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Nascido 12-16-1988 (35 anos de idade, Sagitário)
Estados Unidos (Southern California)

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Visit to purchase commercial versions of my fonts. Files include otf, ttf, and woff for web page embedding (also included in an extended license purchase). Prices typically start anywhere $5-25.00 for most font licenses. Contact me at for custom fonts/logo/design work or if you have font questions.


Hey! My name is Andrew Hart - I am an individual who just enjoys graphic design and making resources. It's an interestingly challenging creative outlet, but it gets the job done. I started making fonts using various programs; Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop and yes.. even MS Paint every once in a while when I feel lazy. The main font program I use is HighLogic's Font Creator( it's the best font program I've tried and I'm not sure if there are better ones). I also use Type Light to export .otf font files so my fonts are available for more operating systems.

I am unemployed outside of the graphics/logo/photography hobbies of mine and somehow I manage to pay rent most months out of the year because of donations, sales, freelance work and

Thanks for checking out this page, hope you enjoy the fonts.

1. for other resources like photoshop brushes, vectors and downloads.
2. to purchase commercial usage for my resources!


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