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wave_rydr  Jul 14, 2006
This is a great font, but i cannot find any info on whether it is free, share or prop. Anyone?
wave_rydr  Jul 14, 2006
Blake is a free font. FYI...if you are like me: DUM
darkrain55  Jan 28, 2009
I really need to know where I can buy this font.
aIejandro  Mar 13, 2009
good type, B character sucks!!!!!
mno  Jan 10, 2011
I would love to download this font, but for some reason I can't "unzip" it on my mac. Has anyone else had this problem?
Any suggestions
courtney.s.w  Jul 31, 2011
Is there any information available on the creator of the font? I would like to use this font for a local business logo but unsure of the rights??! Is this free to use?
vxemy  Aug 15, 2012
Dang, if i want to use this, how doi know if i can?!
csweetin  Nov 21, 2012
Has anyone successfully contacted the creator / author of this font? I really want to buy / license it for some packaging design.
rinacoop_01  Dec 02, 2015
Hello, Id like to possibly use this font for a tshirt print or logo, please contact me if this is ok! My email is
Onnedhiel  Mar 13, 2016
Hello! Somebody has reply from an aouthor of this type?
GabrielleParsons  Jul 16, 2016
ANY ONE get a reply from the author??

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