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12/08/2015 a las 00:34  [respuesta]  Diet Coke Font

Yep. Some even keep the front door wide open.

11/08/2015 a las 23:07  [respuesta]  Diet Coke Font

You want the version with the file name you_db_2013.ttf which is the Central European version

11/08/2015 a las 22:28  [respuesta]  what font is this? please

The z has probably changed since the introduction of this font.

Fuente identificada: Mariette

11/08/2015 a las 22:16  [respuesta]  Font Please

11/08/2015 a las 22:07  [respuesta]  cual el nombre de este fuente

Fuente identificada: Myriad

11/08/2015 a las 21:50  [respuesta]  2 Font?

Fuente identificada: Mistral

11/08/2015 a las 21:47  [respuesta]  2 Font?

Fuente identificada: Jester

11/08/2015 a las 21:37  [respuesta]  Diet Coke Font

DesignBoard Sofia did the Cyrillic characters

11/08/2015 a las 20:47  [respuesta]  Diet Coke Font

You are a bit late I'm afraid. It was used as a webfont in the coke name campaigns 2013/14 and could be traced by looking at the page source code of pages where that font was used. Search in the code for css and then open that css file. In that file search for @font-face and you will encounter the webfonts used. Follow the link and save the you ttf. Voilŕ

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11/08/2015 a las 19:22  [respuesta]  Help!

Fuente identificada: Give You Glory

11/08/2015 a las 19:19  [respuesta]  Font?

Near to what could do the trick would be the suggested Nimbus Bold vertically stretched to some 208% and/or the Times Bold (not TNR), vertically stretched to 167.5%. Based on the Z the Times would be my option.

11/08/2015 a las 17:38  [respuesta]  URGENTE tipografia

Fuente identificada: Big Caslon

11/08/2015 a las 17:24  [respuesta]  Help!

Fuente identificada: Covered By Your Grace

11/08/2015 a las 16:30  [respuesta]  Try again....Hells Angels Font

After all, there is a font named hellsangels out there. Someone left the back door unlocked

Most of the charters, however, did not use it but made something themselves. Look at the header of this page:

The naming section of hellsangels.ttf shows that the copyright is with Morten Diesel Dahl, which explanes the Aring and Odash glyphs and the AE ligature. No copyright HellsAngels whatsoever. Also notice that there is no trademark information. In the advanced naming there is nothing about license info and nothing about redistribution.

How does hellsangels compare with Rebel Bones, Hessian and Bike? Here the A:

Notice how Rebel Bones smells Bike?

hellsangels is a clumsy drawn and traced thingie. Whoever wants to make something that gives a HellsAngels impression is better of with the Hessian.

Only work of art can be protected with copyright. Drawings, paintings, text, music, movies etc. And it is not 'can be' but 'are'. Fully automatically. Again, do read the Convention of Bern papers. Mass products are not considered a work of art. In typography the letterform design has copyright protection, not the software which is a mass produced product.

Lots of people think that USA law governs the world. That is a mistake. A severe mistake. And, by the way, that USA law does not exist anymore since the USA, be it 80 years late, ratified the Convention of Bern.

11/08/2015 a las 09:43  [respuesta]  Download Problems

You did not download the font but a zip containing the font. Unzip and then install:

10/08/2015 a las 22:59  [respuesta]  Font Name Please!

10/08/2015 a las 22:58  [respuesta]  REMEMBER ?

Fuente identificada: Friday 13

10/08/2015 a las 21:50  [respuesta]  Font Name Please!

10/08/2015 a las 21:50  [respuesta]  Font Name Please!

Fuente identificada: Pascual Ferry

10/08/2015 a las 21:46  [respuesta]  uni

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