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03/01/2016 a las 13:46  [respuesta]  Does anyone know this font?

For the E and S similar to the House Gothic-Bold Alt Caps, horizontally stretched a bit. The AltCaps is not on House Industries website anymore it seems.

Fuente sugerida: House Gothic Bold Alt Caps

03/01/2016 a las 13:24  [respuesta]  Font ?

Fuente identificada: Kosova

Fuente identificada: Gothferatu

Fuente identificada: Good Vibrations

Similar, Roboto 10% condensed.

Fuente sugerida: Roboto

Always hard to tell with an embroidered sans serif specially with only numbers. Try Travertino.

Fuente sugerida: Travertino

Officially ... no.

However, when you find one of these earlier FC versions all you need to do is open both versions on a Windows XP or Vista PC (earlier versions do not work on Windows 10 - certificate expired) and copy the glyphs from the FC9 window to the FC6 (-) window.

Complicated, I admit. But now your one way out with FC9. You could have gone for FontForge and/or TypeLight, both free. But far more complicated to use for a novice than FC. Specially FontForge, which is a Linux application and has a tedious installation route.

As from Font Creator 7 the program works with the fcp - Font Creator Projects - system which with the trial versions does not allow to export a project to a font file, ttf or otf.

Find yourself a 6 or earlier version. Those will allow you to save directly as a ttf file. Being a trial the program only works for 30 days.

02/01/2016 a las 20:45  [respuesta]  What is this font or similar?

Fuente identificada: Market

02/01/2016 a las 12:49  [respuesta]  What The Font?

Fuente identificada: Ed Interlock

02/01/2016 a las 12:31  [respuesta]  font

Fuente identificada: IFC Los Banditos

02/01/2016 a las 10:08  [respuesta]  Coca Cola Named

Jan 01, 2016 at 15:41 I wrote

You2013, a custom font.

01/01/2016 a las 23:45  [respuesta]  SHUT UP LEGS FONT IDENTIFICATION

Fuente identificada: Revue

01/01/2016 a las 22:01  [respuesta]  Lion Guard Font

Fuente identificada: Ashley Crawford

01/01/2016 a las 21:43  [respuesta]  Identification

Fuente identificada: Slant

01/01/2016 a las 19:23  [respuesta]  Coca Cola Named

No link as it disappeared from all national Coca Cola sites that I know of. I did, however, not take the time/trouble to check all cached pages.
Have a good year (make that years ).

01/01/2016 a las 19:18  [respuesta]  What is the font ? "Garage John"

Fuente identificada: Swing

01/01/2016 a las 18:58  [respuesta]  Coca Cola Named

Jackie, the correct name of the font is you2013. Also around as you 2013 and you_db_2013.

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01/01/2016 a las 15:39  [respuesta]  hello, wht this font?

There are many Cooper Black versions around. I don't know which one may have that alternate 'R'.

Fuente identificada: Cooper Black

01/01/2016 a las 14:30  [respuesta]  police spécifique

Describe the character of that drink/food and you have a description of the character of the font(s) you are after.

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