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JigHammer  15.02.2009
Can I use this for a logo? or title for a book?
if no, i have respect for it...
or send a mail to
exit109  01.06.2010
Really REALLY loved this font. Was trying to distribute it in a flier, but it wont download to my Mac (OS X). Im not sure if this is a bug, or if it just wont operate.

Looks great though!
SinisterFonts  Autor von Zombified   02.09.2010
All my fonts are 100% free to use for whatever you want to use them for. :)
artisans  06.10.2011
So, definitely not for Mac, then? Shame, it's great font!
artisans  06.10.2011
Wait - I take it back. Dropped it into my "Library" folder and there it is. Thanks!
gatoloco  17.04.2012
I am interested in using your font for my movie title. Do I need special permission or fee to pay? Great font!
cinexploits  22.07.2012
FYI - Just downloaded your font and Suitcase Fusion is telling me it's damaged and I can't use it...
meca0917  13.07.2014
Awesome font but critical errors popped up when installing. I would love to use your font for some projects, and will donate if you can get this fixed! thanks!

here are the bugs on macOSX:

'name' table usability
'sfnt' requires table
'name' table structure
SinisterFonts  Autor von Zombified   14.01.2016
One of the reasons my fonts are free is because, well, sometimes they don't work right on somebody's system, and I'm not a tech support guy. So if they don't work, my apologies, but hey - it was free!
fvvamxpz  21.05.2021
i cant copy the imagine..
Squihell  20.06.2021
I loved this font, thank you!

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