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Grand Theft Auto V PAUSE MENU FONT

05/01/2015 às 02:51

Any help with finding the ui font?

Grand Theft Auto V PAUSE MENU FONT

Fonte identificada

Chalet London 1960  Sugerida por thafitos 

Fontes sugeridas

Franklin Gothic  Sugerida por steelsmiter 
Helvetica Neue 45 Light  Sugerida por SirParadox 

05/01/2015 às 03:01

Fonte sugerida: Helvetica Neue 45 Light

05/01/2016 às 02:52

Of the fonts already on my system, I found Franklin Gothic Medium does well to emulate it for the RPG manual I'm writing... although you might want light if you can find it.
Fonte sugerida: Franklin Gothic

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29/05/2016 às 01:54

Grand Theft Auto V’s UI font is called Chalet London Nineteen Sixty.
Fonte identificada: Chalet London 1960

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