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How to submit a font and accept by dafont?

08/08/2018 alle 05:36

Hello all,

I was submitted and upload a font on dafont three days ago, i have waited but my font still not accept by dafont.
can you tell me, what the problem?

Thank you.

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08/08/2018 alle 09:05

Sorry you haven't received an answer yet, you only submitted your font 48 hours ago. I reviewed it and unfortunately, it has a few issues. First of all, it doesn't have kerning or spacing and it would really be necessary. There is also an alignement problem because some characters seem to be well above the baseline for no reason. Finally, the thickness of the letters is very inconsistant. If you feel like you can fix these issues, then you can absolutely submit it again in the future. I hope it helps.

24/07/2019 alle 12:37

I also have the same problem. I submitted my font on July 18 and until now there has been no answer. if there is a problem with my font, please answer. I'll fix the problem later.

24/07/2019 alle 13:25

July 18 was 6 days ago.
Please wait a few more days.
Last update was July 10th.

24/07/2019 alle 14:20

okay thanks, I'll wait a few more days.

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