015 à 23:26  [réponse]  Font Help, Thanks!

Three colors. Can not be a font.

02/07/2015 à 23:25  [réponse]  Help!

Dude = Kat ?

02/07/2015 à 21:21  [réponse]  Font????

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