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N4C  28/11/2006
I like it!The style is very very great too!
SWE94  23/12/2006
rockstation  12/02/2007
Rockstation est heureux de vous annoncer que votre police sera appliqué au logo de la webradio. Rockstation is happy to prevent you that your font will be applicate on the webradio's logo.

(Pour plus de renseignement - For more answers
smitty618  05/12/2007
this one is great, one of my favourites! :D
aman_virdy  25/12/2009
This totally brought me back to the days of Angelfire. Not too sure if it's still around anymore, but the logo was exactly like this!
Dannyclub09  27/03/2010
This is one of the best Fonts around, good job!
nazrul putra  24/10/2010
thxs for your marvellous, trimendous n fabulous creative brain.. i'd juz decorate my son's bedroom with theme of spaceship using this form... thxs again n GOD bless you..
Dragon200  13/11/2010
UU US WE JJJAAAHHH!! skills prevails! but seen before =(

U MUST be lookin' at in a game its called horizon gemini and i think its used the same font and its awsome!! too bad i dont know how 2 do fontz...

=) greetings )=

mjtfreeze  10/07/2011
Is this font free for commercial use? If it isn't could you send me to where I can purchase it? Because after searching over 20 sites, no one knows if this font canbe used
artic108  30/08/2011
Thank you, i will put to good use your font.
nilloc  23/11/2011
@mjtfreeze If you haven't found it already, the designer's site ( has the following statement at the top:
"All files are shareware and free for noncommercial use."

The readme has more details but you can email beam at planet dot dk to get details.
nilloc  23/11/2011
Also from plant's readme:

Currently all of the typefaces in the planet Font Family are CD-Ware and
free for non-commercial use. That means, for each typeface you want to
license for commercial use, you must mail us a CD of something you like:
Music you have made, love or designed the cover for or a multimedia or
software title...
matthewjgoldstein  06/03/2013
Can ANYONE tell me where I might've seen this font before, that is NOT Angelfire? I swear it was on the cover of a video game or a movie poster or SOMETHING... it is driving me crazy and I can't figure it out... Help me...
Hfuture  09/06/2013
Harimau Selatan (Southern Tiger) font.
JDT and Johor FA.
tttt  03/01/2016
dsti3963  12/04/2016
Mkt.  11/02/2017
I want!
mads.rydahl  autor de Planet Kosmos   17/01/2018
Thank you for considering our fonts for your projects! The Planet fonts are licensed according to the conditions stipulated in the "ReadMe" file that accompanies each font download archive. If you have obtained an incomplete version of one of these archives, the complete original file can always be downloaded from:

All of the typefaces in the planet Font Family are CD-Ware and free for non-commercial use. That means, for each typeface you want to license for commercial use, you must mail us a CD with something you like: Music you have made, sounds you love, strange art or a peculiar piece of software... It can be a homebrew CD-R signed with a worn-out purple felt pen or a fancy commercial CD. No rules apply, but creativity is always appreciated :-)

Such a CD in our mailbox buys you a personal, non-transferable but everlasting license to use that typeface for commercial projects. We normally send electronic license confirmations within a couple of days after the receipt of a CD in our mailbox. Just remember to include your email address with the disc, so we know where to send the confirmation.

Our mailing address is:

The Planet
c/o Mads Rydahl
Humlevej 26
DK-8240 Risskov

The CD-Ware concept is an extension of the PostcardWare concept which dates back to the early days of internet software distribution. If you are intrigued by the humanity of this idea, try to Google "PostcardWare" for references to further reading.

If you use our fonts for commercial products, we would always appreciate samples for our archives and personal enjoyment. T-Shirts should be XLarge ;-)

Sincerely yours,

The Planet
Stoned05  01/05/2018
Very Nice Font JDT, i love it 😍
dwaynehenry  06/05/2018
Can i use this for a company logo?
ChiMingHan  22/08/2018
Excuseme, how can i send you the CD for the commercial use. cause the add in Readme.txt and above u replied are not same.
azndjx  06/02/2019
I think is using your font for his own clothing line.
beautifulmynd  12/02/2020

I would like to use this font for commercial use, can you please help me in licensing it? Thanks
Wastedyouth1312  26/10/2020
Hello, I am planning on using this font for commercial use and wanted to clarify whether i have permission. Please contact me at
Beluga4203  06/07/2021
Hello, I am hamas from thailand i am planning on using this font for commercial use and wanted to clarify whether i have permission. Please contact me at please i really love your font
Logan Roman  25/12/2021
This is cool, but the Œ Ligature Looks The Same As The Æ Ligature. 9/10.
wonhyeop lee  27/12/2021
hello , i wanna use your gorgeous font as Company logo, for commercial. ( sorry im not good at English ) please answer me
noellebrwn14  07/07/2022
Hi! I am planning to use your font for commercial use in the USA. I've read your instructions on how to receive permission, though that was 5 years ago and not sure if you still accept CDs. Please email me:
DPD  19/10/2022
I hate to put anything negative in the comments about a pretty cool font, but I was wondering whether anyone else thinks it would be easier to read if the default letter-spacing were wider than the current hairline. 🤷 I do find it quite appealing, but readability at various sizes is a must!
DPD  19/10/2022
Oh, one other thing: I haven't encountered the CD-ware concept before, and need more info! If I sent a CD-ware creator a CD containing some of *MY* copyrighted intellectual property (photos, for example), is it just for the recipient to enjoy, or am I ceding my legal control over how the contents are used?
raptice  03/03/2023
Has anyone had any luck obtaining a commercial license for this font?
ammori2911  17/04/2023
is it possble to use this Font for own brand?
swampdesk  23/10/2023
nicolemujicap  03/03/2024
Hello! I'd like to use this font for comercial use, please contact me

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