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PaFFile  16/12/2014
Fonte muito boa, porém, tem um único erro. O glifo "Á" (maiúsculo com acentuação aguda) aparece sem o acento agudo.

Really good font, but, have one error. The glyph "Á" (uppercase with acute accent) appears without the acute accent.
Can I use this font commercially for a one off restaurant?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is:
GTR020  17/01/2017
That's a very nice font !
I was wondering if we can use it for commercial ?
thank you for assistance ! My email adress is
daytonrodeo  04/06/2017
Would like to use this font for commercial use. Thank you - please email:
Lyke_wize  28/09/2017
Hi, I would like to use this for commercial use for a video clip. Thankyou for your time

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