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28/03/2014 à 00:26  [post initial]  Dr. Dre - The Chronic

Can someone point me in the direction of the font that's used for the 'Dr. Dre' title please? I don't want the 'Let Me Ride' font. It's similar, yes, but isn't it. And I already know the 'The Chronic' font.

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15/11/2013 à 21:48  [post initial]  Mac Dre is Thizzelle Washington

12/11/2013 à 02:49  [réponse]  2Pac


10/11/2013 à 02:28  [post initial]  2Pac

Would anyone be so kind to help identify the "2" font, please? The "PAC"/"BEWARE" font has already been identified. I DO NOT need it to be identified again. Thank you.

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13/08/2013 à 16:12  [réponse]  Fiji Water

Thanks, fmontpetit! I managed to identify the Futura typeface afterwards, though how you identified the Runic typeface is beyond me!

13/08/2013 à 06:07  [post initial]  Fiji Water

The font for 'FIJI' and/or 'NATURAL ARTESIAN WATER.'

05/05/2013 à 19:55  [post initial]  AVAILABLE

I know it's a typo, but what's the font?

17/04/2013 à 05:32  [post initial]  Sacramento Kings

I need the font for 'Sacramento', please. I already know that 'Kings' is the font 'URW Bodoni Wide Extra Bold'.

02/04/2013 à 20:53  [post initial]  Block Movement Entertainment Presents

19/12/2012 à 16:21  [post initial]  Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese

I'm mainly looking for the 'PHILADELPHIA' font, but on top of that, would really like to know the 'KRAFT' font as well. Thank you!

03/10/2012 à 18:51  [post initial]  Hosted by...

01/10/2012 à 02:30  [réponse]  Font ???

Right when I saw the thumbnail, Cartoon Network hit me! You're welcome as well.

30/09/2012 à 04:07  [réponse]  Font ???

Police suggérée : Eagle Bold

29/09/2012 à 20:58  [réponse]  Burn Notice

Scratch that. I might've found it.

Police identifiée : Chalet London 1960

29/09/2012 à 20:52  [post initial]  Burn Notice

14/09/2012 à 21:45  [réponse]  "MT" Gun Dingbats

Yeah, I'm looking for the exact gun(s). It might be a set of brushes or custom shapes via deviantART.

14/09/2012 à 04:36  [post initial]  "MT" Gun Dingbats

Is this a font from here or not?

13/09/2012 à 17:01  [réponse]  Similar Font to Times New Roman

Evil Dead - Army of Darkness is the one it looks like! Thank you JerseyGirl and thank you CamC11 and Heron2001 as well.

12/09/2012 à 23:26  [réponse]  Similar Font to Times New Roman


Édité le 12/09/2012 à 23:28 par rocamaco

Same font as your other post.

Police identifiée : Chalet London 1970

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