8 Bit Wonder

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MajorUndead  21/06/2013
Can I use for my FaceBook page?
ndm  24/06/2015
We would all appreciate it if the 0 had a slanted crossbar. It looks deceptively like an 8, making numbers like 100 confusing. Otherwise, it's a beautiful font!
cmatn14  16/04/2016
I have been using this font for over a year, and I have to say, this is definitely my most used and favorite font. Thank you
googleduong  20/11/2016
0 looks like 8
Hi Joiro
I am looking for a commercial license for this font. Does such a thing exist? Please let me know!
Thanks, camille.quinton@gmail.com
RGames  21/02/2018
This is the font for those who like the pixelated horror game, IMSCARED.

I love this.
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
awesome font..thank you so much
Landon Davis  14/08/2019
Hi Joiro,
I am also wondering if there is a commercial license for this font. I am starting a business and want to use 8 bit wonder as part of my logo and type family. I can't seem to find a link anywhere where I can purchase it. Let me know Landonrkaydavis19@gmail.com
bongoesbonkers  11/01/2020
Hello there Joiro,
Is there a commercial license for this font? I am looking to use the font in graphic design work commercially which may be applied in merchandises, banners, etc.

Your response will be much appreciated.
Thank you very much.

BillieJ1995  24/03/2020
Hello. Is this font allowed for commercial use? I would like to possibly use this font with my YouTube channel.

Your response will be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

synthyourlife  14/04/2020
Hi Joiro,
is there a commercial license for the font. I plan to use is as the front-face of my podcast and it's website as well as in some merch.

Thanks for your work, massive respect!

Haji9845  23/06/2020
This font looks like it's good for video games!
aliaslisa  05/12/2020
Hi Joiro,

I would like to use the font for a music artwork. Could I use it for this purpose? Please let me know at: lisa.bakker87@gmail.com

Altzzzy  04/07/2024
This font looked exactly like the “Game Over” screen on Undertale.

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