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Welcome, all you typography veterans and fans to my DaFont foundry. Let me give you an introduction to myself. The name is Dan P. Lyons, also known as Daniel Lyons Entertainment [DLE for short] - not only do I specialize in typography, but I also specialize in animation, multimedia, and other sorts of content imaginable. It has been my dream to be a type designer since I was at the age of eleven, and a few years later I began to improve my type designing skills, and as it continues, it began to grow more and more accurate. Let me tell you a story about how much of a font fan I come off to be - and I'm not hesitant to reveal it.

Ever since I was around eight to nine years old, my favorite font used to be "Cooper Black" of all fonts I used to be obsessed with around the time - and I thought the font I was typing with was referred to as simply "text". And then months later, [pretty much] when I and my mother were printing out a multiplication table, I still referred to a font as "text", until my mother asked me what font do I want to use for the text seen in the multiplication table. That's when I began to realize that a text is implemented using a font of all things. And then the next year [when I was 10 years old], I discovered something that made glyphs of various fonts to make such an elegant display - which technically signifies the inclusion of swashes and other OpenType features. Other fonts that I discovered with these inclusions consist of Champion Script Pro, Rock n' Cola, Caslon Swash, Garamond Swash, and a variety of Hebrew fonts coming from Masterfont [by the time I was into the Hebrew language and culture.] Then yet the year after that, after discovering all the mentioned fonts that one smile curled up on my face, it all led me to dream about being a type designer once and for all. Before I actually began to, I've been designing concepts of how it would pay off - say for example I've been doing lettering with a calligraphy pen [knowing that I've been wanting to do calligraphy after looking through Hamid Reza Ebrahimi's videos] alongside with felt tip pens, markers, etc. I even made letterforms that are in the style of many wordmarks like HBO Family, [the Family wordmark], Lifetime from 2008, Nickelodeon from 2009, etc. I even made my own logotype which is named "Ursula", which is supposed to represent something you'd see in outer space in a crafted form. The color of the mentioned logotype that I created was meant to be purple, and then days or weeks later I transformed the logotype into an actual font - in which I extended it even further with many coverages in the unregistered version of the program which I will save for the next part. Admittedly, I was a bit ambitious when I proceed with it. I don't know what it means or why that is, but still. And then I discovered a Litebulb font WIP concept from LDEJRuff a.k.a DecaTilde. [He was LDEJRuff at the time the concept was created.] I've been wanting to obtain a TTF file of the Litebulb font, but somehow it wasn't of any use. However, the font I managed to obtain was the Super Mario Script 3 font. I was extremely eager to obtain that ever since I discovered it in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And then - finally, I've been able to get the registered version of FontCreator on Christmas 2011. However, I've used that same program for the same revealed purpose I mentioned before during the time it was unregistered. Then with the registered version of that program, I started to make logotypes out of Nickelodeon 2009 (Litebulb from LDEJRuff/DecaTilde) and pretty much an early version of Toys R Us. By the time I started to make those fonts, they...weren't really accurate enough. They were pretty much blurry and the contours just didn't look right.

Now keep in mind, all the fonts that I made in 2011 were in-house the whole time - and then they were lost in 2013 when my Windows Vista computer has been constantly acting up in the end - before we had to get a new Windows XP computer.

And that's pretty much the story of how I've come to not only be a font fan - but to come off as a typographic designer. So let's get down to "today" business. Continuing from my casual introduction, I run the perfect type foundry that goes by the name "LyonsType". It's the name that I wanted to stick with for a while - and it paid off when the first LyonsType font went by the name of "Reponse" [French for response]. And then there are more that are available for 100% free download such as Crafted, Internet, Amber, Bulletin, etc. With all that out of the way, LyonsType offers a satisfactory library of fonts that are free to use - and with them, you can optionally give me credit for when you use these certain fonts. No donations required. Feel free to download and enjoy.

Thank you.

- LyonsType


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