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03/10/2017 às 18:54  [resposta]  Font not accepted? why?

Hello Fred,

i think the problem is not only this i really like my work and Dafont and also the one who hold it but us fonters do not take really summer holidays because we are always working to move in life and it is just frustrating to see how long time you take to make new updates and you know life will never stop even if you go on holidays because working is working so please consider us fonters because without us you will not be there.

We need each others.

17/07/2017 às 09:11  [resposta]  Help Font

Fonte identificada: Camélia

30/05/2017 às 19:37  [resposta]  Orgulloso Naval

Fonte identificada: Margueritas

Editado em 30/05/2017 às 19:44 por fonatica

05/05/2017 às 19:17  [resposta]  Finding fonts "Queens"

Hello it is me the author,

can you tell me if you buy a license please?


26/03/2017 às 10:00  [resposta]  Copyright font


can you send me an image of your font may be i can help?


08/03/2017 às 21:53  [resposta]  How to delete font in dafont?

Hello dear,

why this reaction?

That's not great.

Why you put your font on Dafont then?

All my art fonts are on Dafont and am please that i do.

You must not judge things or someone like this without living time to make its time.

Hope you understand anything in life is easy if you want to achieve something you have to be

patient,courageous and faithful to reach your goal.


17/01/2017 às 06:23  [resposta]  Help Font Logo Nutrition

Rocking Season Font my art font but why please?

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