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Vincent_Berg  05/01/2019
An intriguing font, though I suspect it may tread close to a few potential copyright violations due to similarity to other known fonts.

One suggestion though, a couple glyphs would be nice, especially for the double e (possibly have a solid top and bottom line in a short space, with a break in the middle line to distinguish the character, as words like "speed" look terrible as it is now) and double t.

Despite my complaints, I'll keep this on my possibles list (I don't have any projects which need it now, but as a sci-fi author, I run through many sci-fi display fonts). I'm sure I can find a use for it before long.
Darrell Flood  autor de Space Quest   06/01/2019
Thanks for your feedback! Always good to get specific concerns/suggestions. I will add your suggested glyphs at some point (bit busy at the moment, but hopefully in a week or so.) Could you give me the names of smiliar fonts that you feel this treds too close too? That would be much appreciated and I may be able to tweak my fonts further away from those. Thanks!

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