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JigHammer  15/02/2009
Can I use this for a logo? or title for a book?
if no, i have respect for it...
or send a mail to
exit109  01/06/2010
Really REALLY loved this font. Was trying to distribute it in a flier, but it wont download to my Mac (OS X). Im not sure if this is a bug, or if it just wont operate.

Looks great though!
SinisterFonts  autore di Zombified   02/09/2010
All my fonts are 100% free to use for whatever you want to use them for. :)
artisans  06/10/2011
So, definitely not for Mac, then? Shame, it's great font!
artisans  06/10/2011
Wait - I take it back. Dropped it into my "Library" folder and there it is. Thanks!
gatoloco  17/04/2012
I am interested in using your font for my movie title. Do I need special permission or fee to pay? Great font!
cinexploits  22/07/2012
FYI - Just downloaded your font and Suitcase Fusion is telling me it's damaged and I can't use it...
meca0917  13/07/2014
Awesome font but critical errors popped up when installing. I would love to use your font for some projects, and will donate if you can get this fixed! thanks!

here are the bugs on macOSX:

'name' table usability
'sfnt' requires table
'name' table structure
SinisterFonts  autore di Zombified   14/01/2016
One of the reasons my fonts are free is because, well, sometimes they don't work right on somebody's system, and I'm not a tech support guy. So if they don't work, my apologies, but hey - it was free!
fvvamxpz  21/05/2021
i cant copy the imagine..
Squihell  20/06/2021
I loved this font, thank you!

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