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Hawaii Lover

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LaurenRuth  09/05/2009
I love it. Really nice :)
Emma(:  15/05/2009
This iss weirdd
herboros  21/05/2009
VERRRRYYY similar to loki cola font
Rachidje  25/05/2009
Great font! It does work on Mac if you choose the 'install' function :)
jimmyandfiona  31/05/2009
i love it too
Bcondyjones333  05/06/2009
OOOOO pretty
d_mackk10  11/06/2009
HawaiiLover  18/07/2009
That HawaiiLover copyright is MINE.
ima YouTuber  22/07/2009
i love it but it dosent come in handy with windows movie maker. it's kinda bad but i still kinda like it.
drakeandjosh11  03/08/2009
does this work with a vista?
aajohan  26/08/2009
Yea this is Loki cola with some effects added...
Area52  06/09/2009
@Herboros: That's because it is based on Loki Cola. It's the same font, just more dirty-looking. That's on purpose.
Andrew2  autor de Hawaii Lover   16/09/2009
CocaCola ii to be exact, Don't know if there's a difference but I don't have Loki Cola.
owndbypenny  17/11/2009
similar to hawaii killer but i like the little flowers at the end !!
Priscilla91  23/03/2010
Dommage qu'on peut pas mettre notre nom
Rionaomi19  21/04/2010
Nom Nom Nom ;)
Apelila  03/02/2011
I would like to use this font for my logo but I can not get to your website. You can contact me at please
H-mokkori  01/04/2011
Nice font except for the capital "H" which gets blurry and pixelated when you try to enlarge it. Can you do an upgrade and fix that issue? The "H" is the worst. Anyone else have that problem???
H-mokkori  22/07/2011
Any news for an upgrade on the capital letters?? Thanks a lot.
keithtmccartney  24/12/2011
Hey there, I would like to use this font on a company logo.

I can't seem to find any more information on the font other that 'Free for personal use', which for my purpose is outside of its terms/conditions.

Any further help on this matter?

Thank you.
LovesAnne  26/04/2012
waarom praat iedereen hier in het engels

P.S. gaaf disingn
Friscokid  30/06/2012
Hey, I got this font and I think it's cute but the one thing that maybe you could fix is that the flowers don't really show up. Thanks for making this font!
FL-IslandGirl  30/04/2018
I've downloaded this fonts zip file but when I open the zip, it only gives me one file and that's a ttf file. I'm on a MacBook Pro and running High Sierra. Can someone help me out?

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