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katyjay  23/05/2017
Do you offer a license for this font?
ButterPanda  26/09/2017
how does one catch aids
ButterPanda  26/09/2017
im just kidding
Levitation-96$  28/05/2021
Do you offer the license for this font?
Please let me know
Best Regards
cfinsness  10/09/2021
Hi, I'm interested in using this font for an independent film. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks.
PokéFanStar HD  autor de Ancient   12/11/2021
Only for free personal use only.
Sorry, i cant sell a license for this font.
bbbbbec0  28/01/2022
Thanks man jajqsisanqnqisksnsjqjqjqja U are la verga mijo
Rozzyroz83  07/02/2022
Hello! Can I use this font to make a design for my business? Thank you!
shreklover420  20/06/2023
I used this font for my tattoos. Looks great, thank you :)
PokéFanStar HD  autor de Ancient   03/12/2023
The original font is Cloister Black. Buy it on Linotype for comerccial license.
Vantuylna  16/05/2024
Everytime I try to use a capitol W it turns into a 9. I need the W!

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