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12/09/2017 à 21:24  [réponse]  EVA Air New Look font?

Oh 2 lovely girls I would love fly to the moon with theese two hotties.

17/05/2017 à 19:51  [post initial]  Logica / or a simular font

Hi there,

Is there some one out there who can id this font or help with a similar font
(NOT the "Be Brillant together"-font! But the Logical logo-font!)

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12/03/2017 à 19:25  [post initial]  Please help, what is this font?

Hi there,

Is there anyone who can help me to identify this font?
Best regards'

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06/11/2016 à 16:24  [réponse]  Need Help

Hi - Found it.

Police suggérée : Bitsumishi  (Déjà suggérée ici)

28/10/2016 à 17:06  [réponse]  DBU Porkalen

Thanks JerseyGirl.

I'm gonna play the saxofon and bass...

26/10/2016 à 21:22  [post initial]  DBU Porkalen

Hi there,

Is there anyone who knows this font used in DBU PORKALEN.

Please let me know - Also a similar.

Hi there,

Is there someone out there, who can help me to identify this font?
Or a nearly similar font, thank you.

09/07/2016 à 20:27  [post initial]  Kildevæld

Hi there,

I'm looking for this font of Kildevæld. Please look at the special "K".

Thank you

08/07/2016 à 15:13  [réponse]  Danish Television DR

It's the font NOA .... See the link

Police suggérée : Noa

08/07/2016 à 15:01  [post initial]  Danish Television DR

I'm looking for this lovely font.

Best regards

01/07/2016 à 20:17  [post initial]  Looking for Danmark font

Hi there,

Any who know the font - used in Danmark?

Thank you

19/03/2016 à 13:40  [post initial]  Looking for these fonts,

Hi there,

Looking for these fonts from the Rubber Duck's truck in the movie Convoy.

04/09/2015 à 22:28  [post initial]  Sochi

Hi there

I'm looking for this font? Can anyone help me.

Best regards

22/06/2015 à 09:05  [post initial]  Looking for these or similar fonts

i there,

I'm looking for these fonts used for the new Alfa Romeo 4C.

05/05/2015 à 18:20  [post initial]  Please help... Cocio font

Hi there,

Any who know this or a similar font for it?

Best regards

Looking for this font or a similar for it....

Best regards to all font-lovers ;o)

Hi there,

Im looking for this font McDonalds used for a while ago in there I'm lovin' it and now at there McCafé.
Could some one help me to identify this?

I not quite sure, but I was for years ago I got a font called Barista, but I don't know if its the right one.
Because I can't find the font any longer.

Cheers mate and a wonderful day to all of you.

Hi there - Could some one please help me to identify this font?
Any similar fonts are welcome. But I'm looking for the special "g".

Hope some on can help me.

10/12/2014 à 22:48  [post initial]  I also need help for this one

Hi there, I'm looking for this font... Hope that some one can identify it.

10/12/2014 à 22:48  [post initial]  Please help me...

Hi there, I'm looking for this font... Hope that some one can identify it.

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