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Schwalbenkoenig  05/11/2008
Great work, love the k and the t.
michiel_terpelle  05/11/2008
Looks awesome. Can't wait for the next ones!
serdominik  10/11/2008
Mi piace questo font
Synergy_Digital  18/11/2008
THis is absolutely awesome work. SOme of the best I've seen on here. THanks a ton.
LeTypographe  09/12/2008
très léger problème d'équilibre sur le S et le s mais clairement une énorme tuerie!!! je ne saurais que trop vous conseiller de créer les volumes manquants (light, bold, italic...) et de mettre le tout en vente!!!! encore bravo!
prask  13/01/2009
great work! thanks a lot.
J3ss1c4  14/01/2009
This one is really nice. :D
mtension  15/01/2009
Some really nice looking characters in this face.
tiagoadias  16/01/2009
I like it really much
MareDowns  22/01/2009
I love the font! Really wonderful. However, fonts show up blank in my font manager and the font display in QuarkXpress (sansation light & sansation regular) display as the same font characteristic (no difference in style) and the sansation bold displays as light??? Could it be MAC issues?
Bernd Montag  autor de Sansation   24/01/2009
To MareDowns:

Thank you!

Currently, the style selection works best in Adobe programs such as Photoshop or InDesign. I will set the Light style to a separate family with the next update, this will hopefully solve the selection problems.
takashisenko  06/02/2009
I _love_ this! Excellent figure. But the n-g kerning look odd, booth in small and capital letter. Can you add the all Hungarian characters? Include the u-hungarumlaut, o-hungarumlaut? Thanx.
Bernd Montag  autor de Sansation   08/02/2009
Note: The kerning in the dafont preview looks different than the actual kerning which is way better balanced! don't be scared by these large spaces between some letters ;)
asifkhan  16/02/2009
Nice font.
takashisenko  17/02/2009
Hi Bernd! You are right, the kerning is correct in the font. See the example: I hope everybody like it. Thanx again.
parisien  23/02/2009
BRAVO. Please more !!! :-)
Really, really good! This is a great font sans serif! Thanks!
CoreMacFly  15/05/2009
Really nice !

i miss the "fi" "fl" and "…" typos, i tried to make it a replacement for my system font and those are really needeed :-)

Merci pour ce beau travail !
CoreMacFly  15/05/2009
J'ai oublié ce caractère
"ƒ" option + f on a mac

subir86  30/05/2009
Hey! Respect from India, awesome font!
I would really love to see it everywhere..
and yet want to keep it exclusive!

.. is this really a free font?..
I mean.. can be used in commercial websites
and print work?!

do let me know!

Bernd Montag  autor de Sansation   01/06/2009
To subir86:

Of course it is! I want this font to be used, that's why I decided to make it free for everyone.
I hope, you enjoy it :)

Kind regards,
ASSKISSER  06/06/2009
Hi, the font is beautiful but the problem is the same that MareDowns describes but in Adobe InDesign and Acrobat.

When I write a PDF out of InDesign, the kerning is totally crashed even in the print. That's a disaster for me. ..

I needed to export the indd-file in an eps file to open it in Adobe Illustrator and convert the whole text into paths to the kerning couldn't be touched by the pdf-writer.

Then it works. But what a way.
Probably you can fix this.
PS: Mac User too.

gumbal  29/07/2009
This is a very nice font. I like it! Vielen Dank!

But, i have found a problem with the kerning when i use the charakter 'W' and 'T'. I typed 'WT' in the dafont preview but the kerning of the Sansation Light font is broken. The 'T' covers the 'W'. I can reproduce this behaviour with some applications (e.g. GIMP) on my computer.

Viele Grüße
scribblekid  13/08/2009
Sehr schoenes Font! Vielen Dank von mir auch! I have a problem trying to install this font on my Mac. I get a warning saying there is a serious problem with the "Font Name Table", And the font should not be used. I have downloaded it three times, thinking there may be a problem with the download, but,I get the same warning each time I try to install. Help!
Bernd Montag  autor de Sansation   19/08/2009
The kerning is broken only in the dafont preview but I cant say why!

"Font Name Table" ... several mac users told me about that problem but I have no idea how to solve that :( If somebody can help me please contact me!
Miles28  01/09/2009
Great font!
Accent and specials characters like 'ñ' works perfect on screen and printers.
Miles28  02/09/2009
BTW, there is a small bug I think I've found using openoffice / Gimp and linux. I haven't tested on Windows.

It's not possible to type º or ª, in my case with a spanish setup keyboard.
rizy  02/09/2009
Really wonderful !!!!
I love this font!
Thank you !

Merci beaucoup!!!
Miles28  03/09/2009
Hmm, there is also a problem with "¿" first interrogation character in spanish keyboard.
felipesc57  17/09/2009
good :D
Axolos  21/11/2009
Thanks for the great font. Btw, I have come across it while browsing through the WDL´s The Best Free Fonts of 2009. Congrats for being selected! Btw, I am living in Slovakia and using also some more of the Slavic accents, which are so far not present, like: ľ, š, č, ť, ž, ý, ď, ň - are you planning to add those? Would be great! :)
GraphicIdentity  26/11/2009
Sansation is always my favorite sans-serif font!
GREAT WORK and thank you very much :)
la design  11/01/2010
Hi, I love this font, thanks for your hard work. I really need an Italic version - I've heard one's on it's way is this true? Cheers
Bernd Montag  autor de Sansation   12/01/2010
Yes, I currently work on the italics ... the release is just a matter of time ;D
la design  24/02/2010
Hi, I'm having problems in Illustrator CS4 on a Mac.

Sansation has a asterisk next to it in the menu as if it isn't loaded (which it is). Then when I select my text and convert it to Sansation my text disappears and I'm just left with the little text locator box. This only happens with Bold and Regular. Light works ok. Any ideas? Thanks

I have reinstalled the fonts and even tried putting them in my system fonts folder.
la design  24/02/2010
Think I may have fixed it - but for anyone with same problem...
I reimported Sansation to 'User' through Font Book.
Within Illustrator, Sansation now appears with Light, Bold and 2 Regulars to choose from. If The font isn't appearing correctly, reselect 'Regular' twice.
I hope this helps
mck182  23/03/2010

this is one of the most awesome fonts I've ever used! Very _very_ good job! But recently I've switched from english system locale to czech and unfortunately the czech characters are missing. Could you please add them, so the font can be the most awesome of all fonts?

Let me know if you'd like any help with czech characters.

Bernd Montag  autor de Sansation   26/03/2010
To Marty (mck182):

Thank you!
Yes, I will add the czesh characters. I hope I will have the time to work on the update soon!

gusrejc1989  02/04/2010
Hello Bernand!

Nicer font! It's really very similiar to the fon Neo Sans!
But there's a problem, it's about "¿" first interrogation character in Spanish keyboard. Correct the error of the letter "¿", type "?" to the "¿'. Did you understand? See again the first interrogation.

Please, create an unicase font — Sansation Regular and Bold Unicase! If you can't, can I create your font and become it into the unicase font?

Thank you for your attention, understanding and help!
grasshoper  13/05/2010
Hello Bernand!

Thank you very much for this FANTASTIC FONT! Absolutely unique, while still sober... I definitely plan going to use it for my next web design, while the italic version will be available. Then I'll ask my company to make a donation. It definitely worth it!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work ;)
Rainer  15/05/2010
I really do like this font! However, I am missing the endash character. And Americans might also miss the emdash. Any chances to put this in? Many thanks in advance!
Konami72  12/08/2010

I love your font!

I wonder if I can use it to my artist logo?

Regards Viggo
polvorosa  05/02/2011

I love this font, BUT I need a ñ pleaseeeee!!! :D

Hope you can do something about it.

Best regards from Spain (España, that's why I need the ñ)
Traumschrift. Danke!
Weil die Italics fehlen und ich einen Fonteditor besitze, hab ich deine Fonts da durchgejagt. Bin kein Profi, hab sie einfach 25° gekippt. Entstanden sind: Sansation-Italic.otf, Sansation-Italic.ttf, Sansation-LightItalic.otf, Sansation-LightItalic.ttf, Sansation-BoldItalic.otf und Sansation-BoldItalic.ttf
Dank an für die Hilfe beim Konvertieren.
Download: Links codiert mit
Bin kein Profi, hab sie einfach 25° gekippt.
Beautiful. Thanks!
Because I miss the Italics and have an Fonteditor, I worked out this by bending them 25°: Sansation-Italic.otf, Sansation-Italic.ttf, Sansation-LightItalic.otf, Sansation-LightItalic.ttf, Sansation-BoldItalic.otf and Sansation-BoldItalic.ttf
Thanks to for the Conversion.
Download: SansationItalic OTF&TTF
noodlfood  24/05/2011
beautiful font, great work!
msznajder  28/10/2011
@Dimitri A. Nikolajew
Hey there.
Great that you did some italics there:) And GREAT thank you to the author of course!
When you converted font to the opentype in my language (polish) diactric signs there is a problem like in letter "Ł" where this vertical line is crossed by this oblique small line, in place of the two crossing white space (like no letter) is comming. Any ideas why?

I really need Sansation converted to opentype to print it... Thank you for your ideas:)
MatiereBleue  10/03/2012
Une typographie moderne, travaillée, complète et... GRATUITE ! C'est rare de voir du travail de pro comme ça gratuitement pour toutes utilisations ! Merci beaucoup !
belfast82  11/03/2012
Hi - i love this font- just a quick question - the kerning on a double f e.g. @"ff" is not equal to other double letters- is this intentional?

Many Thanks
FreeMot  24/05/2012
I love your font! It's one of the greatest fonts I have ever seen!, fresh, modern and inspirated, I use it for my final project at university.

Great Work Genius
skomii  07/05/2013
Awesome work, very good !!!
eaweb  22/06/2014
Excelente trabajo!!! Aun no poseo cuenta de paypal, pero en cuanto la tengo te hare una donacion ;-)
Typooi  08/10/2014
Hi, wauw I really love your font. I read your 'read me text', so I can use this font for a logo? I am just double checking just for sure :)
tomtom977  24/11/2014
Thank you for this beautiful font. I just have a quick question. On the pic above, it is mentioned that alternate g and k are available. I don't have any preference on 'g' but curly lowercase 'k' is really bugging me ( but I am still using this font :)). Can anyone here help me to how to obtain regular sensation .ttf file with regular lowercase 'k' thank you.

Knoxville, TN
rolandhuse  18/12/2014
Badass font! Congrats and respect!
gbarbesi  15/12/2016
Hello, I would like to use this font SANSATION for a commercial use (to design a logo). Could you please provide a license doc? - Thanks. Gio
catalin18  04/02/2017
Hi, I need to use your Font for a commercial purpose.
Can I use it by free?
Can you contact me at:
Rabi17  13/12/2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial (logo) purposes?
Email me black-

Thank You
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
great font..thank you so much
tzukygd  15/06/2018
Hello, I would like to use this font SANSATION for a commercial use (to design a logo). Could you please provide a license doc? - Thanks.
TPBase  06/10/2021
Hello, I would like to use your font for a business logo and products.
Could you please contact me:

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