Optimus Princeps

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Rosam1676  28/09/2006
I like this fond a lot. Could I use this font in a logo that I will design for a Client?
ja9nee  10/04/2007
Great font - it was perfect for my wedding invitations etc. Thanks!
Joystick  28/07/2007
My faviourit Font! Use it almost every time I write something :D
Slantsixx  18/12/2007
This font is identical to the "Trojan Pro" font that comes with OS X.
BleedingDante  30/04/2008
Cool! I like it! Its like ths Devil May Cry 3 Main menus font! Very nice!
Usuário excluído 205760  03/11/2008
hey i like this font. its really good. i have used it on one computer but i just tried on a friends one and it says they need a password to install the font? is that something you did or just a fluke thing. and if its a fluke how would i fix that?
Groblfx  20/03/2009
I'm pretty sure this is the font used for the ads of Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT tour
purpleturtle  30/09/2009
Dude, you are the best..
I don't know what I should have done without this font.
So I got one question for you..
purpleturtle  30/09/2009
and can i have ur number?
purpleturtle  30/09/2009
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Do you have facebook, myspace or msn messenger?
If possible, I really want to meet you.
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iogga  04/12/2009
amazing and beautiful tipography!
Ralph D  16/03/2010
Hi, I really like this font. Could I please use it for a commercial logo design I'm currently working on?
nullpainter  11/04/2010
Unfortunately, this font is a plagiarized copy of the commercial font, Tajan:

bugmenot  29/04/2010
To nullpainter: This font is NOT a plagiary of Trajan. Carol Twombly (designer of Trajan) and Manfred Klein (designer of Optimus Princeps) both copied the font used on Trajan's Column in Rome, Italy. Given that it was erected almost two thousand years ago, I think the copyright has expired on the design.

I actually like Optimus Princeps better than Trajan. Trajan doesn't kern certain letter pairs together nicely, for example "Wo" is too far apart in Trajan but looks beautiful in Optimus Princeps.
bong hwa roh  16/07/2010
MandyHouskeeper  21/07/2010
Hi. I LOVE this font and downloaded it to use on a project I'm working on. I am having problems using the font. It appears to download fine, but when I try to use it it won't work. I can't see the font and it says the size it some really large number. HELP please. I don't know how to fix it.
adwork  14/12/2010
let me know how get the license for this font?
Skorpax  20/05/2011
I am designing a EP album cover for my brother. Am i allowed to use this font in the work. Can i edit is as to make logo of the font?
thewickedrobot  01/07/2011
Just one bit of concern: when I downloaded it, the font looks kind of choppy and not as clean as it came out here. I was rather disappointed.
Frankonus  05/07/2011

Really nice font!!!
I try to create a serif font too, but when I create a letter with a curve in it, i dont know how to overflow the line from bolt to small. I don't now if you understand this but can you please help me?


Franky van Deursen
sarap  03/08/2011
can i use this font for commercial logo?
5754  04/09/2011
Great font.. Could I use this font in a logo that I will design for a Client?
5754  04/09/2011
Great font.. Could I use this font in a logo that I will design for a Client? Contact me at ryanrizaldhy@yahoo.com
helza6  30/11/2011

I would like to use your font in a logo that I will design for a Client. In the logo there is only one word used in the font (which has been outlined as a vector so the font itself will not be distributed). The company will be using their logo on Print (Business cards, letterheads, brochures etc), Online (Website, online advertising, banner ads etc) and Merchandise (Mugs, T-shirts etc).

I would be greatly appreciated and honoured if you could grant me permission to use your font in my logo design. Please could you email me about pricing, terms, permissions and conditions. My email is helen.zhou6@gmail.com

Thank you.
endemiclongboards  04/05/2012
This is a wonderful font. As it is listed as "free", I will be using it to make some vinyl stickers for my boards. Do you have a website or homepage to which I can link from mine?

Thanks for the great font!
vanessa3100  01/06/2012
Hola me gustaría utilizar esta fuente para un proyecto de diseño para imprimir en unas vayas publicitarias. Por favor, podría enviarme un correo electrónico acerca de las condiciones de uso??? mi correo: vanessa@encontra2.net
jose15001  16/07/2012
can i use this font for commercial logo? jose15001@gmail.com
Usuário excluído 596526  24/10/2012
Hi there! beautiful font! I would also like to know if I may use this for commercial use in a clients logo please :) dlrejc26@gmail.com
OrcaOnkel  28/10/2012
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use. I am designing shirts for my band, and this font is perfect for one of them. Please Message me: sebastian.lohneis@web.de
Usuário excluído 596526  01/11/2012
has anyone heard from this author?
R0ldfield  01/08/2013
I would like to use this font commercially on a logo, please let me know if it ok at rodesign@hotmail.co.uk

thank you
hawks5187  04/10/2013
Can I use this for commercial logo?
fredric.pav  11/10/2013
I'd like to kwon if i can use this font for a non profit work in favor of a charity manifestation whit the purpose for food collection.
Best regards,

Federico Pavone
jmdizzle  28/10/2013
Hey is it ok if i use this for my website
Aigo  29/11/2013
I would like to know if I can use your great front for my coaching Homepage? Please E-mail me at fettrick@web.de

greetz from Germany
huey971  11/01/2014
I would like to tell it's great work,
Can i use your font for a logo, let me know if you okay at lilwonder@hotmail.fr

thank you
Robert 334  11/03/2014
I like this font, can I use it for Projects that I'm selling? (Commercial Projects) :)
please contact me robert.pa33@gmx.at

Yours sincerely
cuthlinks  16/04/2014

Love your font :-)

Can it be used for free for commercial use?

Many thanks,

zaxfonts  06/08/2014
Terrific font! Can I use it commercially? contact me at lendeandlipp[at]gmail[dot]com
TracyAviary  16/10/2014
Love this font! Can it be used commercially for a non-profit organization?
plainjaney  19/09/2015
Hi,I really like this font. Can I use it on a commercial purpose? Thanks in advance. plainjaney@hotmail.com
niceshot  07/03/2016
Awesome! Can I use it commercial purpose? reply to me hunni7581@naver.com
lieslmm  08/03/2016
Can I use this font for commercial purposes? lieslmm@mchsi.com
staytigler  09/03/2016
Commercial license? bigthinkagency@gmail.com
staytigler  09/03/2016
Never mind! I found the info on your website about donating to Doctors Without Borders. I will certainly do so!
jinhyo777@nate.com  04/04/2016
I like this fond a lot. Could I use this font in a logo that I will design for a Client?
Contact me at jinhyo777@nate.com
leeyongjin  08/04/2016
Good luck!
Can I use this font for commercial purposes? ssrgome@naver.com
kelevra1988  12/07/2016
Hello, can I use it for project? (Commercial Projects) :)
please contact me alessioast@gmail.com

raymond.leuseur  24/07/2016
Hello, can I use this font to write articles that are not for commercial use, articles that will be published in a website?
thank you for your answer

luke.sc2y  16/12/2016
Anyone else have problems with this font in Pages? I'm getting a quotation mark with every return at the end of each line. Just curious. Maybe it's my Mac. luke.sc2y@gmail.com
Sho-chan  25/12/2016
Is that ok to use this font for commercial use?
please contact me. iida2511@yahoo.co.jp
sunmichoi  06/02/2017
Hi^^ I love this font.
Is that ok to use this font for commercial use?
please contact me. sm.shm.@hotmail.com
Ishbak Ravelo  07/02/2017
Puedo usar esta tipografía para un logo? ishbak_editorial@hotmail.com
Sho-chan  10/03/2017
Hello sir!!
Can I use this font for commercial use?
Thank you very much for your answer.

meeshmoo  13/04/2017
This font is beautiful - May I use this font for my client? Please email me at stephroseporter@gmail.com
meeshmoo  13/04/2017
Just saw your terms of use via - http://manfred-klein.ina-mar.com/
My client agreed to making a donation to Doctors Without Borders. Thank you!!
meeshmoo  13/04/2017
Looks like they do plan on using the font for a commercial product, I'd like to get permission to use it please to have on file and our of respect for your amazing work! Thank you! - stephroseporter@gmail.com
rapphelcostacs  10/05/2017
Can I make commercial use of the source?

dangdinh  10/07/2017
Can i use this font for commercial logo?
noorung  27/07/2017
beatiful Font!

Can I make commercial use of the source?
please contact me
nema  10/09/2017
Great font!

Can i use this font for commercial use?
Thank you!

please contact me

nema  10/09/2017
i mean for commercial logo! please contact me.
Thank you. :)

JRangel  09/11/2017
Buenas tardes. Me gustaría utilizar esta fuente en un logotipo, ¿cuales son las condiciones de uso o licencias? Contacto: julietarangel.dg@gmail.com

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