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30/10/2015 a las 20:40  [respuesta]  Mundo fruit

Fuente identificada: All Hooked Up

It seems someone raped Goudy Cataloge or one of her siblings, Goncourt, Gilde or LTC Camelot Display.

Fuente sugerida: Goudy Catalogue

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29/10/2015 a las 21:40  [respuesta]  help please

29/10/2015 a las 21:06  [respuesta]  Does any one know this font? thx

Fuente identificada: Serious Sally

29/10/2015 a las 20:41  [respuesta]  Font?

If you feel you have to resize your sample image (not recommended) then do not use pixel resize but Bicubic (preferable), Bilinear or even Weighted Average.

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29/10/2015 a las 20:23  [respuesta]  What's the names of these fonts?

Well, I did not really take a close look, but the 'R' is obvious ...

29/10/2015 a las 19:53  [respuesta]  What's the names of these fonts?

For example the 'R', Don.

28/10/2015 a las 20:32  [respuesta]  Cherche typo "fil de fer"

Nick Curtis' Avignon NF?

28/10/2015 a las 17:52  [respuesta]  Qual a fonte? What the Font?

Fuente identificada: Graphic Attitude

In each and every post you have been screaming ... why?

25/10/2015 a las 22:13  [respuesta]  What is the mcdonalds font?

There is no mcdonalds font. There may be a font McDonalds is using .. but then you did not ask for that ... did you?

25/10/2015 a las 21:51  [respuesta]  Ocean Palace

That would be a shaded Benguiat (Bold).

25/10/2015 a las 21:37  [respuesta]  Madonna

Backslanted Pike. Panache Graphics, 1992.

Fuente identificada: Pike

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25/10/2015 a las 20:55  [respuesta]  Font pls


25/10/2015 a las 17:17  [respuesta]  i need this font!

Better not do that, look at the 'R'.

25/10/2015 a las 17:10  [respuesta]  This font (or looklike!)

Where you thinking of GE Delphinaeus Caps? Also identical.

25/10/2015 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  This font (or looklike!)

Quaint is the Desdemona Black.

25/10/2015 a las 15:02  [respuesta]  what are these fonts ?

Fuente identificada: Century Old Style

25/10/2015 a las 14:54  [respuesta]  what are these fonts ?

Fuente sugerida: Aphrodite Slim Contextual  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

25/10/2015 a las 14:45  [respuesta]  font??

Is a system font. You have it, Courier New.

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