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22/09/2022 às 20:27  [resposta]  espo

Fonte identificada: Pacifico

04/09/2022 às 00:52  [resposta]  Possible to donate money to Dafont?

rc50 disse  
no, not to authors, to Dafont itself

That's very kind and of course we appreciate your intention, thank you very much

But we don't take any money/donation, since the site is ads supported (unlike Wikipedia)

04/09/2022 às 00:46  [resposta]  Rejected Font Notification

When authors resubmit a fixed font with the exact same name, delay is much shorter (otherwise it takes months again)

Concerning your "Buljirya" font, it will be online at next update - this was an error on our side (the kerning problem is for some softwares only, especially old ones...)

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02/09/2022 às 00:01  [resposta]  Rejected Font Notification

Authors receive an email notification when a font seems OK for us, but gets some technical problem that need to be fixed before publishing (like kerning etc.) that we write in the e-mail

Otherwise no email is sent

Fonte identificada: Ambulance Shotgun

25/05/2022 às 05:05  [resposta]  Fontname?

Fonte identificada: Peignot

07/05/2022 às 22:01  [resposta]  Cual es el nombre de esta fuente?

Fonte identificada: Ghastly Panic

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18/04/2022 às 17:25  [resposta]  Font Submission

Your font wasn't reviewed yet (current *average* delay is 11 months, but it may vary very much...)

Anyway I've just checked it, and it needs some kerning (or at least better spacing adjustments, especially for the default preview) so if you can fix that don't hesitate to re-submit it with the correct name

13/04/2022 às 22:31  [resposta]  Maison font

Fonte identificada: Black Street

02/04/2022 às 19:35  [resposta]  help font

Fonte identificada: Jellyka Castle's Queen

09/12/2021 às 14:47  [resposta]  Identificação de fonte

Fonte identificada: Masque

There are some issues with your account and before we continue to manage/upload your fonts, we need some clarification:

For example, one of the fonts you submitted
is almost the same as

Emely Love Nature by Letterena Studios (you)

Quintella by Uloel Design

07/09/2021 às 22:05  [resposta]  box cl2 font

Fonte identificada: Coalition

06/09/2021 às 22:37  [resposta]  FONT?

Les jours de la

Fonte identificada: Two Turtle Doves


04/08/2021 às 21:15  [resposta]  Font?

Fonte identificada: Edit Undo

20/07/2021 às 22:28  [resposta]  QUIERO SABE RCOM OBTENER UNA FUENTE


20/07/2021 às 16:26  [resposta]  Private message spam?


This is not done in cooperation with DaFont, but they don't steal our ad money since authors are allowed to put their own campaign on their pages anyway (for their site, AdSense, affiliate program...)

But thank you for your kindness

If you want to know everything, in an old design of dafont (2003/2004)
there was a big dick like on every door and seating at school (letter j from to illustrate the dingbats section when you moved your mouse on "Fonts by theme"

Unfortunatly it's not any more in the memory of WayBack Machine I don't know why :/ Only the Puma (because of the shoes for the "famous" section at that time) is still recorded/shown there (that's weird because it's the only one category/theme that doesn't exists any more but well )

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The tricky fonts are already disabled by default anyway (unless you click on "I am 18" of course, like on youporn)

... all the rest of this category is just what everyone is used to see since ages in the toilets or seatings at school

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