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05/07/2020 alle 22:07  [risposta]  El Rostro De Analia

Carattere Identificato: Epoxy History

20/05/2020 alle 19:44  [risposta]  How do I delete my account?

xjulia ha detto  
if I delete my account, my fonts will be also deleted?

Not necessary but it's possible.

17/05/2020 alle 14:04  [risposta]  Athena VKF Kerning or Space problems

For example, there is 10 km between A and T (and since your font is called Athena, it looks like "A thena" on the default preview)

As an expert, did he try with his mother?... (in non-robot mode)

15/04/2020 alle 20:59  [risposta]  FOnt

Carattere suggerito: Xlarge

29/03/2020 alle 00:47  [risposta]  Color Coded Lyrics font

Carattere Identificato: Doctor Glitch

16/02/2020 alle 13:39  [risposta]  Change User Name

Ok done.

02/02/2020 alle 17:26  [risposta]  paramount pictures font ???????

Paramount Channel are totally crazy with their permanent enormous blank opaque logo on the screen (at least in France)

Carattere Identificato: Algerian

Nice bus, but I prefer:

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Hi dear,

In your case that's because the kerning of Robotron is not ok, you should have received an email for that (on 6th january - check your spam folder if you don't see it)

Modificato su 11/01/2020 alle 23:31 da Rodolphe

15/12/2019 alle 17:05  [risposta]  Current Dell logo font?

But why this new fashion of ugly thin logos replacing the old heavy cool ones??

Dell, Volkswagen...

24/11/2019 alle 18:51  [risposta]  AN BY ANAHÍ font

Urgent for what?... Please tell us, that seems very interesting

Modificato su 24/11/2019 alle 18:52 da Rodolphe

08/11/2019 alle 10:27  [risposta]  Old DaFont logo

25/10/2019 alle 02:31  [risposta] - Please Help !!!

Pour l'instant Oui mais ça prendra forcément + de temps à être en ligne (parce qu'au final on les convertit et les ré-upload au format standard Winzip -ce qui nous saoule- et on s'occupe de ça en dernier quand il nous reste du temps)

Modificato su 25/10/2019 alle 02:32 da Rodolphe

28/08/2019 alle 16:14  [risposta]  Font Submission

Be patient young padawan, your fonts will be added soon.

18/07/2019 alle 22:11  [risposta]  help font

Carattere Identificato: Ethnocentric

27/06/2019 alle 00:14  [risposta]  Font of the shirt, pls

Nice face!

27/04/2019 alle 23:22  [risposta]  WHAT THE FONT "MIX FASHION"?

Carattere Identificato: Zero Hour

06/03/2019 alle 18:48  [risposta]  One font accepted, the other rejected

PS. It has been grouped and updated with Valentino

(press F5 to refresh the previews)

Modificato su 06/03/2019 alle 18:49 da Rodolphe

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