High Fiber

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sunset&lila  21/11/2008
i love this font and use it all the time :]
si1k1  11/05/2009
i just came accross your font and it is exacitly what i was looking for. Is it possiable to use it for a leaflet i am working on?
spyesx  20/10/2011
Really nice font but I need é à è and €... So sad :(
S. John Ross  autore di High Fiber   27/10/2011
I'm usually available to expand the fonts (by commission) for licensed users. Just pop by the Cumberland Fontworks and give me a shout.
Kraig800i  01/11/2015
Hi John, I'm looking for a font to use in a one off edition of a student magazine. The magazine is distrubuted by the college free to help non-english students write and it's printed once a year by volunteers hence the one off edition part. Would it be possible for me to use this font ? I tried to create a test PDF to show others my ideas and it has a licence block. If needed how much would it cost ?
S. John Ross  autore di High Fiber   01/12/2015
Please refer to the ReadMe for contact info.

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