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Chloe5972  26.07.2012
Huuuuuuuuuu I love it !!
skyhaven  Autor von Red Snapper   27.07.2012
Why thank you! =^_^=
mckmeyer  15.08.2012
this isnt showing up in my font list even though i downloaded it. has anyone eles had this problem?
franimal  18.05.2013
I was considering using this font for my name on my upcoming EP which I presume counts as commercial use - how much do I need to donate if I decide to use it?
skyhaven  Autor von Red Snapper   19.05.2013
@franimal Any amount you'd like!
franimal  24.05.2013
Thank you!
DTramund  08.06.2013
I love this font! It is really pretty and I can't wait to use it for what I have in mind for it. I do wish that you had also designed numbers for this set, do you have any plans to do so?
skyhaven  Autor von Red Snapper   14.06.2013
@DTramund Sorry, but not at this time. :c
franimal  11.04.2014
Hi @skyhaven - so I donated last time I asked you about this (I can't remember how much) and since then I have decided to adopt this font as the font for my logo - if that's alright with you? To use this as my logo (it will be on my website with colour added to it, on my business cards etc) do I donate again?
skyhaven  Autor von Red Snapper   28.04.2014
It's totally okay! You need not donate again.

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