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30/01/2019 alle 23:33  [risposta]  Mercado Hotel Font

toto@k22 THANK YOU!!! I'm amazed that you know this. I could not have found it without you. I hope your kindness is returned a hundred fold.

29/01/2019 alle 22:40  [post iniziale]  Mercado Hotel Font

Does anyone know what this font for the Mercado Hotel is? It looks very similar to Regal Suite by JNL but the M and A are different, so it's not a complete match. Perhaps they have combined two different fonts? Thank you very much in advance for any help!

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27/07/2018 alle 04:58  [risposta]  Jack Sparrow Wanted Poster Fonts

Thank you for the quick reply Jerseygirl! You continue to amaze me with your knowledge. You're the best!!

27/07/2018 alle 04:19  [post iniziale]  Jack Sparrow Wanted Poster Fonts

I would be grateful if anyone can help me identify the fonts in this poster but particular the "WANTED!" font. If anyone knows the decorative elements, that would be amazing too, although those may be hand drawn. I'm attempting recreate a similar poster. Thank you!!

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01/03/2018 alle 05:27  [risposta]  Knightfall Font

JerseyGirl, you are absolutely amazing! I don't know how you do it!! I had been searching for several days and couldn't find it. Thank you so much!!!


01/03/2018 alle 04:19  [post iniziale]  Knightfall Font

If anyone can help me identify this font used in History Channel's Knightfall, I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you for your time!



03/12/2017 alle 05:28  [risposta]  Usborne A Christmas Carol

Thank you Jerseygirl! You are amazing!! Your knowledge of fonts is incredible. Happy Holidays!


02/12/2017 alle 06:17  [post iniziale]  Usborne A Christmas Carol

Looking for this ornate Christmas Carol font. Any help greatly appreciated.



01/12/2017 alle 05:27  [post iniziale]  A Christmas Carol Font

Looking for "A Christmas Carol" font. Any help, greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


You guys will probably think I'm obsessed but I'm looking for another Headless Horseman font.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


05/10/2017 alle 00:38  [risposta]  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Font

Wow! Thanks fonatica!! You are AWESOME!!! May your good karma be returned to you a thousand fold.


04/10/2017 alle 23:15  [post iniziale]  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Font

If anyone can help me identify The Legend of Sleepy Hollow font, I'd be very grateful. Although at first glace it may appear similar to the Tim Burton movie font, it has longer and thinner letters that are different. THANKS!!


This looks like a bold version of Andes.

Carattere suggerito: Andes

13/06/2017 alle 03:57  [risposta]  King Tut Calligraphy

Perfect! You are amazing!! THANK YOU!!!


13/06/2017 alle 00:56  [post iniziale]  King Tut Calligraphy

Looking for a font that has this style of lettering. Similar font suggestions welcome. I'm trying to find something suitable for an Ancient Egyptian type project that looks stylish yet legible.

Thank you for your time!


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12/06/2017 alle 22:30  [post iniziale]  Spike's Mini-Series "TUT"

Looking for the font used in Spike's Mini-Series "TUT".

Thank you in advance!


04/06/2017 alle 07:21  [risposta]  Labyrinth Film Font

FONATICA You are the best!! THANK YOU so much!!!


02/06/2017 alle 21:28  [risposta]  Labyrinth Film Font

Thank you Fonatica. That is interesting that it was used for the "Banished" game as well. Sadly, the link in the other post to is broken. It looks like they had a version called Chesterfield OT or OT PS with the character set displayed. It appears this may be a rare or hard to find version of the font. But that Cheboygan font at least has the letter "m" in the curved style as an alternate character. I found a website for the font author Alan Meeks and sent him an email to ask if he knows the history of the fonts alternate characters or what version they may be hidden in as alternates. I will see if he responds. He is 66 years old an may not have time to deal with the likes of me. Ha ha. Thanks again for all your help!


02/06/2017 alle 08:42  [risposta]  Labyrinth Film Font

Thank you so much FONATICA! You are amazing!! The letters "m" and "n" don't have the curved parts but it is close enough for me. The font in the movie must be some sort of variant or custom work. Very grateful for your help as I never would have found it on my own.

Best regards,


02/06/2017 alle 05:10  [post iniziale]  Labyrinth Film Font

Does anyone know if this is an available font? It was used in the opening credits of the 1986 film Labyrinth. I'm not sure if maybe ILM custom made the titles or if they used an existing font.

Thank you for your time!


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