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22/07/2014 a las 11:38  [respuesta]  font?

Fuente identificada: Ironmonger ExtraCondensed

21/07/2014 a las 22:06  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

So you still need two different components to make it work ... which is not how a program should behave.

Ever seen it work on a Mac?

21/07/2014 a las 21:37  [respuesta]  Font Identification Please

See expologos, the defunct can not understand what you or I or anyone else says. It can not see that a piece of cut out foam only follows the shape of a font. Only follows, not is. Ergo 'based on'.
So for the defunct there are two options, a brain transplant or euthanasia. For the defunct the first option is the best. For the world the second option prevails.

21/07/2014 a las 20:23  [respuesta]  Someone knows this font?

Fuente identificada: !PaulMaul

21/07/2014 a las 20:03  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

See Claude, it should be 'install FontForge'. If FontForge needs another component to be able to run, that component shall be included in the FontForge installation. But then ... Linux. Which sounds like one OS but which isn't.

21/07/2014 a las 19:26  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

Where can I see something?

21/07/2014 a las 19:16  [respuesta]  Font Identification Please

If you can not understand what 'based on' stands for you definitely have a defunct brain and need a new one. Urgently.

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21/07/2014 a las 19:14  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

But Claude, recommending FontForge to an inexperienced Mac user ... if she could at all, only the installation procedure of FontForge ... the separate installation of all these separate modules and then ignoring the extremely steep learning curve of FontForge ... is that a helpful recommendation?

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21/07/2014 a las 18:46  [respuesta]  Please Find Font

21/07/2014 a las 18:33  [respuesta]  Any Ideas?

A Bay Animation thingie.

Fuente identificada: Jolt Extended Bold

21/07/2014 a las 18:20  [respuesta]  por favor fonte??

21/07/2014 a las 18:14  [respuesta]  por favor fonte??

Fuente identificada: Add City Boy

21/07/2014 a las 18:09  [respuesta]  por favor fonte??

Fuente identificada: Palette

21/07/2014 a las 18:04  [respuesta]  por favor fonte??

Fuente identificada: Lucida Calligraphy

21/07/2014 a las 17:54  [respuesta]  Font Identification Please

Are you on the waiting list for a brain transplant janinio? As you definitely are in need of one.

21/07/2014 a las 17:47  [respuesta]  theme #13

Fuente identificada: Arsenale White

21/07/2014 a las 17:43  [respuesta]  What font?

That one atruenephilim is as close to the sample as Palestina and Israel to peace.

21/07/2014 a las 17:39  [respuesta]  Quelle est la font? ha dicho  (ver el post)
It might also be worth checking out Alaska Extra Bold.


Or one of the many other lookalikes

21/07/2014 a las 17:00  [respuesta]  STREET TEAM

Fuente identificada: Corinthian

21/07/2014 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

How many characters?

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