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10/12/2014 a las 11:42  [respuesta]  "Matthew New & Sons"

Probably Condensed Bold.

Fuente identificada: Benguiat

10/12/2014 a las 11:31  [respuesta]  ANY IDEA ?

All lower case.

Fuente identificada: Easter Egg

10/12/2014 a las 10:51  [respuesta]  Slogan font

In the early nineties SWFTE brought us their Segoe variation the Weissach, which, when slightly condensed, is as close a match as I can find. But, apart from this one in the sample made a stencil, not a real match. In the top bar of the /z you find a subtle difference and the /k of the Crixus is much closer.

09/12/2014 a las 22:34  [respuesta]  Please help with this font.

November Sky is as identical to the posted image as an elephant is to an ant.

Why is it that all these stupid remarks always come from the same part of the world? They don't sell glasses over there?

09/12/2014 a las 18:36  [respuesta]  fonts into windows live mail

EOT sweetface. EOT.

09/12/2014 a las 17:55  [respuesta]  What Font is this?

Fuente identificada: Aldine 401

09/12/2014 a las 17:49  [respuesta]  What Font is this?


Fuente identificada: Felix Titling

09/12/2014 a las 17:24  [respuesta]  The Introspective Font

Note on this font as it can be downloaded, the right side advance width of the T is negative. To make the font usable that should be changed to a value of approximately 180.

09/12/2014 a las 16:59  [respuesta]  fonts into windows live mail

If you need to drill a hole, use a feather.

09/12/2014 a las 14:18  [respuesta]  Please help with this font.

All lowercase.

Fuente identificada: Andesite

09/12/2014 a las 12:45  [respuesta]  The Introspective Font

Fuente identificada: COM4t Fine

09/12/2014 a las 12:32  [respuesta]  Which font?

Fuente identificada: Gill New Antique

09/12/2014 a las 11:59  [respuesta]  Font Please? Thanks.

Fuente identificada: Progress Ordin

09/12/2014 a las 11:27  [respuesta]  fonte

Fuente identificada: University Roman

09/12/2014 a las 10:22  [respuesta]  fonts into windows live mail

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  
... less politely.

What was impolite in "Always handy to understand a tool before using it" and "As long as you don't understand what you are doing you can not control what you are doing. Thus, learn"

I am stating that to achieve a desired result one has to know how to. Yet, maybe, in Ohio (Dayton?) it is the other way round

08/12/2014 a las 20:54  [respuesta]  Font to go with Colonna?

The Colonna (capitals) is sort of similar to the Open Egmont Kapitalen. Therefore The Egmont would do.

08/12/2014 a las 19:08  [respuesta]  Recherche typo

Yes Claude, this one has been digitized by many - some better, some worse - and now lives under many different names. I choose the one here on dafont to save Freddie the hard and time consuming effort to find the version here.

08/12/2014 a las 16:03  [respuesta]  Recherche typo

Fuente identificada: Excalibur

08/12/2014 a las 15:38  [respuesta]  MyFonts

08/12/2014 a las 15:03  [respuesta]  What font?

After a torture rack treatment.

Fuente identificada: Diamond Gothic

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