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18/01/2015 a las 09:38  [respuesta]  Bones Intro Logo

No, you did not.

18/01/2015 a las 08:47  [respuesta]  Bones Intro Logo


17/01/2015 a las 23:01  [respuesta]  bone fonts

estabros ha dicho  
(not a ttf/otf format)

Bones Letters

Embroidery. Thus not a font. As I said based on (copied from) Bikerbones.

17/01/2015 a las 13:54  [respuesta]  Qual a fonte?

Fontbank named it Parchment, Brendel named it Weathered SF, Ticonderoga and Chihuahua. It is also around as SandraBecker.

Fuente identificada: Weathered SF

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17/01/2015 a las 12:53  [respuesta]  Please

Fuente identificada: Playbill

17/01/2015 a las 12:45  [respuesta]  a kid like font

Fuente identificada: Mallory Maloney's Handwriting

17/01/2015 a las 12:36  [respuesta]  bone fonts

As this is a halftone it is not a font as such. Inspired by BikerBones by J.F.Y.Daniel Gauthier.

Fuente sugerida: Bikerbones

17/01/2015 a las 11:39  [respuesta]  font please

Not a font.

17/01/2015 a las 11:31  [respuesta]  wht's the font?

Fuente identificada: Jackson

17/01/2015 a las 11:23  [respuesta]  font please

Staccato222 it is. Mistral and Staccato222 are not identical.

16/01/2015 a las 22:48  [respuesta]  Font, anyone?

Sure the t matches?

16/01/2015 a las 18:47  [respuesta]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

FC, as fntsndmr is talking about are not typefaces but images. What is happening here is that some think that when an image can be shown using a keystroke they think it is a typeface. Wronk om niet te zeggen stom.

@bobby, wronk, not wrong, but in Canada you would not know.

16/01/2015 a las 17:09  [respuesta]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

The OP asked for FC. No FC in this (interesting) experiment.

16/01/2015 a las 12:04  [respuesta]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

That experiment produces a layered screen font that can only be used in web browsers. Not a print font and not a full-color font as asked for.

Fuente identificada: Mistral

16/01/2015 a las 10:27  [respuesta]  'RAP GOD' title font name

Fuente identificada: Onyx

Editado el 16/01/2015 a las 10:28 por koeiekat

... all glyphs ... including Aring

15/01/2015 a las 19:21  [respuesta]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

Of course you are having a hard time. You would also have a hard time swimming to the moon.

15/01/2015 a las 18:01  [respuesta]  One long font

In 1994 Bay Animation 'borrowed' a font, changed it a little bit and renamed it to Gorgio Extended. I don't know of a bold version but fattening the Notmal should be easy. The K is or totally custom made for this logo or comes from another font. My guess is custom made.

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