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Dirty Dancing

23/03/2010 a las 16:19

Do anybody know what kind of font, they used on the "Dirty Dancing" poster ?

Need this font

Dirty Dancing

Editado el 23/03/2010 a las 16:29 por Rodolphe

Probablemente no es una fuente

Fuentes sugeridas

Streetbrush  Sugerido por vinz 
Tahiti Script  Sugerido por matbonnier 
Blaze  Sugerido por Khima-Inez 
Rage Italic  Sugerido por ssampson 
Still Time  Sugerido por Heron2001 

23/03/2010 a las 16:54

hello & welcome,
I think this is not a font,
because the "D" and the "i" is not similar.

23/03/2010 a las 19:05

"n" are differents too, the logo looks handwritten...

23/03/2010 a las 23:27

Is there any font, witch look's simular ?


24/03/2010 a las 09:04

For this kind of script fonts, you'll find happiness at Sudtipos :

24/03/2010 a las 15:29

Varmint ha dicho  
Is there any font, witch look's simular ?


You should find something here >>

20/04/2010 a las 22:42

J'suis entarde - j'suis desolee

I just saw this - last time I needed something similar I used Still Time. Not the same - but did the trick for me.
Fuente sugerida: Still Time

21/04/2010 a las 00:55

Looks nice I will try.

07/05/2010 a las 10:50

Found the "Streetbrush" that have more the brush look & feel of the logo
Fuente sugerida: Streetbrush

30/01/2013 a las 14:44

Another suggestion that might work.
Fuente sugerida: Blaze

12/01/2017 a las 07:26

Way too late for the original post, but I believe it is hand drawn, but based on Rage Italic designed by Ron Zwingelberg in 1984. Dirty Dancing came out in 1987. Rage Italic was very popular in the 80s and was available as a Letraset press down font back then. I believe daFont carries it now.
Fuente sugerida: Rage Italic

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02/12/2019 a las 00:37

I had the same problem, I used NWB Tahiti Script
Fuente sugerida: Tahiti Script

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