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15/03/2015 a las 14:57  [respuesta]  please, what's this font?


Fuente identificada: Comfortaa

15/03/2015 a las 14:54  [respuesta]  Help me plz!!!!

15/03/2015 a las 14:50  [respuesta]  What font is this?

At this size this can be most any sans.

15/03/2015 a las 14:39  [respuesta]  What is the name of this font?

Fuente identificada: Bebas Neue

15/03/2015 a las 13:57  [respuesta]  Bestimmt so!

Fuente identificada: Triplex Italic

15/03/2015 a las 13:39  [respuesta]  Font Identification

Try Monotype's Industrial Gothic Single

Fuente sugerida: Industrial Gothic Single

15/03/2015 a las 11:46  [respuesta]  What's this? Please help x

Fuente identificada: Baumans

15/03/2015 a las 11:42  [respuesta]  "asieybarbie" font?

15/03/2015 a las 10:55  [respuesta]  Custom Coke

As a baby your mom must have let you play with a braineater. It is clear, the braineater won.

15/03/2015 a las 10:48  [respuesta]  Custom Coke

That font is a CocaCola proprietary font and is not free.

15/03/2015 a las 10:04  [respuesta]  Custom Coke

Link is useless.

Can you read?

These sort of images do not really help. Make a new scan - of only a few words - at high quality gray scale, at least 600 dpi but better 1200 or 2400. Include the ampersand. Save as png. Avoid at all cost that fucking jpg format. Then the ID will be a doddle. With what you have posted now there are at least 10 possibilities but which one is the perfect match ...

14/03/2015 a las 21:42  [respuesta]  Thanks in advanced =)

Ik zag die commercial voor het eerst op de site van de makers. Google sonneveld images en je ziet hem wel voorbijkomen. Op de X en de Z na lijken alle hoofdletters te zien te zijn. Zone extra Bold komt redelijk in de buurt maar vraagt een hoop editing om dit na te maken. Dus, nee, dank u

14/03/2015 a las 21:26  [respuesta]  Thanks in advanced =)

Nafets ha dicho  
Jij hebt de reclame van Sonneveld ook gezien, gok ik? ...

Kwam een paar minuten geleden op SBS9 langs

14/03/2015 a las 21:15  [respuesta]  Que fuente es? gracias

Fuente identificada: Milo Medium

Variations on a business concept will always be there. But, true, the fonts2u variation is very selfish and shows little respect to the authors of the fonts they are making money with. But then, what to expect from a Slowak hiding on the Virgin Islands?

It is not your font page but their page which shows your font. That is font sites business concept. Same happens here on dafont.

14/03/2015 a las 14:55  [respuesta]  This font or similar

14/03/2015 a las 13:52  [respuesta]  Entertainment

Seems to be a mix of Bauhaus and SF New Republic. Easy to make with the Bauhaus,just e and a.

Fuente sugerida: Bauhaus

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