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what font and where to get? :/

02/11/2012 à 14:44

what font and where to get? :/

Police identifiée

Little Snorlax  Suggérée par chickiesyd 

Polices suggérées

Frenzy  Suggérée par dianastacklin 
Coconut Point  Suggérée par redsocksx23 

02/11/2012 à 19:27

Police suggérée : Coconut Point

03/11/2012 à 21:27

Its called Little Snorlax but its not a published font

03/11/2012 à 21:47

So not a font so far, Christina...

(Nice work, btw)...

03/11/2012 à 21:52

I think it's not a font

04/11/2012 à 01:36

It's called little snorlax, and she got it from the owner. d-o-l-p-h-i-n-s bitched me out when i asked sooo yeah i see why your asking haha
Police identifiée : Little Snorlax

04/11/2012 à 01:43

Utilisateur supprimé 601993
10/11/2012 à 04:22

Umm yeah it is d-o-l-p-h-i-n-s yeah don't fucking steal my banner bitch. Okay I got the font from the owner which is Grace and had to pay for it okay. So no I will not give it to ANYONE. K. Nuf said. Thanks bye

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11/11/2012 à 23:43

they didnt steal your banner, they are using it as an example to figure out the name of it.
ps i have the font. i got it from grace and i didnt have to pay. email her at and she will work something out with you. i had to gain her 25 twitter followers. okay thats it. bye

Utilisateur supprimé 601993
12/11/2012 à 02:23

Ummm. No they pretty much stole my banner and I have the font too but I had to buy it from Grace.. Because she does not give it out for promos or twitters followers anymore. I had to buy her something okay so thats why I am kinda mad. I think it is very rude to take my banner without asking me and just but it up on a site but that's just what it think .

12/11/2012 à 04:33

Don't be so paranoiac, Kay. Anna is right, steph.c just saw your banner and liked that font, posted it here and asked, simply as that. With "I got the font from Grace ( and had to pay for it. If you want a banner like that, write her" will be more than enough.

Utilisateur supprimé 601993
12/11/2012 à 06:34

K umm well I payed 17.00 dollars for it bitch and she doesn't just give it out alright. When Anna got the font grace still gave it out for twitter followers. Okay she doesn't do that anymore when she gave it to me she said she doesn't even like giving it out anymore because so many people are taking advantage of it and just giving it out to random people she worked really hard on it okay. So I can say what lever I want it's my opinion and it think it is very rude that she took my banner k so deal with it

12/11/2012 à 06:51

Utilisateur supprimé 601993
12/11/2012 à 06:53

Your so immature like why are you even in this conversation it had NOTHING to do with you

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12/11/2012 à 07:11

it doesn't matter, I'm here to help and to solve requests. You, on the other hand, just trolling. No one steal you f*cking banner, this is forum about fonts and we try to id them too. So anyone is free to post whatever he want. Damn, consider it as a free promo of your f*ckin' blog or tumblr. No one cares about you stuff here, that person only want to know the font, nothing else. And you came here for b*tchin'. Calm down, we will remove this thread later if you want, but as I said, no one try to steal nothing from you, this is a font forum id only, that person will not use your banner anywhere.

Utilisateur supprimé 601993
12/11/2012 à 07:14


12/11/2012 à 09:49

similar font, maybe it'll help
Police suggérée : Frenzy

12/11/2012 à 13:41

Come on people, please try to be original !
Everybody wants the same childish-looking Tumblr, or what ?
This font is requested every week or so... don't you have your own personnality ?

and Kayleemajarie :

Utilisateur supprimé 601993
12/11/2012 à 13:45

Uhh bitch. All I was saying was that grace does not give it out for promos or twitter followers anymore you have to buy it from her and I did it payed 17.00 and that person way at the top called my a bitch cause I wouldnt give them the font like no I payed 17.00 dollars for it I'm not giving it to you like go buy it yourself ok plus grace worked very hard on it so why would she just give it away exactly why can everyone be original ? I get 393738292 banner request a day asking me to make someone a banner using the oittle snorlax font like no i dont give out banners using it. I payed fucking 17.00 ok so seriously just fuck off and i I think it was very rude of them just to fucking steal my banner without asking me alright chill the fuck downl your making a huge deal out of all of this

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12/11/2012 à 13:47

I have absolutely nothing to say, so here's a funny GIF file.

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