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CustomBusinessCards  10/05/2008
I wonder if this bar code really means something. But very unique anyways.
allblur  14/07/2008
wow is this real ? if it is then i'm memorizing it XDXD soon i can be a human barcode reader lol
fitzpatrick512  17/07/2008
hmmm.... this font seems to be corrupted or something.

lots of characters don't show up. is this a mac issue?

btw, i don't consider this "installation trouble" It's installed, but looks as if it's missing characters. Everyone at my office tried it, looks the same.
fitzpatrick512  17/07/2008
btw, this font looks awesome! want to use it for preloaders.
barisky  01/12/2008
wow the best
Banana Chick  07/05/2009
for some reason i can't use this font it just pops up and says "character set unavailable".
wiso  26/09/2009
hey good
amarijane  30/01/2010
This Font Is Awsome . Im Also Trying To Figure Out If the code bar means something too !! For Now , I Think That It Is Not .
iddaa  30/12/2010
heyy it is nice
rco461  15/05/2011
Thank you, could use this in my ID creation.
Pauchi31  30/01/2012
Thanks for the Code font!

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