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mgx918  07/11/2006
awesome..! i love it...! thx..!
DeadDisco  20/11/2006
I love it. Definitely will be sending you some examples.
Star_Struck1174  20/02/2007
I love it! Thanks! I will send some examples, too.
Star_Struck1174  20/02/2007
Well, I might send's still a great font!
leahpb  12/04/2007
We love this font and have used it lots already - however, it seems that it is impossible to write 'fi' as in 'find' as the font overwrites the letters to 'l'. Might this just be a problem because I use a Mac?
summerbaby  30/05/2007
i could send you samples. it rox.
Fontourist  autor de Journal   22/08/2007
Hi, Thanks for nice comments. I've just updated Journal, fixed ligatures and other metric problems. Enjoy! Just reached 250000 dl's:-)
Hans aka Fontourist
ChaosKnighT  06/09/2007
other problems included in the words: "d."(cant see period) "al"(looks like d) "ol"(also looks like d) "iv"(looks like w with a dot)

GREAT FONT am using very much otherwise
ChaosKnighT  06/09/2007
as for the problems, currently, I just add a little spacing between the trouble letters. cheers!
wizzah  10/10/2007
cool font...x)
fourtime  10/02/2008
I like this font, it's awesome ;D
I'm a new type person here so idk..
Is this front free? xD
Anyway, yh, I used it on a bebo skin..
I'll comment with the link when I've uploaded it
Bye xo
ambrogio  12/03/2008
This is exactly what I was looking for--legible hand-written font. Great work!
Fontourist  autor de Journal   23/03/2008
Just updated Journal. This version fixes spaceing with letter "ß." Sorry for the delay:-)
kaliber  26/03/2008
can I use your font for commercial use?
thanks for your reply
roxiie  27/03/2008
Super hyper cool it's so cute I loooooove this font!

I use it often for school works so that it looks like my hand writing!

fa9al  30/03/2008
hi how r u every

iam fassal from kuwait gilv

than 4 this
tikkiiscute  01/04/2008 fonts seem 2 be working 4 me. Only one has so far.
O.o.o.O  09/04/2008
how do you use this on microsoft word? i new here, srry.
cdlm  11/04/2008
Really nice font, but why not put the dingbats in a separate font ?
I especially miss the OE ligature, and oe looks the same as ae. Also the curly braces, backslash and em/en dashes would be really nice.
O.o.o.O  13/04/2008
is this one free? plz say yes- i luv this font.
OCRocks8  15/04/2008
This font is really nice!
DominiCubanGirl  23/04/2008
Absolutely Love It One Of The Best
tagueur  30/04/2008
super j'adore
jewygirl**  17/05/2008
i ttly luv this font i just am weird and cant get it on 2 like a word document!!! grrrrrr!!!! but i still luv the font!!!
roxierox  03/06/2008
i LOVE this font
angelsfiishy  21/08/2008
amaaaaazing! thanks! :D
cmead84  16/09/2008
Hello! I really love the font. Here's where I've used it on my new website. Hope that's ok? Please let me know. Thank you, Cath
Charlotta  21/01/2009
I am designing a book for the mexican government and presented Journal, and everybody loved it. The only problem is the "F and i" together, I have to write a separate letter so that they don't mix together. I hope it's ok if we use your font. Let me know! Thanks!
sillysami  10/04/2009
im new here. can you get this font in different colours?
you can't seem to do it on any fonts, or am i just clicking the wrong thing .. ? x
shlee  31/07/2009
really like the font. Am hoping to use this on a leaflet is this ok?
Lillymonie  25/12/2009
Hello, my name is Lillymonie and I'm here to ask something.... stupid. When I was scrolling down and I found the font, it appeared the name (Journal) and that things in the red bar in the top and that. And in the example, I mean the image, it says Journal (heart). Well it not says (heart) it SHOWS a heart. Can you please tell me how to put the heart?
bfont  11/02/2010
Great font! I was hoping to use it on a brochure for a University. Is this okay? I'd be happy to send a sample if you'd like.
sgausby  09/03/2010
Love the font, I'd like to use it for a logo for a race registration site. I'll send the final when I'm finished. Thanks!
Claradu92  13/03/2010
Cassidy1495  03/08/2010
I love this font. But is it free? I didn't see 'free' above the download button like the rest of the fonts.
minuse  04/08/2010
totally beautiful ;;;
paigeeypops  05/01/2011
how do you put the love heart? someone help? :)
asiana  10/06/2011
What a beautiful font! Thank you so much!
Sandrietta  28/11/2011
I like the typo. . .
but when you make a typo then you can work cleaner
bek76  25/01/2012
Hi just wondering if this is free to use for commercial use - like a logo or on a business card? Thanks.
isacerqueira  20/09/2012
how can I make that little heart ?
RondaParkes  01/02/2013
Beautiful. Is this font free? I'd like to use it for our vision statement in the board room.
RondaParkes  01/02/2013
Beautiful. Is this font free? I'd like to use it for our vision statement in the board room.
sfblack  20/05/2016
Is this available for commercial use? I would like to use it on a university brochure as well as on the back of business cards for admissions. Thank you. Great font.

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