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achanhsombath  12/07/2018
How can i get the right to use this commercial use
Emily Lux  23/10/2019
Hello, I am an illustrator writing on behalf of an author for a small-run children's book to see how much it would be to use the font on the cover. Thanks in advance!
Cloud puff  21/10/2020
Can i buy the right to this
For my clothing line. Or is it for already fir3 me
Cloud puff  30/11/2020
Adeeee12  08/01/2021
Can i buy this?
KuroRyu  17/07/2021
How can I get the legality use this for commercial use
BXXK  07/11/2021
I want to use your font in YouTube thumbnails or videos. How can I buy it for commercial use?
Leight16  09/11/2021
Hi! I have a sticker shop and I would like to use this font for my logo. How could I buy it?
Samrad20  02/01/2022
Contact imagex for commercial use

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