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ReD CoDe  19/09/2010
Very Nice
JayPlime  20/09/2010
Absolutely brilliant! A truly simple, yet elegant font. I also love the characters without the swirls; It's a font of its own.
akira1975  18/10/2010
Itís a modified Adobe Caslon.

Was AJ Paglia given Adobeís permission?
weknow  06/05/2012
i love this
Cohnisgone  21/05/2014
@akira1975: I agree that the two fonts are very similar, but AJ Paglia changed axes, weights, ascenders and terminals in the lowercase, plus the font has its own use other than as an imitation font because Adobe Caslon has no swash capitals. But thanks for telling everyone that it's basically just swash capitals for Caslon; I'm sure it'll get a lot more popular because of it.

Here I have compared the two fonts, so make your own judgement:
candydice  21/11/2014
font drama....
yuvi_cohen  01/03/2015
akira1975  22/01/2016
Adobe Calson Bold Italic includes swash capitals.

AJ Paglia cut serifs and some of the terminals, but basically he stole Adobe Caslon Bold Italic.
LewisBauer  20/09/2016
The name was pretty easy. Just choose the name of a popular punctuation symbol, and change any Ss to Zs. (And if you're wondering, I did use the correct method of pluralizing these letters.)
anigss  10/04/2017
Hello. I like this font, could I get a permission for commercial use?. Thanks,
riley227  27/04/2017 it possible to use this font for commercial purposes please. Thank you
anera  06/06/2017
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me : Thanks very much!
jenniferlo  26/09/2017
Hi, Can I used this for commercial use? Thanks! Please email me at
jenniferlo  05/10/2017
Update: If you look on his website, you'll find that this is okay for commercial use.
Rabi17  11/12/2017
Can i use this font for commercial logo?

please contact me

Thank You
strings12  17/02/2019
Can I please use this for commercial use? thank you
emma712  18/07/2019
Could i use this font for commercial logo?

please contact me

Thank You so much
AgilaPhotos  05/11/2019
Your font is lovely! I find it to be 100% free. Can i use it for commercial purpose? Thanks so much.

More power to you and your art.
Please contact me at
Lou36  07/10/2020
Hi, this font is fab.

Would it be okay to use for commercial purposes?

Please reply to

hyejeong  20/03/2021
Hello, can I use this font commercially? If there is a problem, please reply.
Thank You
Vita123  07/04/2021
Hello, i love this font. Can I use this font for my bookcover/commercial use? I will appreciate it if i can and you could email me on to confirm your permission to use before I go ahead?
Thank you
AshleyPurpuri  09/11/2021
Hi, please contact me I would like your font for commercial use.
nasen  18/02/2022
I checked that this font was 100% free and used it for design stickers. But if it's a problem, please contact me.
1109pys  31/07/2022
Cain i use for shopping bag? Please contact me!
partybliss  01/09/2023
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